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The Energetics Behind Making Sales and High Earning Days

by | May 11, 2021

Being able to confidently ask for the sale is a necessity - especially for those aiming for high-earning days, months and years, while doing their best work. But… nervousness might creep in when we sell. Or the fear that we come across as pushy or salesy.

Is this you? Then these five tips for bringing energetics into your selling are for you. 💕 

1: Activate paying clients energetically first 

How do we invite more ease into the process of selling? How do we invite the Big U to support us in creating epic sales months?

Activate paying clients energetically before engaging with them physically.

I personally use this Activation Meditation for this purpose - a very potent process for activating the potentiality you’d like to experience in real life. 

Sure - energetic activation will not do selling FOR you. But it will massively support it. Your intuition will whisper louder the exact steps that will land you those sales… you will notice synchronicities and even paying clients coming out of ‘nowhere’. So why not use this meditation 😉

2: Focus on creating high-earning DAYS.

There is a major difference between focusing on high-earning days, weeks and months. Do you know why? Because the time frame we put on our goals will also frame our productivity and ability to receive.

Sure - weekly, monthly or annual financial goals are fantastic. But how about TODAY?

Notice the difference between: “I’ll create 50K+ worth of sales over the next 30 days” - and “I’m creating 20K+ worth of sales TODAY.”

TODAY is when we can claim the next incredible paying client.
TODAY is when we can open ourselves up to receive.
TODAY is when we can take inspired action.
TODAY is when we can act as the version of us we are meant to be (high-earning version)
TODAY is when we can create an epic sales day! 🙂 

After all, our grandest goals for this month or a year are made up of many grand today’s. 

Today is THE day. 

3: Change your perception about selling.

If the thought “I don’t want to come across as salesy or pushy” comes up in your mind often, or even discourages you from actively selling, you will want to reassess your perception about selling.

In my experience, the number 1 reason women are reluctant to actively sell is that they consider selling as “the moment when I am asking my client to give me money.”

Nobody is taking anything away from anyone.

Selling is about giving IDEAL (that word ideal is important!) clients an opportunity to change their life!

Sure, they can benefit from your freebies and other value-based content. But meaningful and permanency change requires a lot more than absorbing amazing content. It needs a powerful energy container for the client, where they can break their limiting patterns and create new ones.. Where can they successfully go through a sharp change curve… and it’s you, with your knowledge and experience that can offer this to your client.

So why rob this opportunity from you? Why leave clients with “Fast food effect” after you deliver your freebies? 

“Selling is the highest expression of love for my clients” - is a mantra worth tuning into, if fears about selling are holding you back.

(And by the way, I dedicated an entire chapter to this topic in my  Energetic Selling & Marketing book. If you haven’t got it yet, you can get it - along with some fabulous book bonuses - here.) 

4: Dissociate yourself from your service.

People say, “Charge what you are worth.”

I call BS on it. I mean, what are we - whores?

We don’t sell ourselves when selling and serving to our clients.

We sell a SERVICE - sure, it will be created by us, often delivered by us. We are the CONDUIT of what we sell. But that service is NOT us.

Dissociate yourself from your service/s. This will allow you to position the service as an incredible opportunity for the right clients, and as such, market and sell it more effortlessly (just like when you read a great book - don’t you want to shout about it to others who might benefit?)

Dissociating yourself from your service will also help you to charge appropriately - based on the outcome the service delivers… not your worth!! (unless you want to charge millions or billions of course. 😉 ) 

5: Aim for a decision, not a “yes”. 

When we sell, it’s not healthy to ‘hope’ or ‘aim’ for “Yes please, where do I sign up?”

(Oh, how I remember those days!! Praying I would do everything well so the client would say yes!.... Proving this energy is NOT an attractive energy!)

Instead, aim for creating a powerful container for your client, where they can make up their own decision about the next step towards their future - whether it means “yes” or “no” when it comes to investing in your service.

Be present for your client, listen, explore, challenge their limiting beliefs, help them to tap into their potential, and see the value your offering can bring.

But don’t try to ‘convince’ your client. Let them decide - and even ask about that decision!

If it’s a yes - fantastic. One more life changed. A massive win-win for both of you.

If it’s a no - equally fantastic. You were given a gift. A gift of being able to learn something from this process (“What went well? Where is a room for change? What can I do better next time?” - are some great question for reviewing your sales process.)

You only want a client who is 10000% matched to you and your service. A client who said yes because they truly want to, and are ready to do their part in the process.

There are more clients like that than you can ever serve. And if someone says “no”? … well, the space has just been created where more suitable client can come your way…. And you may be surprised just how much more sales you can create when you totally detach from “yes”or “no”. 🙂

With all my love,

Lenka 💕😘

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