Energetic Selling & Marketing is not just a powerful business book…

It’s an energetic


One that can change your business and life in ways you could not even imagine.

And get two powerful bonuses with your book purchase.

Energetic Selling & Marketing is not just another business book…

It’s an energetic


One that can change your business and life in ways you could not even imagine.

And get two powerful bonuses with your book

“Every time I read a page from Lenka’s book, I need to pause and integrate. The words are powerfully energetically charged, and it upgrades me from within. I also love how – in many places of the book – Lenka mirrors back at me what exactly needs to shift for my business to grow.  Powerful read that makes my business and life better!” 

– Ramanda Andersson, Leadership Coach

Times have changed.

You no longer want to settle for less than you truly deserve. 

You are no longer prepared to elbow your way through the next business goal, only to find yourself sacrificing personal fulfilment, joy, and sometimes your health, in favour of your professional success. 

You no longer want to follow the outdated, wounded masculine paradigm of “work harder than you’ve ever worked before, and create more success than you’ve created before.” 

You no longer want to keep asking yourself, “What do I need to do, do, do, do, do” to break through the next glass ceiling that keeps appearing, only to find yourself exhausted, still craving for more.  

Deep down you know it’s your time to create limitless success and thrive.

It’s your time to put the growth of your business at full throttle and make a huge impact in the world, while growing your sense of fulfilment, peace and joy, big time.

But……. is it even possible?

Many will tell you that it’s not. It’s exactly those people who have bought into, and are still reaffirming those old paradigms of ‘work, work, work, work, work, work, work… and perhaps you’ll succeed.’

But the new paradigm IS here. It’s called:


It’s when you connect with the limitlessly powerful energy source dwelling within you, and let that energy flow through all veins of your business, and your being. 

It’s when you let that energy inform your business strategy and allow it to release the full extent of your power as a woman leader, entrepreneur, creator and change-maker. 

It’s when you gain a deep understanding of how energy works in different areas of business (because everything IS energy) – from product creation and brand positioning, to selling, marketing and pricing – and you realign your business so it fully suits your gifts, your preferences, your voice. 

It’s when you make your business an extension of your soul.

And this? 

Changes everything.


…and how I know that this book can transform your business – and your life with it – in ways you could not even imagine? 

It happened to me. 

Today, I’m the CEO of a 7-figure business that deeply supports thousands of women from over 50 countries around the globe to step into their fullness, and create the limitless success that feeds their dreams and souls in equal measures. 

I get to do what I deeply love, and see and feel the huge impact of my work daily. 

I enjoy an abundance of time, money and freedom, joy, love and purpose that I didn’t dare to even dream about some years back. 

I have an incredible family with a loving husband of 17 years, 3 gorgeous boys, four tiny dogs and home I don’t need to take a vacation from (but I do, and plenty of them). 

Simply put: 

I’m a woman who stands in her full value. Full freedom. Full love. Full self expression. Full joy. Full purpose. Full sense of aliveness. 

Because the majority of women (and I used to be one of them) feel like limitless success AND limitless fulfilment is hard to create. There is always so much to do, so much to aim for, so many responsibilities, so much to balance. 

I used to live this way. 

So much so, I brought my first, rather successful business to the ground, leaving me exhausted, broke and not knowing who I was anymore without that external success. 

But that horrid experience led me to the depths of me. 

And from those depths, a new approach to success and business was born:

Energetic Entrepreneurship.

And when I honoured my soul, tapped into the full power of my energy and married that power with business? 

Everything changed. (Because I changed)

Clients started to pour in. Abundance started to pour in. A new way of working and living opened up for me. 

Creating a life and business that you deeply love with every fibre of your being is a glorious feeling. 

And I’m inviting you to experience it too. 

I invite you to dive into Energetic Selling & Marketing, where I’ll guide you how to make your business an extension of your soul and let it truly thrive.

And get two powerful bonuses with your book

What Other Female Entrepreneurs Have Said About Energetic Selling And Marketing

Energetic Selling & Marketing is a book that will transform your business

You’ll no longer need to keep pushing your way through to the next business goal. 

