Bring an abundance of ease, joy and flow into your selling with the power of your energy.

One might say I’m freaking good at selling.

Because it’s true that I:

sold $300K+ worth of my services from one stage;

generated $900k+ sales revenue within 3 weeks;

sold $400k worth of my programmes in a single day;

made multiple 5, 6-figure, and multiple 6-figure cash months my absolute normal; and

sold out my powerful offerings again, and again and again with ease.

Yes. One might say I’m freaking good at selling.  But… do you want to know a secret?

I’m absolutely crap at traditional selling.

I regularly turn clients down – I tell them NOT to invest in my high-end programmes.

I don’t follow up on my clients after a sales conversation.

I warn potential clients not to ‘bet’ on getting results in my programmes and to take time to consider whether they want to step into my programmes or not.

I don’t ever try to convince my clients to buy.

I don’t ever do cold outreach.

A traditional sales pro would tell me I’m crazy. They would tell me how I’m wasting sales opportunities.

And I would tell them, “Whatever. Each to their own.” 

Because I’m not interested in the one million and one problems associated with traditional selling: 

Clients who didn’t really want to buy, but they did because they felt they needed to… only to regret it days later.  NOPE.

The never-ending hustle that comes with the never-ending follow up to convince people to buy. NOPE.

The stress that comes with reaching sales goals and never-ending feast and famine cycles. NOPE.

Feeling pushy and salesy when sending out that 105th follow up email about the same thing, like your coach told you to. NOPE.

That uncertainty at the beginning of each month when you start from zero again. NOPE.

Instead, I love:

when my selling process promotes a total client sovereignty – so when they decide to invest into working with me, it’s 100% their decision, coming from a powerful place;

creating sales moments that prime my clients to create powerful growth and transformation when they invest into my programmes;

selling in a way that is totally aligned with my values of integrity and love;

selling with ease and flow, when I don’t have to strain to create epic sales months, again and again; and

a selling process and style that promotes a constant expansion of my business and my impact, while also growing my joy, freedom, and sense of aliveness.

Yes, I love Effortless Selling!

Are you with me? Is that also what your heart desires? 

Then let me share with you my ‘secret’: 

I don’t sell.
Instead, I let my energy sell. 

You see, our energy is a limitless resource. And when you tap into this resource and let it flow through each aspect of your sales process? 

Magic happens. 

The doors of financial abundance that were previously closed, open. 

The objections from clients (such as, “I’d love to work with you, but I cannot afford it “) disappear as if by magic. 

Clients appear in your inbox as if from ‘nowhere’ – again and again. 

Clients respond to your offers with excitement in their hearts. 

Creating epic sales revenues, month in and month out, becomes a predictable, joyful affair. 

Effortless selling becomes your normal.


My brand new 3-part masterclass where I will support you in activating your Effortless Selling Genius, and open you up to an abundance of ease, joy and flow in your selling. 

Throughout these three sessions, I opened my mind and heart to share with you: 

How to fully activate and harmonise 4 essential aspects of your energy that create epic sales revenues and effortless selling experience;

The main ‘sales barriers’ – and how to eliminate them quickly and easily;

Why clients really buy and how to inspire them to invest into your products today, not in days, weeks or months from now. (No, this is not just about sales incentives!);

How to switch on your effortless selling genius consciously – and as such, sell with much more ease, joy and flow;

The energetic process for achieving even unrealistic sales revenue goals with ease;

My morning routine that gets me ready to serve and receive at the highest level;

What really makes clients object to investing in you – and how to eliminate client’s objections with ease;

How to ensure lasting & ever-growing selling success (instead of experiencing a ‘one time wonder’ sales success);

How to create epic sales months on demand;

How to create a selling process that is aligned with your greatest success, as well as the highest good of your clients;

How to prepare, and hold, the most powerful sales conversations with an extremely high ‘conversion rate’;

The secret of growing your sales revenues AND client satisfaction, transformations and results, while growing your sense of freedom and ease;

And more!

The richness of the guidance you’ll experience inside of these three sessions will deeply support you in creating Effortless Selling in your business and growing your sales revenues with a lot more ease, joy and flow. 


