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These Energetic Steps Will Help You Create Your Dream Future Today!

by | Nov 19, 2020

It’s time to stop dreaming about a future version of yourself and start making choices NOW to turn that vision into your reality. 
In this blog post you’ll learn:

  • Why you meet obstacles the minute you decide to make a change
  • The 3 energetic steps you need to take to create your dream future today
  • How to turn challenges into opportunities
  • The big shift I made that took me from having £7 to my name to running a 7-figure business!
If you want to make and impact millions ask yourself: What do I need to do every single day to consciously create the future I want right now?
Why is this so important? Because the Universe doesn't respond favourably when we come from a place of lack; it responds to what we choose in this red hot minute and who we are in our current vibration. 
To shift your energetic blueprint for super fast results and grow your business exponentially, you need to make decisions from a place of empowered choice right now.
To embody the highest vision for your life and business, you must change how you identify with yourself NOW
You might think that when you accept things as they are, a transformation takes place by the simple act of observing the state of play. But real change happens when you start to shift your energy in a whole new way.
Choose who you are and who you want to be in every moment. Say “this is me” and live it with every fibre of your being.
 Here are some steps to help you create your dream future today.

3 Energetic Steps To Create Your dream future Now

Step 1: Choose who you are stepping into 

There are infinite versions of yourself in the universe to choose from. Pick the one you like most. 
For example, if you want twenty times more money than you currently make, choose the version of you who already owns that business and lives that life. 
Become that woman by feeling into that version of you, becoming aware of her energetic system and her belief system. That's who you are so embody her now.

Step 2: Bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be

When you set an intention, you feel the vibrational quality of who you choose to be. The next step is to make practical choices about how you spend your time so you can match your physical reality with that vibration.
There’s a period of time between you choosing who you are and subsequently making decisions based on that version of yourself. Notice synchronicities. Get clarity by meeting the people you’re meant to meet and developing the skills you need. 
Note: You will face resistance along the way.
While you are bridging the gap between your intention and full manifestation, you will be in a process of learning exactly who you want to be and how.
You will manifest anything and everything you need in order to emerge fully as the woman you need to be. But at the same time, it can be a little uncomfortable and your old self will fight for its survival.
Often the moment you make a decision and go after your dreams, something will happen that stands in your way, that you’ll have to overcome.
Obstacles are here to help you!
This drama arrives because your old self, the ego, starts fighting for its survival. When we commit to a higher version of ourselves, to anything that takes us out of our comfort zone, the primitive part of our brain tells us “don’t go there, it’s not safe!”
That part of us likes comfort and order. It wants to keep us safe so it will help you to create some kind of drama to discourage you.
What if I told you there are no obstacles? When an obstacle presents itself in front of you, it’s your old self fighting for its survival. This is a perfect gift to embody the changes you need to make to be who you choose to be.

Step 3: Manifest and celebrate!

You’ve done it! You stayed firm in who you are, you spent time bridging the gap between your intention, your choice to be who you are and the practical changes you had to implement to make it your reality. You let go of old patterns and stayed the course. It happened faster than you ever could have imagined it would! It’s time to celebrate!

Learn from every struggle

After I lost my first business, I struggled for two years and couldn't wrap my head around how this could have happened. 
I can now say with all my heart that if I didn't have the unfortunate experience back then, I wouldn't have the beautiful and successful business I run today.
I can see that when I was running my first business I was neglecting myself. In the back of my mind I had fears about loss, money and more. I never fully dealt with them so I manifested problems that would force me to. 
Through that experience, I learned I had to put myself first before anyone else. The struggle ultimately helped me create the thriving business I have now because I can connect more deeply with my clients and the problems they are going through.
Challenges are opportunities to embody the energy of the person you are becoming and make choices aligned with your biggest dreams. You don’t have to wait any longer, the time is now. You can create your dream future today.
Learn from your struggles and they will end up a key part of your story. Keep focused on what you can do today to make empowered choices. The rest gets cast off to the floor as you step up to fully embody the woman you want to be. What will you do today?  Tell me in the comments below.

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