Because your energy will bring a lot more clarity, joy, ease, grace and power into creating quantum leaps in your business. 

You’ll no longer need to hope and pray for things to happen.

Because your energy will make what your heart craves happen. 

You’ll no longer need to sacrifice anything to create your business success. 

Because your sense of aliveness, joy and purpose will grow along with your business.

You’ll no longer need to wonder if you’re doing the right thing. 

Because you’ll tap into the highest level of connection with your Inner Self. And with it, your confidence in your business decision making, selling and marketing will go through the roof.

And get two powerful bonuses

This is what’s awaiting you when you dive into Energetic Selling & Marketing.

This is not just another book repeating ideas you’ve already heard.

This book will reveal how to use an energetic approach in sales and marketing. It will enable you to effortlessly attract ideal clients and increase your income and influence.

You’ll receive practical guidance, activities and exercises that need to be completed for real-time results.

At the end of each chapter, you’ll find specific tasks that will help you integrate the learning more easily into your business.

Moreover, as you read this book, you will shift your perceptions and ideas about business and business success. This will have an immediate effect on how you go about your business, and how easily you can grow your impact and success. 

I just want to really thank Lenka for this book and, not only the book, but all the bonuses that have gone with the book.
It has been absolutely incredible.

I personally have been working towards achieving 10K months for what felt like forever, and it wasn’t until I read Lenka’s book that I set myself a really strong intention and, I think it was within a week, I had hit over 8k in overall sales.
So, thank you Lenka.

Not only that but the resources are so incredible. I found myself going back to them time and time again, even when I had already been through them, so I really really appreciate it.

I really appreciate all your support and I have recommended this book to so many of my friends. I really highly recommend that everyone grabs a copy and grabs the bonuses. It’s just just amazing. Thank you so much for everything you do.”

– Rebecca Lockwood

Most importantly…

Thanks to this book, you will discover how to interpret your vision in your own way and not in a prescribed manner.

You will understand on a cellular level, for example, that:

Fear can be felt only when you accept thoughts arising from the ego as truth.

Everything your ego perceives as uncertainty, your higher mind sees as a field of endless possibilities.

If you want clarity in solving a specific problem, you need to imagine that you already have all the answers.

And much, much more…

In the first part of the book, you will:

Rebuild the structure of your reality

  • Become aware of how energy influences every aspect of your business and your commercial outcomes.
  • Open yourself to a new way of functioning and managing your business from higher levels of consciousness.
  • Understand that each subsequent level of business already exists within you. Your task is not to create it from scratch (the Universe has already done that for you).
  • Learn how to harness your personal energy and enhance it piece by piece to align with your greatest aspirations in business and life.

In the second part of the book, you will:

Master the art of energetic sales and marketing

  • Develop the ability to be guided by your intuition so that your envisioned business can manifest into reality.
  • Discover how to increase the return on investment in your marketing and sales activities.
  • Tailor your reality precisely to what you desire, attracting ideal clients and collaborators with much greater ease.

In the third part of the book, you will:

Leap into extraordinary growth

  • Learn to harness energy in the financial domain.
  • Understand practical processes that will ensure quantum leaps in your business.
  • Shift from a sense of limitation to boundlessness.
  • Discover the fastest path to your extraordinary growth.

If your business isn’t exactly as you’d like it to be, here is an invitation to read Energetic Selling & Marketing, break through the limits you have accepted along the way, and create energetic shifts that will lead you to your desired goals with much more ease.

To enhance your reading experience, you will also receive two powerful bonus audios:

Energetic Selling Mastery Affirmations

This audio contains a belief system blueprint of a woman who sells with ease, sells with love, and sells abundantly. Listening to this audio will gently work with your mind and align it with creating the sales success you desire.

Activation Meditation

This brief, yet extremely powerful guided meditation will activate your soul-aligned clients and financial abundance from within; it will align you with your greatest success, and open your awareness to ideas and steps that will get you there in the most perfect way. For the best results, listen to this Activation Meditation daily.

Energetic Selling & Marketing book – will become your companion for creating extraordinary success in your business in a way that feels incredible!