A 5-week Exponential Expansion Experience
for Extraordinary Women Leaders.

January & February 2024

Let’s establish something:

You’re not normal.

Because you’re not meant to be.
You’re not meant to fit into a mould. Or go with the masses. Or live by the accepted status quo.

You are meant to lead.

You’re here to break paradigms. To pave the path for many others. To break the limits.

And you LOVE it.

You love aiming for what others call ‘too risky’, ‘insane’, ‘irrational.’.
You LOVE your vision. You LOVE your clients. You LOVE all that craziness. (Because you ARE crazily daring, aka Extraordinary)

What you don’t love is the fact that no matter how far you are, you’re not where you’re meant to be….yet. And you know it.

You deeply desire to live with the highest level of freedom… and you’re not living it yet. 

You deeply desire to make the highest level of impact… and you’re not making it yet.

You deeply desire to experience the highest level of love…and you don’t love, nor are you loved, in that way yet.

You deeply desire to have the highest level of wealth… and you don’t have it yet.

But you are deeply committed to your vision and purpose, and you keep asking yourself,

“What else do I need to do to make it happen?”

And you keep going. 

Today, I invite you to stop. To pause.

And to ask yourself,

“Who do I need to become to make it happen?”

Because in that answer is your way.

Embodiment IS the most powerful business strategy on the planet.

And that’s exactly what will happen during this 5-week Mastermind where you, with my custom guidance and expertise, will: 

Tap into your real, powerful essence – and let that essence flow through every aspect of your business: strategy, team building, automation, branding,marketing and selling.

Call in the level of financial, emotional and spiritual abundance which others call ‘insane’.

Dramatically upgrade yourself and your business – in every way.

Rapidly dissolve illusions of lack and any limitations holding you back.

Take your leadership, creativity, impact and ability to receive to a whole new level.

Step into your true identity:

Living and serving at your highest level.

This Mastermind is an intimate, highly focused container where I will hold your energy, and personally guide you to claim all that is rightfully yours.

And here is how we’ll
make it happen:

Your Mastermind experience will start with a 1-2-1 session with me. During this (approx 60 min) time together, I will help you to fully activate the next level potential within you and open your awareness to strategies for your growth that were not available to you before. You will walk away with clarity about your next steps and the energetic strategy for the highest level of your business and personal expansion.

Towards the beginning of your Mastermind experience, you will also be offered an Energetic Clearing Session with Lenka’s Associate Coach, where you will alchemise limiting patterns from your past, and open your energy to masses of expansion.

Before your weekend Mastermind Retreat (happening in February 2024), there will be 4 x weekly Mastermind sessions. During these sessions, I will guide you to go deep into your personal energy and facilitate a co-creative experience between you and the other Mastermind colleagues, where you will receive exactly what you need for your expansion.

You will be diving into, and expanding all areas of your business with new-found awareness: from your brand positioning, through to marketing, selling, delivery, strategy, team building etc.

Throughout your experience, you will have an access to Lenka’s business team of experts, ready to answer more specific questions about your business strategy, and give you feedback where needed.

In between the Mastermind sessions facilitated by me, you can always ask me or your Mastermind colleagues questions inside of a dedicated Messenger chat group. I will be present 2-3 times a week with answers to your questions, as well as guided questions for reflection that will powerfully support the momentum and growth you create.

Your Mastermind experience will conclude with a weekend Royal Hideaway Retreat in Gran Canaria, with arrivals on 16th February 2024 and departures on 19th February 2024.  Here you will fully integrate and embody the hugely transformational work you have done, swim in the energy of limitless possibilities and open yourself up for even more. Because there is so much more for you than you can even imagine!

This exclusive Mastermind experience is for up to 10 women leaders only.

£100K+ sales in two months whilst inside Lenka’s Mastermind

I stepped into Lenka’s Mastermind because I had a huge calling to stop playing the small game; to step into Extraordinary. I didn’t know what exactly was there for me, I just knew I had to be there. 

The 1-2-1 session with Lenka was a huge breakthrough for me. Since that day, I was able to bring more of the real ME into my business. 

