and release the limitless power of your energy to unlock the level of income, impact, purpose and freedom you were born for!


and release the limitless power of your energy to unlock the level of income, impact, purpose and freedom you were born for!

You realise there’s something more than the traditional strategies and mindset training that the entrepreneur world has to offer. And you’ve discovered that the exponential business growth you want is not about any of these things:

It’s NOT about your level of commitment – your commitment to your vision is to be envied! (And yet, clients barely trickle in)

It’s NOT the amount of hours you put into growing your business (working like a dog, proving, chasing, and burning out your way to your goal!)

It’s NOT about the latest sales and marketing tactics (you’ve tried a number of them!)

And it’s NOT even about the quality of your work – you and I both know you have heaps of integrity: a drive for excellence. And still you feel invisible to the world.

 You’ve got a vision SO BIG, it often keeps you tossing and turning at night

You’re frequently wondering,  

“How can I bust through the money blocks that are keeping me stuck at my current income?” 

Maybe it feels too scary to raise your prices right now. Maybe you’re earning revenue – but your profits never seem to rise. Maybe you’ve tried selling high end digital products – but few people are buying them.  

“How can I quiet that voice in my head that holds me back from the fearless CEO moves I want to take?” 

Even though you know you’re capable of innovation and creativity to make big strides in your industry, that persistent voice of fear or self-doubt tends to keep you from taking the big actions you feel called to make.  

“Why are the actions I’m taking not working??”  

You may have taken courses or programmes from expert entrepreneurs. And even though you’re implementing the steps exactly how they’ve been taught, those steps are not moving you closer to financial abundance and a deep sense of purpose. 

So what is that essential missing piece that will grow your unique business in a way that works for you?

Mastering your energy!

That is the secret sauce to exponential levels of growth!

Because once you’ve tapped into your inner energetic power, you’ll only use strategies that work for your personality and how you like to operate. – Aka: your work becomes FUN and uplifting. Instead of hustle-y and grind-y. 

You’ll learn to discern between your Higher Self (your intuition) and the voice of fear (which often masquerades as your intuition) – so that you have full confidence that each decision you make is truly for your best self.  

You’ll gain insight and clarity into what you want to offer and who you want to serve – so that every day in your business gives you joy – the joy that comes when you’re fulfilling your highest calling in life. 

You’ll break patterns and behaviours that keep you stuck. And then you’ll leap forward into powerful action that makes giant strides in your business. (Aka – Quantum Action!)   

So if you want to super-accelerate your business growth…

If you want to live and serve limitlessly…

So that your actions and beliefs are perfectly aligned with the most authentic version of yourself.

When you shed the expectations or cookie-cutter outlines other people try to paint onto you, you emerge (au natural) with all the strength and power of YOU. Unrestrained. Unmasked. Ready to go, fully-fledged, with your OWN unique blueprint for expansive growth. 

Hi, I’m Lenka Lutonska

Bestselling author of Energetic Selling & Marketing. Today I’m internationally renowned for my unique energetic approach to creating extraordinary growth in business, supporting thousands of powerful women change-makers from over 50 countries around the world.

I’m also – in the words of my clients – a “woman of a profound mind” and a “pioneer of energetic entrepreneurship”. 

I’ve dedicated my life to mastering the Energetics of Extraordinary Business Growth – and I bring this gift to all women who are called to break the old, outdated paradigms of running a successful business. 

But it wasn’t like that just a few short years ago. 

Once upon a time, I built a coaching business before it was the thing to do (ten years ago to be exact). And it reached 6-figures. It was phenomenal. I got a rush guiding the people I worked with to the success they’d longed for. (I’m pretty sure there’s a name for this addiction.)


To cut the story short – I managed to lose everything in a matter of months.

My social media profiles were gone. My database was gone. My business was gone. And above all? My confidence was gone, gone, gone.

