Eliminate all illusions of Lack,
Connect to your TRUTH and create Exponential Business Growth with the power of Advanced Energetics!

one payment of £197 / $266

Eliminate all illusions of Lack,
Connect to your TRUTH and create Exponential Business Growth with the power of Advanced Energetics!

one payment of £197 / $266

With Lenka Lutonska, best-selling author of ‘Energetic Selling & Marketing’

Quantum Leap:

A sudden, large increase or change.

That energetic place which – once you reach it – changes everything for you.

It’s where glass ceilings are shattered and invisible curtains unveil.

It’s where your new normal is created:

Doubling, tripling, even quadrupling, your fees and sales revenues;

Selling out your programs with far greater ease than ever before;

Skyrocketing your business and easily scaling it to a multiple-six or seven-figure impact;

Discovering a whole new level of freedom, purpose and abundance; and

Becoming more creative, happy and alive than ever before.

Sounds fabulous, right?

The truth is…

The truth is…

Creating a quantum leap in your business is NOT for everyone – heaps of courage and commitment are required.

But, if you have a strong calling to multiply your impact, multiply your earnings and multiply your ability to receive, I’d love to help you make that happen!

You see, I’m intimately familiar with that strong calling in my heart saying: 

“You’re meant for more. You’re meant for creating an extraordinary difference in your life, and the lives of many others.” 

Some time ago, this calling in my heart was just a quiet whisper… a whisper that often made me cry. Because while I SO wanted to create a lot of impact in the lives of others, while I SO wanted to live a life of abundance, freedom and purpose, my life reflected the exact opposite:

I was waking up with a knot in my stomach, full of worries about money and “not enoughness”;

I was working extremely hard (nobody could say I wasn’t committed!) –  and yet, clients barely trickled in, no matter what I did;

I felt invisible to the world and those clients I wanted to serve; and that dream of running a hugely successful business that changes many lives seemed a million miles away…

…and I was afraid that I would never make it happen. I was afraid that my kids would grow up and I would never have afforded the  life I truly wanted for them. I was afraid that I would forever remain an ‘aspiring, hard working coach’.

yet inspite of all of these fears, struggles, insecurities…
I DID make it happen.

Today, as I run a global, 7-figure business serving clients from over 50 countries, I can say with absolute confidence that:

Every woman with the strong desire to live and serve on the highest level can leap into unprescendented highs of financial abundance and purpose through their work, and freedom in all ways.

… when you release the limitless power of your energy, and master energetics of Quantum Leaping. 

Over the last five years, I supported many incredible clients to create their own version of their Quantum Leap. 

And now, I would love to support you too.


“It was a big decision for me to step into Lenka’s mastermind but right away I knew I was called to be a part of this. It turned out to be a huge support for my business which not only got to a whole new level, it truly sky-rocketed.

I found out how to combine the masculine business structures and the feminine way of being through energetic work.

This meant that in the space of the last six months, I experienced my first multiple-six figure months, including a 500K cash month, all while maintaining a wonderful work and life balance.”

Katarina Runa

And today, it’s your turn!

• It’s your turn to break all limits and put the growth of your business at full throttle. 

• It’s your turn to stop playing small, drop all illusions of lack and turn your old ceiling into your new floor. 

• It’s your turn to step into a leader you’ve always meant to be and light up the path for many others with your unique gifts and talents. 

It’s time to

Whatever challenges you are currently facing and whatever huge shifts in your business you are after, this brand new Claim Your Quantum Leap training will help you to make it happen!

Over four super-transformative modules, I will be bringing you the latest from the art and science of BUSINESS ENERGETICS and help you to use the limitless power of your energy to create mind-blowing growth in your business. 

one payment of £197 / $266

£430K sales in 2 weeks.

“I came across Lenka about 18 months ago and invested in one of her programs. The investment really stretched me back then, as at the time, I was making approximately £1K per month.

I can say that Lenka’s work completely changed my business and life. My income went immediately to £5K months, then £20K month and £35K month, all together over £400K in 12 months. I continue working with Lenka and most recently, I sold £430K worth of my courses in just 2 weeks!

I don’t have a fancy website. I have relatively small (but fast growing) mailing list and I serve clients in a small country.

So no matter what your mind is saying, trust the power of your energy – it truly is limitless!’

Alessandra Lanzafame

Alessandra Lanzafame

The Details



In Module 1, we will dive into the mechanics of creating your reality consciously and how to use advanced energetics to create a quantum leap in your business THIS year. I will guide you through: 

  • The mechanics of conscious vs unconscious reality creation – here, I will introduce a new energetic tool to you and it will be a game-changer for you and your business; 
  • The 3 stages of creating quantum leaps in your business and financial affairs and how to navigate them successfully; 
  • The 3 essential components of quantum leaping; and 
  • How to use the power of your energy to turn even your grandest intentions for your business and life into an inevitability. 

PLUS: The session will conclude with a channelled journey through your consciousness, activating your quantum leap.  (Meaning? More creativity, flow and ease on your way to exponential business growth.) 


If you have a calling to serve others and the commitment to succeed, it is your right to be generously rewarded for your work – financially, emotionally, and spiritually. 

