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You know what it’s like when you get inspiration from “up there”, and it knocks on your mind and heart louder and louder with each moment of the day, until you honour it? 

That’s what happened to me with the Extraordinary Expansion Circle 

The idea in the purest form is to create, hold and facilitate an energetic space (a circle) for women who are highly committed to fulfilling their highest potential in business, leadership and life. 

It’s a space where you can:

Gain a much deeper sense, and visceral level knowing about the true nature of you and your creative power – so you can, a lot more proficiently, bring forth the success, growth, money, clients, and all the other beautiful things and ideas you desire. It’s a space where you will be becoming a much more powerful manifester.

Bring your questions and challenges into the circle and I will intuitively guide you to create the shifts from within, that are perfect for you right now.

Grow your awareness of how energy works in business, success and money matters – and use that awareness to call in more of what you desire.

Activate new aspects of your energy that have been dormant, those aspects of you that are needed to create extraordinary expansion in your business and life.

As you step into this circle, you will step into the energy of extraordinary expansion, and co-create what’s needed to manifest it physically with the other participants. 

This is very different to anything else I have created so far:

Extraordinary Expansion Circle is not a long-term commitment to work together (my favourite way to support my clients to soar). There will be 3 (approximately 1 hour long) group sessions on a bi-weekly basis. You can participate in one, two, or all three of these circle sessions.

There is no high-level investment fee attached to the Extraordinary Expansion Circle. This circle is for all women who are highly committed to expand extraordinarily, regardless of where they are specifically on their journey at the moment. I will be working with the collective energy of the women who step in, and together we will co-create what’s needed for YOUR greatest expansion and growth.

We will start each session with centering and preparation for extraordinary expansion co-creation. From there, there will be a mixture of collective coaching, intuitive guidance, energetic teachings and activations by word. I will do this intuitively, and you will be very much part of this process.

After each session, you will (both consciously and unconsciously) expand the energetic shifts and cellular-level knowledge gained inside of the circle into all aspects of your business and life.

The circle session replays will stay with you indefinitely. If you cannot attend live, you can watch the replay, and you will still benefit deeply.  In that case however, I would suggest you connect with your intentions for being part of this circle before you purchase, and before you watch / listen to each session replay.

All in all?

Extraordinary Expansion Circle will support you in becoming proficient
“Energy Engineers” and fulfil your greatest purpose and mission; both for your business, and your life.

Are you in?

Choose how you’d like to participate:

Extraordinary Expansion Circle
Session #1

Discussion points: 

– Challenging limiting beliefs;
– Strategy and selling;
– Overcoming the fear of vulnerability and hurt;
– Dealing with negative client feedback;
– How to fully commit to business;
– Embodiment and belief in your full self;
– Self-connection for business success;
– How following your aligned choices make an impact;
And so much more!

One payment of £49 / $59

Includes UK VAT where applicable

Extraordinary Expansion Circle
Session #2

Discussion points: 

– How to embrace transformation and identify essential priorities for personal development.
– How embodying self-recognition is crucial, allowing you to set genuine boundaries and embrace a confident identity.
– Confronting doubts amidst success.
– Acknowledging capabilities and affirming strength in times of uncertainty.
– Overcoming challenges, e.g. in single motherhood, gaining perspective and redirecting worries.
– Combatting overwhelm and redirecting thoughts for improved outcomes.
– How the energy of authenticity attracts others; embracing your uniqueness and creating connections through your vibrant appeal.
– Recognising subtle advancements and embracing achievements

One payment of £49 / $59

Includes UK VAT where applicable

Extraordinary Expansion Circle
Session #3

7th December 2023 @ 5.00pm UK time

One payment of £49 / $59

Includes UK VAT where applicable

bundle special:

Purchase all three Extraordinary Expansion Circle sessions at 12% off (replays included).

One payment of £129 / $156

Includes UK VAT where applicable

Feedback from past Extraordinary Expansion Circle sessions:


How should I prepare for Extraordinary Expansion Circle sessions?

Set an intention for each Extraordinary Expansion Circle session. What would you like to gain and walk away with? What questions would you like answered? The chances are that if you don’t get answers to these questions directly, you will get them indirectly through others. 

Alternatively, you can come with an open mind knowing that you will receive exactly what is right for you for this moment, for the purpose of your extraordinary expansion as a woman, creator and entrepreneur.

How much personal coaching will I get from Lenka inside of the Circle?

There is no personal coaching involved. Lenka will intuitively call on some women during the group call. They will be the voice of the collective, via which Lenka will help to shift / activate / move all involved in the circle. 

Do know that if the Extraordinary Expansion Circle is calling you and you step in, every word uttered during these group sessions is meant for you. You would not be able to find your way there if you were not a perfect energetic match to it. Sometimes, it may feel like the particular topic discussed is not for you, only to discover it was exactly what you needed to hear / look into right now.

Is Lenka available for 1-2-1 coaching?

While Lenka rarely offers 1–2-1 coaching, there are two ways to work with Lenka in a very focused and extremely potent way: 

  1. Miraculum – 12 months group mentoring programme 
  2. Mastermind – intimate group coaching experience (which includes 1-2-1 sessions with Lenka)

Feel happy to get in touch with Lenka on love@lenkalutonska.com if you are interested, or would like to talk about any of the two ways to work with Lenka.