I muddled through the ashes, barely making ends meet. Then one day, I dropped my boys off at school and went to the ATM, only to find I had exactly £7.30 to my name. £7.30! There I was, an “accomplished” woman with years of business experience, having trained and coached hundreds of people (some of them at board level of global organisations). Yet I was totally wasting my talents and unable to afford a family dinner. I was deeply embarrassed and acutely aware that something had to change – right there and then.

And then it dawned on me that I should connect my spiritual energy to my business strategy to improve my results.

I COMMITTED. I refused the struggle to be ‘normal’ for one more day, and decided to claim my brilliance and do whatever it took to succeed.

I did exactly that – and “miracle” after “miracle” started to happen – resulting in my life changing, along with thousands of others’ lives along the way. in ways i would not even have been able to imagine before:


Increased income & impact 100 fold;


A huge family house;


A huge amount of freedom in every way;


Far deeper and loving relationships with others;


A deep sense of purpose and aliveness;

You name it!

And I’ve wrapped up ALL my energetic strategies for creating these types of miracles and quantum leaps – again and again – into Energetically Aligned AF.

As you go through the 6 deeply transformational modules of Energetically Aligned AF, you will learn how to tap into your energetic power and how to shift and re-shape your energy so it pushes you forward rather than blowing against you.  

When you gain the ability to play with your energy in this way, you will:

Unlock your Next Level, Super Aligned Client – Don’t be surprised if you find out your current ideal client needs to be redefined to fit your growing, evolving CEO Self. This will make your marketing and selling a breeze. (Really! The easiest sales conversations ever.)

Unlock your Next Level, Soul Aligned Offering – So you are 100% at peace and excited about how to serve your clients. This is the energy that sells out high-end offers. Every time.

Double, triple, or quadruple your fees – By expanding your energetic beliefs around money, you will open yourself up to receiving unbelievable amounts. (Or at least, you used to think they were unbelievable!)

Upgrade your Energetic Marketing Blueprint – No more stressing about what to post, when to post, or feeling like you ‘have to’ show up every day. You’ll market from your heart and your awakened, authentic self. THAT’s what attracts high value clients with ease.

Upgrade your Energetic Selling Blueprint – No sales scripts required. You’ll get to decide how your sales calls go, based on your energetic connection with your client. You get to feel at ease, confident, and let go of wondering what will happen, ‘if they don’t sign up.’

Love your Old Self to Death – Outgrow the old you that hid in the corner and kept you playing small. Welcome your ‘future self’ as your current self and make only courageous power moves from here on out.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now –
you might be in the humble beginning stages of your entrepreneurial journey, or you might have already built a successful business – if you know deep in your heart that there is FAR MORE to you and your business potential, 

Energetically Aligned AF will help you bring that potential into the HERE & NOW.

It’s your time!

EAAF contains similar powerful energetic processes found in my signature, high end programme, Limitless Entrepreneur.

The results that many women inside EAAF have gotten are (quite honestly) VIP results.  

Selling her first high-end offer ever at €7500.

Reaching people completely aligned with her energy and the heart of her message.

Signing a $15,000 client.

Getting 3 new client requests (within 2 days of starting the course) after 3 months of no sales

Getting wonderful ‘aha’ moments for new offers as she shifts and pivots her business away from what she did for YEARS.

Selling out her services within a number of days!

And so on, and so on!

These massive leaps are able to happen so quickly because of the potent energetic processes inside of EAAF.

Not only will you dive into the depths of your energy – you will also be taking aligned action from that space. Meaning? You will be growing the most powerful wings that will take you further than you ever dreamt about.

So that’s why I built this programme: To create a space for you to expand your energy, then shift your actions so they are aligned with your most abundant, creative, authentic, aligned SELF.

Yes – EAAF is here to support you in getting VIP results without the VIP price tag!

Content Breakdown

Now that you know the WHAT, Here’s the HOW you’ll unlock the VIP income and impact you were born for:

Training Modules

With each of the 6 core training modules, you will dive deep into specific areas of your business and psyche and align them with your greatest level of success.