As such, in 2 short months I sold over £100K worth of my programmes – my previous normal was £3K – £5K, sometimes £7K per month.

I created space in my life for the woman in me, which is life-changing. I had so many realisations during Mastermind sessions and at the Retreat that I cannot list them all. I am so grateful for Lenka and her work.”

Laura Nathalie

16-19th February 2024

Imagine walking into a 5 star luxury resort which is fit for a Queen.

Imagine swimming in the energy of limitless possibilities and having deep, meaningful, life changing conversations with Lenka, as well as with your incredible Mastermind colleagues, in the most beautiful places – in the historical halls, by the infinity pool on the rooftop, in the Spa.

Imagine receiving on a level that you have never experienced before.

“There are some experiences in life that cannot be understood, only felt. The Royal Hideaway Retreat with Lenka has been one of them.

The moment I stepped into the grounds of this 5 star resort, I had a deep sense that everything was changing. There were many powerful activations and realisations that will serve me for the rest of my career. I travelled 30 hours for this retreat, and would do the same again. Life-changing.” – Poornima Peri

This is what is waiting for you during the Royal Hideaway Mastermind Retreat in Gran Canaria.

These few days you will spend together are a powerful explosion of Divine Feminine energy that will help you to integrate all the incredible transformations you will experience and create anew.

You will walk away knowing that there is absolutely nothing that is between you and the highest vision and mission for your life.


Five weeks is a relatively short period of time, and yet, a life-time of growth and change can happen very quickly under the right conditions.

The Business Leaders Mastermind & Retreat has proven to be an incredibly powerful container, holding the perfect frequency for rapid growth and change.

While we welcome fast, tangible financial wins during these 5 weeks, what happens during this experience is about far, far more than that. Here are some of the transformations  Lenka’s Mastermind clients went through during the last ‘cohort’:

Becoming aware of, and breaking, the overgiving pattern that held the client hostage to their business for over a decade and, as such, created a lot more freedom and joy in their business and life.

Tapping into a new level of creativity, ‘downloading’ an entire book in one evening (to be published later this year).

Selling their first $50K programme.

Honouring the woman behind a powerful business sinking into the deepest levels of self-acceptance and self-love.

Attracting a soul-aligned partner into their life.

Collapsing their timeline and creating £50K+ sales revenues in the matter of one day, which would previously have taken several months.

Re-gaining love and passion for their business, after many months of plateauing.

Attracting 600+ course participants in a matter of 24 hours.

Breaking unhelpful codependency patterns, and fully stepping into the sovereignty of their life and business.

Tapping into and activating the potential they never knew they had.

Turning a standard 3k-7k per month into £100K in sales revenues in 2 months.

While each woman’s experience and path inside the Business Leaders Mastermind & Retreat is unique, you can expect to open yourself up to more financial, spiritual and emotional abundance than ever before, and harness the power of this opening for the years to come.

This whole experience has been mind blowing for me.

“The space that Lenka creates for the people in her Mastermind is very powerful. This whole experience has been mind blowing for me. The Mastermind sessions answered questions for me that I didn’t even know I had, it was a magical co-creation that gave me so many insights. I became aware of patterns that didn’t serve me, my clients and my business, and addressed them. I fully stepped into the most powerful CEO of my business – and life.

The Retreat blew my mind even more. I’ve never experienced anything like it before.”

Paulina Stankiewicz

This Mastermind is a unique, and uniquely powerful container where I will personally hold your energy to collapse your timeline and embody Limitless Freedom; Creative Power; Self-Expression; Insane Wealth and the Impact you were born for.

Are you coming?

Super-Early Investment:

 £18K £14K 

+ VAT where applicable (saving 4K!)

Miraculum clients are entitled to further discount. Please contact us at love@lenkalutonska.com for details.

Have any questions? Apply for an exploratory call with Lenka to explore what you can create together and whether you’re a perfect fit for this program.

Have any questions? Apply for an exploratory call with Lenka to explore what you can create together and whether you’re a perfect fit for this program.