You are an exceptional woman.
And you deserve to be exceptionally rewarded for it.
You deserve to not just succeed on yet another level.

You deserve to THRIVE.

You are an exceptional woman.
And you deserve to be exceptionally rewarded for it. You deserve to not just succeed on yet another level.

You deserve to THRIVE.

You know how to create success. It’s written in your name.

That’s why you are admired by so many. Because what you have created so far didn’t just appear. You blinkin’ worked for it. 

You are a make-it-happener. A high-achiever. A visionaire and a change-maker. 


That pressure to come up with solutions and strategies day after day;

Having to prove yourself week in week out;

Over-delivering to ensure that you continue to be in favour with your clients;

Those long working days….and sometimes even longer working nights;

Those relationships that are not working or are simply non existent;

Those unnecessary challenges and dramas that refuse to leave you;

That pressure to achieve your next goal…and then the next, and then the next;

That disappointment when things don’t go your way…

It’s exhausting!! 

And really, it’s no longer welcome in your experience!!

So now?

It is time for more.

It’s time for the FULL rewards for the countless big steps that you have taken to get your professional life to where it is today.

It’s time to thrive.

It’s time to fulfil your greatest purpose on this earth, and let that voice deep inside of you –“You are meant to make an extraordinary difference” – to self-manifest.

It’s time to not only bring your business success to the next level – it’s time to do it in a way that makes you FULL – emotionally, financially and spiritually

It’s time to stop sacrificing so much time and energy on the achievement of your next business goal, and instead, live your best life while business is thriving and growing

It’s time to say goodbye to stress, that sense of, “I need to”, and the dramas on your way to your greatness – and welcome a lot more ease and flow into your professional life.

It’s time to break through your current ceilings – not by doing, doing, doing, doing more – but by becoming more.

It’s time for never having to say, “Sorry, I can’t, I am too busy”, again.

It’s time for never having to choose between insane professional success and insane personal fulfilment. It’s time to claim both.

It’s time to stop aiming for the next 100K, or 500K, or 50M deal. And instead, it’s time to open yourself up to limitless wealth. Limitless impact. And a limitless sense of purpose, freedom, love and joy with it.

Yes, It’s your time to thrive.
You so, so richly deserve it!

But – here is the thing: 

You cannot think your way to thriving. You cannot work your way there. You cannot strategise your way to the level of success, where ease, flow, and grace are your normal. 

Instead, you’ve got to completely shift that place from which you create success.

You’ve got to shift your self-identity from which all your thinking, emotions, reactions, decisions, and next steps come from. 

And for this, you’ve got to go far beyond your powerful analytical mind. You’ve got to go beyond what has worked for you so far, beyond what “makes sense”. 

You’ve got to take a deep dive into your Energy; your Spiritual Self.

Your Spiritual Self operates differently from your logical mind – and it is infinitely more resourceful.

So when you let this aspect of you release it’s power through all the veins of your business and life?

Everything changes.


That is how you will take your business and life to a whole new level. And most importantly?  

That is how you will be in your full purpose. That is how you will thrive.

And how do I know this?

I experienced it myself….

Hi, I’m Lenka Lutonska

Author of Energetic Selling & Marketing, and I’m known as a pioneer of Energetics in extraordinary business success.

I’m a woman like you. And since a young age, I’ve been highly driven; highly determined, a high achiever. In my 20’s I became an award-winning business manager, managing teams of hundreds and a turnover of millions. But I wanted more. I wanted personal fulfilment. I wanted to fulfil my purpose and thrive. So I left my job and poured all I had into studying the human mind. I became the only UK-based Master Coach and Trainer in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) with a 100% certification score – even though I had been told again and again that it could not be done (but what do we know about those nay-sayers, right?) 

I set up my business, and ended up coaching and training high-level executives, scientists, doctors and other professionals in NLP, Leadership, Communication and Sales skills. 

I built my next level of success. 

But that more wasn’t coming. 

Because even though I was highly respected and earned good money, if I was super honest with myself? I was chasing success because I was still operating from a place of fear. Success (and then the next level of success, and then the next level of success) was my safety net. Something that gave me a sense of self-worth; enoughness; safety; a sense of control. 