Journeying through your consciousness meditation

Each module concludes with a channeled consciousness journey that works directly with your energy – you will experience immediate powerful shifts on a cellular level.

Workbook of challenges and journaling prompts

Each module comes with a workbook that will help you fully integrate powerful energetic shifts into all areas of your business and life, and put your energetic growth into practical action.

Training Modules

With each of the 6 core training modules, you will dive deep into specific areas of your business and psyche and align them with your greatest level of success.

Journeying through your consciousness meditation

Each module concludes with a channeled consciousness journey that works directly with your energy – you will experience immediate powerful shifts on a cellular level.

Workbook of challenges and journaling prompts

Each module comes with a workbook that will help you fully integrate powerful energetic shifts into all areas of your business and life, and put your energetic growth into practical action.

Module Breakdown

Module 1 :

Unlock the Magician Within – and fall into ultimate FLOW 

• The level of income, impact and freedom you are dreaming about is not something you need to ‘attain’. It already lives – pre-exists – in your energy. 

• In the first module, we will be tapping into that part of your energy and unlocking the Magician consciousness. Meaning? 

• Ultimate Flow – in life, business and all your other affairs. Ease instead of pushing and working hard for your success. Grace. Divine synchronicities. The deep sense of who you truly are, and your limitless power. 

• The work you do in this module is the basis of all the miracles and transformations you will experience as a result of going through this programme. 

Module 2 :

Unlock your Next Level Client – and your greatest level of income and impact with it

• In this module, you will be energetically aligning yourself with the two most important elements of your business (a business which is about to impact and make millions) – your next level message (how you position yourself) and your next level client.

• Forget boring marketing avatars though – instead, you will dive deep into your energy to let that next level message and client find you!

Regardless of how experienced you are in business, or what level of success you are enjoying (or not enjoying!) right now – the work you do in this module will help you to break through your current financial ceiling (finally!) This will also be the basis of your global brand that makes and impacts millions!

Module 3 :

Unlock your Next Level Offering – and get ready to sell-it-out! With ease!

• Following the work from the previous module, in this one, you will be creating – or re-inventing – your offerings. Because an energetically aligned AF offering? (Be it coaching packages, group programs, done-for-you services or something entirely else?)

…. Will make your soul-aligned client pull out their credit card without hesitation
…. Will give you the profitability you deserve
…. Is 100% aligned with your soul and with who you are becoming
…. Is super easy to market and sell out! 

And that’s exactly what you will work on in this module!

Module 4 :

Upgrade your Energetic Marketing Blueprint – and get aligned with attracting an avalanche of soul-aligned clients with ease

• Marketing, and growing your audience of ideal clients, can often feel confusing. You might have tried many different marketing approaches in the past, yet you are still not experiencing the “big breakthrough”.

• That’s about to change. In this module, you will work with your energy to unlock a brand-new experience for you – where you will attract MANY of your soul aligned clients with joy and ease!

Module 5 :

Upgrade your Energetic Selling Blueprint – and set your sales revenues on fire!

• In this module, you will be shifting your energy when it comes to selling. You will dive deep into Lenka’s Energetic Selling® principles which will help you to fall in love with selling (including high-level selling) and be really good at it. Freaking good at it!

• Meaning – you will be empowered to create your epic sales months consciously, month in, month out. Plus, those, “I’d love to work with you but cannot afford you” clients? Will become a thing of the past.

Module 6 :

Activate your divine feminine and exponentially grow your ability to receive

In the final module of this life-transforming experience, you will be meeting your Divine Feminine – and aligning your energy with effortless receiving and flow. Once you do that, you’ll say, “Goodbye!” to your Old Self and, “Hello!” to the New You – the one that is in ultimate flow by default; the one who is super-abundant in every regard; the one who has fully unlocked her growth and impact.

The one who is Energetically Aligned AF!!


Your Ivestment

 one-off payment

+ VAT where applicable

6 X monthly payments
of £397

+ VAT where applicable

I get that you could do plenty of other things with the money you’d invest in EAAF. But those that joined found that by investing to become Energetically Aligned AF…

They stepped into a level of personal power, freedom, creativity, and aliveness they’ve never experienced before.