Hi, I’m Lenka Lutonska, best-selling author of ‘Energetic Selling & Marketing’ and your Limitless Entrepreneur Mentor.

Today, I’m a CEO of a 7-figure business that deeply supports thousands of women from over 50 countries around the globe to step into their fullness, and create the limitless success that feeds their dreams and souls in equal measures.

I get to do what I deeply love, and see and feel the huge impact of my work daily. 

I enjoy an abundance of time, money and freedom, joy, love and purpose that I didn’t dare to even dream about some years back. 

I have an incredible family with a loving husband of 17 years, 3 gorgeous boys, four tiny dogs and a home I don’t need to take a vacation from (but I do, and plenty of them). 

Simply put: I’m a woman who stands in her full value. Full freedom. Full love. Full self expression. Full joy. Full purpose. Full sense of aliveness. 

And in my humble heart, I know that this is a dream for many women.

Because the majority of women (and I used to be one of them) feel like limitless success AND limitless fulfilment is hard to create. There is always so much to do, so much to aim for, so many responsibilities, so much to balance. 

I used to live this way. 

So much so, I brought my first, rather successful business to the ground, leaving me exhausted, broke, and not knowing who I was anymore, without external success. 

But that horrid experience led me to the depths of me. 

And from those depths, a new approach to success and business was born.

Energetic Entrepreneurship.

And when I honoured my soul, and tapped into the full power of my energy, and married that power with business?

Everything changed. (Because I changed)

Clients started to pour in. Abundance started to pour in. A new way of working and living opened up for me.

Creating a life and business that you deeply love with every fibre of your feeling is a glorious feeling.

And today, I’m inviting you to align the most important aspect of your business – your selling – with your limitless, thriving success.

I’m here to help you create limitless success with the power of your energy…


“I highly recommend working with Lenka to every single person on the planet!

Using Lenka’s methods, I increased my revenue 5-times over and I serve clients internationally!

Seriously… I have not seen this type of results in my business, sales and overall energy in 13 years of business. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lenka!”

– Noha Essop

I grew my income 7 times over.

“I faithfully followed Lenka’s energetic process for successful sales campaigns.

The result? My first ever, organic digital launch ended up with £50k of sales within a few weeks!

It blew my business out of the water!”

– Melanie MacIntyre 


“If you are ready to step up and play at Lenka’s level, her teachings and coaching can literally change your life.  Less than two months into working with her, I created my best month in my business to date. Two months later, I tripled it and created $65k in sales within a single month.

Overall, both my sales and cash flow increased five times over.  Now I am well on my way to enjoying regular $100k months, meaning a much bigger impact amongst my clients, much bigger purpose, and the doors to my continual growth and expansion wide open. “

– emily king


“Working with Lenka is the perfect combination of heart and mind, strategic guidance and energy work. It can be challenging at times but Lenka showers you with love (even tough love too when you need it), gives superb guidance with any situation that may arise, she believes in you and celebrates you like nobody else. It is a genuine love for humankind.

I made my first 20K month within 2 weeks and 10x my income in several weeks.

– Lydia Wilmsen


“During Lenka’s group programme, I focused on discovering my soul aligned client, and afterwards, she showed up. 

Now, everything that I have been taught within this container tripled it’s value for me. And I am sure it will do that for you too. So if you have the opportunity to join Lenka and her team, I highly recommend it. Not only for business but for your own well being as well.”

– Nina Maithili

100k in 4 days!

“In May, I had a launch, that was approximately £25k, maybe £30k, which is not bad in itself. I launched again end of August and I had not changed a thing because I didn’t have time or capacity, so I just launched it like I would normally launch it, and I sold for over £100k in 4 days. I have never sold for that. That was almost what I would sell for 2 years and I did it in 4 days.

What I had noticed, is that the limiting beliefs and all that stuff that was hindering me, big time, it wasn’t there anymore. The feeling around my business had completely changed to, “Holy crap, I can actually do anything here.” This is the best thing I have done in my 18 years of business.”

– Inger Lise Kontochristos

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If you want to make money, sell.
If you want to make an impact, sell.
If you want to make extraordinary money and impact?

Let your energy sell.