And one day? 

I met the ‘wrong person’, went into the ‘wrong’ business partnership – and lost all of it. I lost all of my business, all of my money, all of my success – the sense of who I was, my confidence, and my power with it. 

It was horrendous. BUT: It was also the greatest gift. 

Because it forced me to connect with my Spiritual Self. Something I would have never done before (because I wanted to be taken seriously, ok?? And, “Who has time for this? I’m busy, busy, busy!”) 

I got a strong message to
connect spirituality with business strategy.

And I did. 

It changed my life, and the lives of countless other powerful women around the world. 

Not only did I create a level of professional success I was not even able to dream about before – but I tapped into a level of ease, peace, joy, love, purpose and fulfilment that I wasn’t even aware was possible for me. 

Today, I work with high-achieving women from over 50 countries around the world to create extraordinary expansion in their businesses and lives. 

I believe every high-achieving woman deserves to create limitless success and thrive.

And today, it’s your turn!

Welcome to…


An advanced energetic mastery programme for women leaders

What is Miraculum?

Miraculum is Lenka’s signature programme for women leaders, ready to create limitless success and to thrive by stepping fully into their purpose.

It’s a 12-month journey into the unfathomable power of your Energetic Self – and the connection of that power to every aspect of your business.

Within the 12 months inside the Miraculum programme, you will master Transformational Energetics – Lenka’s unique, and uniquely powerful, methodology for creating extraordinary transformations in business and life.

You will become extremely knowledgeable in how your energy impacts your business results – and you’ll become masterful in applying your energy in such a way that it creates thriving, ever-expanding success.

You will become aware, and address, all the energetic patterns that have been causing you unnecessary stress, stuckness, drama, slowness, feast and famine cycles, and a lack of fulfilment. You’ll say goodbye to your Old Self and welcome in your New Self – and through this process of energetic resurrection, you will steer all aspects of yourself in one direction: limitless, thriving success. 

You will shift your self-identity, and every aspect of your business and life with it.

Miraculum masterfully marries the energetic world with the strategic world.


Pop us an email at and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible, or book an exploratory call with Client Support Coach, Monika and she will be delighted to speak with you.

“Would You Recommend the Miraculum Programme?”

Watch what my clients have to say:

Your 12 months inside Miraculum will make a profound impact on:

Your intuitive intelligence

Your personal power

Your authentic self-expression

Your leadership skills

Your ability to receive

Your creativity

Your strategic thinking

Your professional and personal relationships

Your marketing, selling and negotiation skills

Your decision making

Your confidence

Your zest for life

Your coaching and self-coaching mastery

Your personal fulfilment

All in all?
Miraculum will have a profound impact on your business and life. An impact that will last for the rest of your life.


Scroll through the videos below to hear what my extraordinary clients have to say:

Lenka helped me unlock my Limiting beliefs leading me to a 100K launch.

“In May, I had a launch, that was approximately £25k, maybe £30k, which is not bad in itself. I launched again end of August and I had not changed a thing because I didn’t have time or capacity, so I just launched it like I would normally launch it, and I sold for over £100k in 4 days. I have never sold for that. That was almost what I would sell for 2 years and I did it in 4 days.

What I had noticed, is that the limiting beliefs and all that stuff that was hindering me, big time, it wasn’t there anymore. The feeling around my business had completely changed to, “Holy crap, I can actually do anything here.” This is the best thing I have done in my 18 years of business.”

Inger Lise Kontochristos

The Miraculum Journey –
how it will unfold:

The power of your Miraculum Journey stands on the three pillars:

Miraculum Curriculum

The Miraculum curriculum has been expertly designed to take you into the wonders of your Energy, and release its limitless power through all the aspects of your business and life. 

Each core module of the Miraculum Curriculum will take you deeper into Transformational Energetics, Lenka’s unique methodology for creating exponential transformation and change. There are eight core modules inside the Miraculum curriculum, consisting of 2-4 video sessions (delivered live by Lenka during the first round of Miraculum), activations (working directly with your energy), and workbooks to help you fully integrate your expanded awareness and energy into your business and life.