They became Magicians (not victims) of their business and life, breaking mental (and physical) limits, turning the once ‘impossible’ into the ‘inevitable’.

They cut weeks, months, and years between where they were and where they are meant to be.

They developed a far greater level of self-love, self-acceptance, and inner peace.

Not to mention: the SIGNIFICANT upgrades to their income are allowing them to take vacations, buy those shoes, that jewellery, or the furniture they’ve been lusting for, on top of investing in EAAF!


“I came across Lenka about 18 months ago and invested in one of her programs. The investment really stretched me back then, as at the time, I was making approximately £1K per month.

I can say that Lenka’s work completely changed my business and life. My income went immediately to £5K months, then £20K month and £35K month, all together over £400K in 12 months. I continue working with Lenka and most recently, I sold £430K worth of my courses in just 2 weeks!

I don’t have a fancy website. I have relatively small (but fast growing) mailing list and I serve clients in a small country.

So no matter what your mind is saying, trust the power of your energy – it truly is limitless!’

– Alessandra Lanzafame


“I’ve been doing brand strategy for years but when I flicked through the module I realised that I have to forget everything I know about defining a niche and ideal client’s avatar because the old cookie-cutter way is not going to cut it for me anymore and I have to start with an open mind.

So I dived into the module and learnt so much and this is just the beginning. I am so glad that I sign up for this course. Thank you for making it happen for us Lenka.”

– Ina Fox


“I signed up for this course at a time when my business was totally stuck. I hadn’t had any new clients sign up for 3 months, and the idea of getting clients started to be a real fight for me, there was absolutely no ligtness in it.

And now, only two days after starting the course, I have 3 people reaching out to work with me! Without me actually doing anything. No social media posting or advertising.

And yesterday, I hosted a webinar with 176 signed up, which was over the capacity. This has never ever happened to me before!!

This development for me so far is a mindblowing success already! Thank you, Lenka!!

– Kristina Skrabalova

If you have a calling to create extraordinary impact in the world…

…and in your own life with it,

If you have an open mind and a willingness to apply what you learn…

It’s time to play with your energy and unlock the level of impact and income you were born for!

Bonus Time!

Because I want to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to get Energetically Aligned AF and get incredible results by tapping into your energy, you will also get access to these bonuses:

Bonus 1:

The Mechanics of Creating Your Future Consciously

In this 2-part training, you will discover how you can turn years into months, months into weeks and weeks into days when it comes to living your dream future.

Bonus 2:

The Energetics of Creating Sales Conversations out of Thin Air

Exponential business growth happens by selling.

But first and foremost, you’ve got to have people lining up, asking to explore the opportunities of working with you.

This training will support you in exactly that.

Bonus 3:

The Energetics of Overcoming Sales Objections

You remember those pesky, “I cannot afford you”, “I have to think about it” or, “Now is not the right time” sales objections from your potential clients?

Well, time to say goodbye to them.

This class will dive deep into how to overcome those objections by leveraging your personal energy!

Ready to set your income and your impact on fire?

Let’s open you up to the highest levels of alignment and the massive results that come with it, shall we?

What you get:


6 X Training Modules

6 X Consciousness Journey Meditations

6 X Practical Workbooks of Challenges and Journaling Prompts


The Mechanics of Creating Your Future Consciously (Value £222)

The Energetics of Creating Sales Conversations out of Thin Air (Value £222)

The Energetics of Overcoming Sales Objections.(Value £222)

your questions


Q: What can I expect from energetically aligned af?
Expect to get super clear, and most importantly, super aligned, with major areas of your business, so the extraordinary business growth you are dreaming about can happen:

  • Unlock the next level, super aligned message – this will be a foundation of your global brand that impacts and makes millions.
  • Unlock the next level, super aligned client – type of a client that is a dream to work with, and is ready to invest in your services today.
  • Unlock the next level, super aligned pricing, multiplying your ability to receive.
  • Upgrade your marketing blueprint, attracting an avalanche of your ideal clients with ease.
  • Upgrade your energetic selling blueprint, so you can experience the easiest sales conversations or digital launches ever.
  • Emerge as abundant AF, authentic AF, creative AF… energetically aligned AF!
Q: I am a brand new coach/entrepreneur. Is this for me?
Absolutely. The powerful energetic work and principles you will learn from Energetically Aligned AF! will cut months, if not years, between where you are now, and where you want to be. 

