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When you change this, everything changes.

by | Nov 3, 2023

Quick question for you: If you wanted to pick a bunch of fresh mushrooms, where would you go to find them?  

1. A paved city centre?
2. A damp forest? 

The answer is quite obvious, right? You’d go to a damp forest to pick mushrooms, since it’s a much better environment for them. 

And yet… there are so many talented women entrepreneurs, who are so focused on growing their business and success… and yet… they are trying to do that in a “paved city centre”. They are trying so hard.. but they are in the wrong environment. 

Yes: When it comes to the achievement of your goals, the environment is extremely important. The energy of your environment affects you profoundly, whether you like it or not. (And by the way, it goes the other way round too: You affect that environment)

No amount of effort, commitment and focus can compensate for the wrong environment.

So this begs two questions: 

  1. How do you create a suitable environment that will support the growth that you desire for you and your business?
  1. How do you - as a change-maker - create the most powerful environment for your clients, so that they can create the most profound transformations and results?

The following list of notes (in a non-linear way) will help you answer both of these questions. So let’s get to it!

  • Any coaching relationship you step into or offer to your clients; any group programme; any course you purchase or create etc. will offer a certain type of environment. I call this the ‘energetic space’. 

  • Each programme will have a very unique energetic space. For instance, the energetic space (environment) of your programmes that you offer to your clients will be affected by: 
    • Your intentions for the said programme, and the power of those intentions. For instance, if you ‘hope’ your clients will get great results in your programme, this energy of hope will affect your clients - directly or indirectly - and slow down their progress. Hope is a very weak energy. On the other hand, if you set powerful intentions for the programme, and you are very sure that those intentions will come to fruition for every programme participant, this energy of certainty will inevitably influence the thinking, decision making etc. of your clients. The energy of certainty holds a very high vibration, and if you create an environment that holds that energy, your clients will get excellent results. 
    • Your beliefs about your clients. For instance, if you start thinking ‘they are slow’ about some clients, that, ‘they are not getting’ it, ‘they are victims’ etc., along the way, you will inevitably start projecting these beliefs onto them. Your beliefs about your clients become part of the environment that you create for them. As such, it’s extremely important to be conscious of how you perceive your clients, and how you shift those perceptions about them along the way. It is our responsibility as powerful change-makers and leaders to hold our clients in their highest potential, even when they are at their most vulnerable. 
    • Your model of the world, aka, YOU. You cannot help but to bring your entire essence into the environments you create… with all good, and all limiting. For instance, someone who can make a ton of money but is stressed out of their head behind the scenes, will create an identical environment in their courses and programmes. Their clients will grow their stress levels in direct proportion to their financial success. 
  • From the above, it’s obvious that when you choose environments to step into, in order to support your growth, it’s important to do it consciously. Are you stepping into an environment where you will be held in your highest potential, no matter what? Are you stepping into an environment (energy) of someone who is a well-rounded individual, as opposed to someone having success in one area but at the sacrifice of other areas? Etc. 

  • Equally it’s important to create those environments (your programmes, courses, etc.) consciously. This is not a small deal, as this is also asking you to work on yourself from within - honestly and thoroughly. As all that you ARE, you are passing onto your clients. It’s not your responsibility to give your clients your maximum (that’s distorted masculine energy) but it is your responsibility to give your clients your best. 

  • Financial investment also influences the energy and power of the environment. For instance, if you are stepping into a specific environment and the investment is stretching you beyond your comfort zone, this ‘stretching’ will prime you to draw a lot more from the said environment. Stretching means growth… just like when your muscles become more pliable, softer, malleable, and penetrable when you stretch them, so does your mind and energy when you allow yourself to be stretched. 

  • Now, while there is not one figure that represents the right amount of ‘stretch’ for your clients, don’t be afraid to create those stretch points - it will support your clients in creating the growth and changes they desire. 

  • The best environments you create and enter are those that are there to support you to grow, and lead you to your core… rather than do the growing for you, leading you away from your core. For instance, you might invest a ton of money to be in the right environment, but if you are stepping into it with the expectation that it will fix your problems for you, and give you the exact things to do on a plate, the exact strategies to apply etc.? You’ll be disappointed. I’ve heard from one talented woman entrepreneur, that she spent $400K over the last 2 years, so she could be in the room (aka the environment) with the ‘right’ people - those who were ahead of her in business, those who knew all the hows. Two years, and $400K later, she realised it was absolutely fruitless. The more she listened to all the strategies and things she was supposed to do, the more confused she got. Her business suffered a lot during those two years… because this environment was leading her away from herself (her core - the greatest source of creativity and success), rather than towards herself. 

  • If you are someone who creates transformative environments (you provide coaching, consultancy, group programmes etc.) it’s even more important that you allow yourself to be supported powerfully, and are in the environment supporting your growth. Simply put: You cannot expect your clients to want to be supported by you fully, if you don’t allow yourself the same. No matter how powerful you are, you deserve to be fully supported on your way to the next level of your business and life. 

So, that’s how you create the most powerful environment for your clients, and for yourself.

And if you desire to be in an environment that deeply supports the extraordinary growth of your business and life? One that holds you in your highest potential throughout, and holds the energy of absolute certainty when it comes to manifesting your dreams? 

Here are three environments - energetic spaces -  I have created for you: 

They all hold the energy of extraordinary expansion, but they are different in terms of focus, duration and investment fee. One of these spaces will be perfect for you to create quantum leaps in your business and life.

Which one is it? 

See you there. 

With all my love,


P.S. If you want to find plenty of mushrooms, go to a damp forest ❤️

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