But you’ve got to claim that right and align your energy (and therefore your decisions and actions) with attracting an avalanche of high-value clients. That is exactly what we will do in Module 2. I will guide you through: 

  • The energetics of going from the ‘best-kept secret’ to being super-attractive to your soul-aligned clients and claiming your rightful place in the marketplace; 
  • What exactly you need to do (and not do) to make hearing, “Yes” upon “Yes” from high-value clients your new normal; and
  • How our Victim Archetypes (aspects of our energy) and Higher Mind Archetypes show up in marketing and selling our services and how to use the limitless power of the latter ones to create massive leaps in your sales revenues. 

PLUS: The session will conclude with a channelled journey through your consciousness, activating your client attraction power. 


What does it take to go from “not enough” or “just enough” to experiencing financial overflow, and the sense of freedom that comes with it? What does it take to create a brand new financial reality fast? Well, it takes a few things such as powerful selling and marketing (to which we will have attended to in Module 2) and navigating the energetics of quantum leaping successfully (we will see to that in Module 1). First and foremost, it takes quantum leaping your Energetic Grid of Money. And that is exactly what we will be doing in Module 3. We will dive into the energetics of money and what it takes to completely rewrite your financial reality fast. I will guide you through: 

  • “Money is Energy”: You might have heard this statement a million times already. But what does this mean, really? And how can you use this knowledge to create mind-blowing shifts in your financial well-being?;
  • The 5 energetic money principles that are behind every financial quantum leap; and
  • 3 simple practices that can be a game-changer when it comes to quantum leaping your financial reality.

PLUS: The session will conclude with the channelled journey through your consciousness, expanding your capacity to receive. 


During this Integration Session, we will cover topics that will complement your growth experience from the Claim Your Quantum Leap training. We will dive into what came up during the training as well as: 

  • Developing Skills vs Time Collapsing: How you can turn years into months and months into weeks when it comes to your business growth, with the power of energetics..… even if you need to build and improve on some entrepreneurial skills; 
  • Which energetic grids (aspects of your energy) you want to upgrade to in order to create a quantum leap with a sense of balance and harmony, as opposed to stress and overwhelm, and how; 
  • And more….

PLUS: You will also have the opportunity to be personally coached by me and receive answers to your burning questions. 

Note from Lenka Lutonska, author of Energetic Selling & Marketing and facilitator of CREATE YOUR QUANTUM LEAP training…

Hi Powerful One – if we haven’t met yet, welcome to my world.

I’m Lenka Lutonska, the author of Energetic Selling & Marketing. I’m a wife to one wonderful husband. A mom to three wonderful boys. And a slave to a bossy cat and three tiny overprotective dogs.

I’m also – in the words of my clients – a “woman of profound mind” and a “pioneer of energetic entrepreneurship”. 

I’ve dedicated my life to mastering the Energetics of Extraordinary Business Growth and I bring this gift to all women who are called to break away from the old, outdated paradigms of running a successful business. 

I’m blessed to say I’m a walking-talking example of what can happen when you marry energy and business strategy – for instance, I turned an absolute business failure into millions. 

And I’m even happier to be able to facilitate similarly incredible, often miraculous, growth with my wonderful clients:

Women no longer being slaves to their businesses, instead, growing them exponentially by BEING more, rather than doing more.

Women stepping into the personal power they never knew they had and, as such, multiplying their ability to earn by creating incredible transformations with their clients.

Women going from undercharging to increasing their fees by as much as 10 x and selling with far greater ease than ever before.

Women extending their miraculous business results into their lives, for instance, in the form of hugely deepened relationships with their loved ones and especially with themselves.

To date, I’ve seen countless women, like you, creating their first and then steady 10K months, 20K months, 50K months, 100K months and even 500K months.

We do this, not by continuing on the path of old paradigms – working like a dog, proving, chasing, burning out, then rolling up our sleeves and elbowing our way to the next goal. OH NO!

We do this by taking a far deeper, multi-dimensional approach to business and releasing the power of our limitless energy to create miracles.

And today, I invite you to experience the same – through this brand new ‘Claim Your Quantum Leap’ training.

This is a 4-part energetic transformation container that will focus on RAPID, SUDDEN, MIND-BLOWING BUSINESS GROWTH AND CHANGES. 

Most people want it but very few people know what it actually takes to make it happen. 

I know, in minute detail. And it is my honour and privilege to share my knowledge – and vast experience – through this brand new training. 

It doesn’t matter how far you’ve come so far or how far you’ve got to go. This training experience will strongly support you in: 

Bringing more ease, harmony, flow and playfulness into your business; 

Creating faster and greater business growth than ever before; and 

Achieving even your grandest intentions for your life and business this year. 

Live feedback

    A few more details about this training…

    • Once you sign up for the Create Your Quantum Leap training, you will receive a welcome email with the login details to access the training. Kindly allow 20 minutes for this email to arrive. In the case that you do not receive joining instructions, please email us at love@lenkalutonska.com and we will help you out pronto. 
    • This training will meet you perfectly at where you are at and expand you and your ability to grow your business massively. As such, it doesn’t matter where you are now in terms of your business (both “beginners” and established women in business will benefit). What matters far more is WHO you are and where you want to go. You’ve got to be, at minimum, spiritually open minded. And please, do not expect this training to fix you or ‘do it for you’. It won’t. It will SUPPORT you in creating quantum leaps in your business and life. YOU will create them, not this training experience alone. ♥

    All good?

    Then enough talking and let’s claim your quantum leap!

    one payment of £197 / $266
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