Miraculum Community

Upon stepping into Miraculum, you will join the Miraculum community. These are women of a rare species – powerful women like you – flying alongside you into the heights of their most powerful, free, abundant and fulfilled versions of Self. These are women who will listen to you when you need to be heard, hold you when you need to be held, encourage you when you need to make a bold move, inspire you in ways you cannot expect, hold you in your craziness and your greatness.

Miraculum Support

Lenka and her most trusted coaches will facilitate regular group coaching calls (at minimum 2 per month) that will deeply support you with the integration of Transformational Energetics into your business and life.. While you won’t always be coached personally by Lenka (often, you might!) through the co-creative process of these community and group coaching calls, you will get the answers to the questions you didn’t even know you needed to ask; the solutions to your specific challenges; a clear path forward. 


A VIP Ticket to
Extraordinary Live 2024

Date TBC

As part of your Miraculum journey, you will be invited to come to London and experience a day of extraordinary expansion along with your Miraculum sisters.  During this powerful and unique one-day event, Lenka will guide you even deeper into the limitless power of your energy. As such, you’ll gain a plethora of new insights, and integrate the changes and growth you have created so far within Miraculum, opening yourself up to yet another whole new level. This extraordinary event will have a profound impact on many weeks, months, and years to come.

Should you choose not to attend in person (highly, highly recommended!), you can participate in Extraordinary Live from the comfort of your home, via online streaming.

Your investment

Current investment in this year long energetic mastery programme is:


Plus UK VAT where applicable

Payment plans available at checkout.

Included in your investment:

Full access to Lenka’s 12-month signature programme, Miraculum

8 core Miraculum Curriculum modules, taught live by Lenka

An exclusive Miraculum Community

Miraculum Team support

A complimentary ticket to Extraordinary Live event 
(In-person at a UK-based venue or online via Livestream, both including lifetime access to the replay)

Upgrade to the Business Leaders Mastermind & Retreat

Whilst Miraculum will give you a full year of high level support where you will work on all aspects of your business and life, there are some women who would appreciate no less than the most customised support available from Lenka, with the highest personal touch.

Is this you? If so, then you may want to step in to the Business Leaders Mastermind & Retreat which holds space for just 10 women.

Click HERE for more details, and if they resonate with you, feel happy to apply for an exploratory call with Lenka (as a perfect match is a must!)


Read below for the most common questions we’ve been asked by women who have already joined Miraculum. If you don’t see your question answered, pop us an email at and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, book an exploratory call with Client Support Coach, Monika here and she will be delighted to speak with you.

When does Miraculum start?

Your journey will start from the moment you step into Miraculum. You will get immediate and exclusive access to the Miraculum Community, the live curriculum delivery and coaching calls, and the library of video and podcast replays.

Will there be reduced fees for Lenka’s current and previous clients?

In some cases, yes:

  • EGA & EBM clients will receive a 20% discount on current fees 
  • Multidimensional clients’ fee paid will be fully discounted from the current fee
  • Miraculum Live attendees’ fee paid will be fully discounted from the current fee

If you have previously invested with Lenka in any of these ways, please email for a customised payment link

How long is Miraculum?

Miraculum is a year-long programme. However, even after the year is up, all the learning materials, including replays of coaching calls, from your 12 month journey will be yours to keep for life. 

How will the program run?

The program will be delivered live in a private Facebook group. All recordings will be made available in an online portal where you will be able to log in with personal credentials (these will be received as soon as you register for the program). 

The live broadcasts will last approximately 60-90 minutes and will consist of training, coaching, question answering and an activation meditation.

I created success in the past but when it comes to my purpose driven business - I am a beginner. Is Miraculum still for me?

