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Client win: How Krassi went from 7 to 170 people attending her in-person events

by | Mar 5, 2024

Meet Krassi - a powerful entrepreneur from Bulgaria, who went through a major personal and business transformation over this last year. 

When Krassi enquired about my Mastermind, about a year ago, she talked about her dream to work with women in her country and support them to succeed. She was already running a successful company with her husband, but what she truly desired was to be a powerful coach. A speaker. A change-maker. 

And she had given it a really, really good go! She is one committed woman, and had worked at her calling really hard. This time last year, she even organised an in-person event (her dream)....Seven women showed up.

So when we talked, she expressed the frustration I’ve heard so many times before: 

 “I don’t know what I’m doing wrong - I’m working really hard, but clients are not responding. They are even saying no to my low-end offerings. Nothing is working.” 

It was immediately obvious to me what was ‘wrong’. Nothing was wrong with Krassi, or her offerings.

The fact is, there is this HUGE, huge power inside of Krassi: A force of a woman that has a lot to give to others. 

But… she had no idea about it. Even though she was working very hard, she was battling with her feelings of inadequacy. She viewed herself as far less than who she really was. 

And here’s the thing: 

Our clients don’t respond to the amount of hours we put into our selling, marketing, and business growth. 

Our clients respond to our energy - they respond to who we think we truly are. 

Our clients don’t respond to our ads or cleverly written sales letters. 

Our clients respond to our energy - they respond to who we think we truly are. 

Our clients don’t respond to the amount of energy work we do or how many affirmations we have about how successful we are. 

Our clients respond to our energy - they respond to who we think we truly are. 

And it cannot be faked, no matter how hard one might try. 

So yes - I knew instantly that Krassi’s path to her greatest success was not going to happen through some fancy business strategies, ads, or automations. She knew it all already. 

It was going to happen through her stepping fully into her true value. It was going to happen through aligning her energy with her greatest success. 

Krassi - just like many women - had a hard time understanding what that really meant, and how it happens (well, that’s my zone of genius). But Krassi did the work. 

And I knew we did very well with this during my Mastermind -  because the Krassi walking out of the Royal Hideaway Mastermind Retreat last February was a completely different Krassi that I had talked to just a few months earlier. She walked away as her Full Self. A force of a woman, with a massive gift for many others. 

Did everything magically change for Krassi right away? 

Actually, no.

I recall a phone call with her just a few weeks after the mastermind ended, where she shared how her other businesses needed her right now and she was left with zero time to focus on coaching or events. 

But there was nothing that could change the trajectory of Krassi’s business evolution path at this point - because she had already become the woman she was always meant to be. In fact, this set-back was part of that trajectory. Full embodiment are the keywords here. 

Anyway, fast forward to now. 

Recently, Krassi facilitated her third in-person event in the space of just a few months. 

170 people showed up and benefited hugely from Krassi’s gift. She didn’t advertise the event at all, and it filled up within three weeks. In the process, Krassi was paid super-generously and she is fast becoming one of the most influential women in her country.

If you too have a dream of being a powerful coach; mentor; change-maker; and to be generously paid for your gifts, but: 

  • You are working too hard at it for results that don’t match your efforts;
  • You are tired of clients saying no; and
  • You deeply desire to grow your business and impact, big time. 

It’s time to STOP focusing on the, ‘What do I need to do to make it happen’ bit. And it’s time to SINK into your full value. Your Full Self. 

It’s time to change how you truly perceive yourself. 

That’s how those quantum business leaps happen. There is no other way. 

And this being my life-long mission and gift, I’m here to help you, so book a complimentary call with me so we can explore together how ❤️