You will be able to start and build your business in a much more aligned (and therefore profitable) way, cutting a huge amount of trial and error time that you’d normally have to go through if you were to rely exclusively on action-based business building strategies.

Q: I have an already established business. Is this programme for me?
Yes – as long as you feel there is a lot more for you, and you are committed to taking your business to an entirely new level.

Chances are that you already tried some (or many) transitional business building strategies to grow your business further. This experience will bring a whole new dimension to growing your business – the energetics of extraordinary business growth.

Once you start looking at all aspects of your business through energetic lenses, not only you will be able to grow it with much greater ease, you will also lean into a lot more personal power as a woman, thinker, leader and CEO. Many of Lenka’s past clients who had established businesses have called this program a “real game-changer”. If you have a spiritually open heart and mind, and are committed to growing your impact in aligned way, you will likely find the same.

Q: Is this suitable for people with product-based businesses?
The energetic principles, tools and exercises within Energetically Aligned AF are perfectly applicable for ALL types of businesses. There may be a few business building strategies mentioned that may not be 100% applicable to you, but when it comes to energetic work (from which you will be able to get the BEST business strategy for YOU), it will be perfect for you – that’s if you are hungry to unlock the highest level of income, impact and dream life you were born for!
Q: Do you offer a money back guarantee or refunds?
By enrolling in this course, you agree to our standard Terms and Conditions

As you enrol, I encourage you to do so intentionally. Do this for you. Do this on purpose.

Refund Exception: While our policy is no refunds, I want to ensure that you have a chance to review my teaching style in case you are new to me. If, after experiencing some of the program content, you feel this is not for you, please email us at within 48 hours of your purchase and we will process your refund.

Disclaimer: I love this program and I deeply believe in the principles in it however, I don’t guarantee or warrant results. While the programme is extremely powerful, it’s not the programme itself that will give you results. You’ll get all the guidance you need – you’ve also got to do the work.  Ultimately, you are responsible for your own results.

Q: I may not be able to implement the whole programme now – will I be able to revisit the experience later?
Of course, you will have life-long access to the program. This experience is not only a fabulous present for you and your future now, it will also be there to serve you for the rest of your life!
Q: I love the sound of this (and oh yes, I do want to unlock the highest level of income and impact!) but I am too busy to undertake another programme...
Sorry to break this to you but if you’re, “busy, busy, busy” and still aren’t serving as many clients as you want, you’re not investing your time in the right way.

Energetically Aligned AF will help you to utilise your personal energy in your quest to grow your impact to (multiple) six figures – meaning less time, less struggle, less hard work, less ‘busyness’. 

But – your commitment and time investment WILL be required to shift yourself and your business to an entirely new level.

If you’re not willing to invest your time in the process, please don’t enrol.

Q: What's the investment for the program?

The price of this powerful course is £1997 / $2497.

There is also a payment plan available – 6 payments of £397 / $497. 

Q: Will Energetically Aligned AF work for me?
Short answer: YES.

Longer answer: Yes, probably better and faster than you’d expect.  Caveat: unless you decide not to do the work.

Q: How can I best prepare to start this experience?
Set the most powerful and grand intention for your business and life – then dive in to make it happen!
Q: What have I got to lose?
Plenty. Your fears, your doubts, hours upon hours of busy work, frustration, mental money blocks, feast and famine cycles, disappointment and the ability to never be able to settle for less than you truly deserve… just to name a few things.