First and foremost, you are NOT a beginner – and perceiving yourself that way, you are limiting yourself. You are taking a hugely courageous step and pivoting in order to step into your purpose. In this process, you are building on every single thing you have lived so far, on all that you have become. Of course, there will be skill development required in some areas of running a successful business; which will be new to you. Miraculum will strongly support you with that. Offering the perfect marriage of energy and strategy, and high-level coaching support, you will save yourself years of trial and error. You will build your purpose-driven success on the right foundation. All in all, it doesn’t matter where exactly you are in terms of your business in order to benefit hugely. We have powerful women inside of the programme who already run 7 figure businesses and beyond, and those who are pivoting and building new ventures from scratch. What matters is who you are and where you want to go. The pool of perspectives from powerful women in different stages of their journey serves and enriches experience of everyone in Miraculum. So in short? Yes, Miraculum is absolutely for you.

Will business strategy be included?

The answer is yes and no.

If you are thinking about traditional business strategies such as how to write and design a landing page, or how to navigate social media and advertising – the processes and infrastructure of running a business – then the answer is absolutely no. You are a driven, high-flying woman so I bet you already know a lot of this anyway.

However, if you are thinking of the strategy and the how to’s that will come from accessing your most powerful energy and creative consciousness – then yes there will be plenty of that!  This is what the entire Miraculum programme is based upon and is designed so that any strategy that you come up with will be perfectly aligned with who you want to become.

What if I don't manage to watch the individual broadcasts live?

If you can’t make it to the live broadcasts, you’ll be able to watch them in the online portal, where everything will be organised by module.

If Miraculum isn’t for me, can I get a refund?

Your investment is non-refundable. My mission is to guide and show you the path of abundance, love and infinite possibilities as much as possible, but only if you are ready for it.

If you want to experience change, you must be fully committed to making it happen, because it takes the utmost commitment to make any full-fledged transformation. That’s why I don’t offer refunds, because that wouldn’t support you in what you really want to achieve in life.

You can read our full terms and conditions here.

What if I don't think I'm ready for the program right now. Can I sign up for it later?

While enrolment for this container is ongoing, crucially this inaugural round through the Miraculum Curriculum is the only time that Lenka plans to deliver the modules and her coaching sessions live, so it would be advised to step in sooner rather than later to access Lenka and have her support you directly.

What if I have concerns or doubts about joining the Miraculum program?

It’s perfectly normal for some doubts, concerns or fears to get in the way of you doing something that is aligned with your greatest growth.

First and foremost, ask yourself, “What would the version of my BIGGEST SELF be doing here?” And if the answer is, “Step in!”, follow up with a second question, “What’s stopping me from doing that?”.

Put these reasons and concerns on paper and ask if they are based in truth.

Your fears and doubts largely reflect the areas of your psyche and energy that you will be working on during the Miraculum program.

Alternatively, book an exploratory call with Client Support Coach, Monika here and she will be delighted to speak with you

How can I best prepare for the start of this programme?

Have a pen and paper ready. Take the last opportunity to document your current situation. This is your “before” picture and things will never look like this again.

Then set some strong intentions for this program!

What have I got to lose?

A lot. For example, your fears, doubts, hours and hours of hard work, frustration, inner limitations, disappointment, and never settling for less wealth than you truly deserve ♥️

Still have questions?

Pop us an email at and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible, or book an exploratory call with Client Support Coach, Monika and she will be delighted to speak with you.


“It was a big decision for me to step into Lenka’s mastermind but right away I knew I was called to be a part of this. It turned out to be a huge support for my business which not only got to a whole new level, it truly sky-rocketed.

I found out how to combine the masculine business structures and the feminine way of being through energetic work.

This meant that in the space of the last six months, I experienced my first multiple-six figure months, including a 500K cash month, all while maintaining a wonderful work and life balance.”

Katarina Runa


“I came across Lenka about 18 months ago and invested in one of her programs. The investment really stretched me back then, as at the time, I was making approximately £1K per month.

I can say that Lenka’s work completely changed my business and life. My income went immediately to £5K months, then £20K month and £35K month, all together over £400K in 12 months. I continue working with Lenka and most recently, I sold £430K worth of my courses in just 2 weeks!

I don’t have a fancy website. I have relatively small (but fast growing) mailing list and I serve clients in a small country.

So no matter what your mind is saying, trust the power of your energy – it truly is limitless!’

Alessandra Lanzafame