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You’re a visionary with HUGE dreams. Yet it feels like – no matter what you do – you are hitting a glass ceiling.

Is this you?

If so, it’s your ENERGY that you will want to take a deeper look at.

Because it’s your energy that holds the life of yours that you were born to live – whether that means a hugely successful business, or a hugely joyful life, or both!

And here’s your invitation to unlocking your energy through this brief, yet powerful Energetic Assessment Call with one of my Client Support Coaches.

During this 20-min call, you will be guided to:

  • Unlock your energetic “breaks” that are standing between where you currently are and where you are meant to be; and
  • Be supported to effectively identify which one of Lenka’s powerful programmes will help you achieve your greatest desires.

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Monika Molnar is one of Lenka’s dear Extraordinary Growth Academy clients and a Divine Feminine Energy Activator. Extremely intuitive and a “wise, old soul”, she is ready to help you tune into your energy and decide powerfully for yourself what are the next best steps for you.

Book a call with Monika if you’d like to enquire about Lenka’s current and forthcoming core group programmes, or if you are unsure which of Lenka’s programmes will support you best with your current challenges and desires.