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Activate the MAGICIAN within - and your extraordinary business growth with it

Activate the MAGICIAN within – and your extraordinary business growth with it

by | Oct 7, 2020

activate the MAGICIAN within - and your extraordinary business growth with it. 

Those of you who have been around me for a while, know that I’m used to facilitating multiple-six figure program launches. I love using the principles of energetic selling & marketing for my digital launches and seeing many incredible clients stepping into my paid offerings and transforming their businesses and lives, whilst enjoying the ease and grace of the launching process. 

Since the doors to my group coaching container will be opening soon, I decided to risk a bit, play a bigger game and TRIPLE our usual advertising expenditure. And you know what else I managed to triple with that? The advertising cost per new ‘lead’! 

Meaning, going purely by math, we need to spend three times more than usual in order to ‘hit’ the same level of sales revenues as usual. 

My ego was triggered

As sometimes happens, this triggered a primitive, fearful part of my mind. My ego was having a really good tantrum!  It was saying things like:

  • "At this rate, this is going to be the most expensive and least successful launch…” 
  • “What will my clients think if I fail? What kind of fraud am I, teaching energetics and not being able to create the kind of results I want myself?” 
  • “What was the point of up-levelling my team and going bigger with advertising?” 
  • “I’ll pay dearly for taking risks, when where I was was more than ok!…”
… and on and on it went. 

Simply put, my inner Victim awakened. And showed her dangerous teeth. 

What do we do in these kind of situations? 

Yes, we can start listening to the Victim and start making decisions out of fear (yep, it did occur to me to stop advertising / go slower / go safer..).


We can take feedback and adjust (optimise!) - and instead of buying into our fears, we can consciously shed ALL and ANY internal limitations and activate the MAGICIAN within.

Because when we do that? 

We consciously step into ultimate flow - not getting limited by logic, strategies and math alone, but utilising ALL that is available to us - the power of the entire Universe. When we do that, we make things happen faster (as the Magician within does NOT need time to create) and sense the incredible possibilities ahead of us. Then we create, in weeks, what would take us years; in days, what would take us months. We enjoy extraordinary growth, we enjoy ease. 

Would you like to be able to do that? 

If so, I would love to share with you a very powerful metaphor - and one that will help you to activate the Magician within when you need it. 

Because when:

  • you feel things are harder than they should be 
  • you're feeling limited in regards to what you can and cannot create in your business 
  • you're scared (perhaps you're in the middle of taking a big risk) 
… you may find this metaphor - and the shift of your perspective with it - very useful. 


Imagine this with me if you will: There is a tall, fairy-tale like tower. Perhaps the tallest tower you can imagine. 

Inside of that tower - you will find two figures:

The first one is the Princess. She’s been imprisoned in this tower for many years. She’s been praying for her Prince Charming to come and save her. And he is not coming. Often, she looks through the iron bars on the windows into the vast landscape. She wishes she could be free, instead of being stuck here… and all she can do is look! She has no power over her situations and it makes her feel very sad. 

The other figure in the tower is the Magician. She is wise beyond comprehension and she sees things for what they are. And she has her magical wand!

She knows she can change the landscape outside of the tower at her will - and all it takes is to take out her magical wand and intend it. 

She loves looking at the vast landscape from the tower - the best perspective of all!

And she doesn’t see the walls, but merely an intangible barrier, the one she can transcend by will (You know those wizards who can easily walk through walls? Yes, that’s her.)

For she knows that she is both the Tower AND the Landscape. And the landscape beyond the visible landscape? She knows she is that too. It is ALL available to her…. 
Activate the MAGICIAN within - and your extraordinary business growth with it

What do these images represent?

The Princess

The Princess is your Inner Victim. She sees things in a perfectly human, yet very limited way.

The Magician

The Magician is YOU at your fullest, the Creator within. You adopt the Magician’s way when you fully step into your power and own it. 

The Tower

The Tower is your Physical Mind (and body). It’s where the creator / observer resides and creates the circumstances. The Princess sees it as limitation, the Magician sees it as a Tool - to retreat, create and experience a beautiful perspective of those creations (human experience) 

The landscape outside the tower 

The landscape outside of the tower represents your current circumstances. The Princess in you sees them as something definite, and the determining factor as to how she feels (sunny days make her feel better than gloomy days). She feels detached from the landscape (“Oh, how I wish I could go there and experience freedom”) yet influenced by them (Oh, where is my Prince Charming? Where is my SIGN of rescue?”) 

The Magician within you sees the landscape as a natural extension of herself. She IS the landscape. And as such, she knows she can form it into any type of landscape she wants. The sun, the moon, the air, the water and all other elements are at her fingertips. She knows that what she sees is a dream - a wonderful construct of her consciousness. She is lucid in that dream, and changes it to match her preferred state of being. 

The landscape beyond the landscape

And then, there is the landscape beyond the landscape. That which we cannot see. It’s the field of possibilities, the Universe in its purest form.  The Magician knows that even though her physical eyes cannot see that part of the landscape, she is that too. There is way more available to her there than her physical senses, here in the Tower, can perceive.   The Princess, on the other hand, is completely disconnected from that part of her reality. “I don’t see it, so it’s not there” is her thinking. 

We can run and grow our businesses, experience and form our lives, like the Princess, or the Magician. 

Both ways are available to us. 

Seeing the world as a Princess is the more human thing to do…. and yet far less potent than seeing things as the Magician see it. 
And you know what it takes to activate your Magician within? 

Looking at your life as the Magician would do. Simply choose that perspective. BECOME the Magician. 

Look at your circumstances and acknowledge they are a dream, mouldable information, waiting for a new choice of yours. If you don’t like what you’re seeing, you don’t wish for it to change, you change the way you see it.

You CHOOSE to see a new landscape. You start to ‘vibrate’ it. You start following the nudges of inspiration, you act in complete alignment with your new state of being.

You don’t fear, for you know that your ‘magic powers’ are absolute. You know that each aligned action is contributing towards the landscape changing. And you believe your vision more than you believe what you currently see. You relax your senses into a new reality. 

The Magician within you is always there, ready to create miracles. 

And while I admit this metaphor may be perceived as a simplistic version of changing your reality at will, it is the absolute foundation of all conscious creations, all change. 

I know for sure that holding this perspective helped me to change my life 180% in the span of a few years.

I used to live in a tiny 3-bed house, but what I desired was a gorgeous, spacious family home. And while I was living in that house, I SAW myself walking into a spacious kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee (whilst in reality, I was walking into a tiny gallery style kitchen).

I SAW an avalanche of international clients way before they became a tangible reality. I did my best to make all the decisions and choices from the place of NEW, rather than old. 

Because when you do that, the Universe within you has no other choice than to honour the wave of your magic wand. 
So look at the dream you are dreaming. And share with me, do you want to change that dream a bit? A lot? How? 

With all my love,

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