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Three levels of meaning – and why they matter for your business and life

by | Jul 5, 2023

It’s easy to look at someone successful and happy and assume, “They are so lucky… they have it so easy!” 

Yet, as someone who rose from the ashes of extreme lack and struggle and turned them into millions (both metaphorically and literally), I can firmly say: This is BS. 

We don’t have it easy… well, not all the time. 

And any successful person you might be looking up to who tells you that their life is always a bed of roses, is lying to you. 

You see, challenges, obstacles and ‘unfavourable happenings’ (those that we would rather not experience!) are a necessary aspect of our evolution and growth. 

It’s how your Energetic Self is guiding you to your fullness… yes, through those challenges. 

Those challenges have the power to speed up the manifestation of your greatest desires big time. 

But most people? 

Let those challenges slow…them…down 😢

This is because they are stuck at the first, or second, level of meaning when it comes to observing the happenings in their business and life. Let me explain: 

When we experience unfavourable happenings in our life and business, we can look at them (consciously or unconsciously) from three different levels of awareness: 

1. We observe WHAT happened

For instance, some years ago my coaching business went bust after years of building it. 

2. We observe HOW it happened.

For me, I lost my business because I let myself be manipulated by my then business mentor (who also become my business partner for a new business venture)

3. We observe WHY it happened.

To get to the source or the “why” behind what happened, we need to enter the realm of our energy. And this WHY - the cause of ALL the happenings in our lives and businesses -  contains both: 

1. Reason - an energetic opportunity based on our past 

The reason behind the loss of my business was that a) I had unresolved fear of “losing it all” (so I manifested it) b) I was looking for an external saviour (business partner) instead of stepping strongly into my own value. These reasons became my energetic opportunities, something I had to learn, grow into. And via this process I became infinitely more powerful, resourceful and risk tolerant.. all of which became very handy as I was growing my business into millions!

2. Purpose - a way to help us to achieve our dreams in the future

In my case, the loss of my business forced me to connect with my spiritual nature, rather than continue to have my identity dependent on external circumstances and results (I was no longer a successful business owner etc. so, “Who am I???” was filled with a much more lasting substance - the connection with Inner Self.)

This new-found inner connection also helped me to powerfully face, and turn all the challenges women face (such as lack, confusion, struggle etc.) into the fuel of my growth… so I could become a full embodiment of what I teach and coach, not just a loud mouth. As such, through this experience, I got prepared to powerfully guide thousands and millions of women to THEIR fullness.

See how this works? I never lost my business because of a shitty business partner.  This (bloody challenging!) period of my life was a perfect way to give me all I needed to be able to release my full voice, create my dream business and life, and live out my greatest mission on earth.

So today?  

I lovingly invite you to stop confusing the “why” behind your unfavourable happenings for the “how”. 

I know they ARE challenging. I feel you. 

But it’s time to become REALLY good at reading the messages from your Energetic Self, and how it communicates to you through your circumstances.

Your Energetic Self (call it your Soul, Higher Self, anything you like!) deeply loves you. It’s YOU, after all. 

And if it was purely up to you? You wouldn't give yourself any challenge if you didn’t know it would benefit you profoundly, would you? 

I thought so 😉

Lenka 🔥

P.S. Energetic Communication is one of the things you will master inside of Miraculum… so you can live out your greatest love, abundance, freedom and purpose on this earth. We are starting in September! ♥️

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