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Learn To Shift Your Energetic Blueprint for Super Fast Results!

Shift Your Energetic Blueprint for Super Fast Results!

by | Nov 2, 2020

Do you have a sense that your business and life is not even scratching the surface of what you are capable of? Do you want to make more impact and income faster by shifting your energetic blueprint?
If you know there is so much in you and you're hungry to bring it into the world, you’re in the right place.

I truly believe that, as long as you don't ever give up on your dream and what is calling your heart, you will get there – But how fast is influenced first and foremost by YOUR ENERGY. 

When you learn how to shift your energetic blueprint, you can create exactly what you want superfast because you…
  • Are tuned in the right way
  • Know how to deal with anything that may come
  • Are more intelligent because you learn so much faster
  • Can make faster decisions and evaluate situations much more quickly
  • Turn obstacles into keys to move forward faster
  • Become attuned to your intuition so you know your exact next steps 
  • Feel in ultimate flow with life that is you
This work can cut years from the timeline between where you are and where you want to be. You can turn years into months, and months into weeks, and weeks into days. 

This is the fundamental of building a purpose-driven business that is sustainable, impactful, constantly expanding and happy!

Ready to accelerate your growth?

Everything is energy 

I'm not writing this as someone who knows it all. I don't know the ultimate truth, or even if it exists!

What I do know is that ultimate truth does not influence our results and the way we live our lives. It's our perception of ultimate truth and what we adopt as our own truth, that influences each of our decisions, and is running our lives and creating our reality. 

And I’m not here to tell you how it is. I simply offer models of thinking that will stretch your mind and challenge your old paradigms and models of the world. 

If you benefit, keep it. If you don't, change it. 

But please let go of those models of the world that don't serve you and instead find a model that gets you the results you want! It’s really that simple, my darling.

What is consciousness?

Consciousness simply means awareness.

It is the one who is aware, who observes circumstances and – crucially – the one who creates those circumstances.

Think of it as like the director of a movie that’s made up of many different slides or images that appear to move seamlessly as one. We created the movie we live in AND we can choose to change the slides we are seeing.

The vast majority of us do this unconsciously. We're like prisoners of our thoughts, emotions, and observations and allow them to dictate what we choose to experience next. But we have a choice whether to allow our unconscious to decide our reality, or to choose a new movie using our conscious awareness.  When you do this, you shift your energetic blueprint.

The Princess and the Magician 

The Princess and The Magician is a very potent metaphor that helps open your mind to how we create our reality consciously.

The archetype of The Princess says “I'm powerless. I have to struggle my way through this and hope things will change.” 

We can do things differently – and much faster. But we've got to be brave and step into the unknown to create our new reality as The Magician.

I have seen this work for me and my clients time and time again. 

How did I rapidly change my circumstances – where I was struggling for clients and on the brink of divorce over money pressures – and become a 7-figure business owner, with a new relationship with myself and others? 

I stopped creating my future unconsciously and on auto-pilot.

How to consciously choose a new story 

The first step is to tell yourself that, if everything is energy and these circumstances are energy also, then they are in fact moldable. 

Remind yourself that circumstances do not create new circumstances. It is your state of being, your energy, the creator within, that create circumstances. So tap into what your desired future is and energetically turn it into your past. Then stay firm and take action only from the position of the new state of being.  When you do this, you shift your energetic blueprint.

Here is an example of how this works from one of my beautiful ex-clients, Sarah Morgan, who came to work with me because she didn’t have as much profit, and therefore time, as she desired. 

The new energy she wanted to step into was FREEDOM. It was an important part of her business and personal growth to keep choosing this energy, so I asked Sarah, "What would give you more freedom?" 

The answer was to hire people to take the tasks away she didn’t particularly enjoy and free up her time. Was this easy for Sarah to do?! Of course not! It was a financial stretch but completely in alignment with the energy of freedom Sarah was stepping into.

However, she took the risk and within eight weeks she had sold two £10K packages and revolutionized her business, all because she had the courage to choose the next version of herself. Do the same and you’ll be richly rewarded.

Who do you want to be in six months time?

I have a very, very powerful visualisation that I take clients through to help them step from their old reality into a new one. 

You must consciously choose, over and over again, to live in the energy of the person you want to become; the 7-figure business owner who experiences freedom, expansion and power everyday. 

Believe me darling, you can change in seconds! Step into the energy of who you want to become and then ask yourself,  “What is my next step?” 

Watch how your intuition lights up from this place! See how easy decisions become. Discover how the Universe aligns with your vision and opportunities come your way.

Journaling exercise to shift your energetic Blueprint

To practice getting into this energy, here is a journaling exercise I invite you to do now.

Ask yourself: 

  • What do I believe about myself? 
  • What does the new version of me believe?
  • And what has she always believed?
Be sure to leave a comment to let me know what comes up for you!  

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