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5 Energetic Keys to Scaling Your Impact to 7 figures and beyond

by | Apr 22, 2021

“Lenka, it seems like no matter what I do, I seem to stay at the same level of income!...”

… I’ve heard this sentiment on many different occasions. And yes, even experienced it myself.

This can happen at any level in business. Some women entrepreneurs get stuck making a few thousand per month, others can make fifty thousand a month - but not a penny or client more.

It’s frustrating AF. But totally solvable - through the power of your energy!

That’s why I am so passionate about my coaching containers. It’s just incredible witnessing curtains being unveiled and glass ceilings being dissolved - under women’s incredible power they released from within.  

Today, I wanted to share with you a few of the Energetic Keys that lie behind dissolving those barriers, and allowing us to scale our Impact to 7 figures and beyond. It’s not a comprehensive list, but I know that you will be able to take out of them something you can implement right away!

Let’s do it….  

Key #1. Completely let go of the idea of separation

You have a deep calling to serve your particular kind of clients because they are already a part of your energetic field. When you start thinking in terms of “I'm intimately connected with my clients and they are nothing more and nothing less than a mirror of my consciousness” then you have transcended the illusion of separation. This is a game-changer.

Here is a real life example so you can put this into context: The other day a client said to me, “I seem to have a problem with attracting £10K clients.” I gently reframed this and asked her to go back to the idea of connectedness rather than separateness. It was never about attracting £10K clients, it’s always been about becoming a woman who is a £10K coach. When you feel that in your heart, mind and self, naturally you will attract it as it is already a living part of you.

“I am ONE with all I want to create in my business. I am ONE with all the clients I want to serve. I am ONE with all the abundance I want to experience. I am all of that already” - is a great mantra to contemplate on to help you embody the idea of connectedness, and step into ‘Magician’ shoes in your business. Play with it! 

Key #2: Be selfish when it comes to clients you want to serve on a bigger level.

The common thought is that if we want to grow our income, we’ve got to serve more of the same clients we’ve been used to.

I propose otherwise.

You see, one thing that can keep us stuck is settling for serving certain types of clients is we:

  • “Don’t believe the higher level clients are there for us… or not enough of them…. Or they are hard to find” (even though we have a real calling to serve those higher level clients - all the evidence we need that there ARE plenty of clients we can serve at this level)
  • “Don’t want to abandon clients I’ve been serving for years… even though they cannot afford the service we TRULY want to deliver” (abandonment issues + frankly, making ourselves way too important)
  •  “It will be hard to attract that next level clients” (When in fact they already dwell in our energy)
This kind of thinking needs to go if you want to release the limitless income and impact, and scale your business to 7 figures and beyond energetically, darling!

If you want to unlock your limitless impact, be more selfish about who you are serving - and focus ONLY on your 10/10 clients.
Then settle no more.
  •  Think about exactly how you want to feel after interacting with your clients or delivering a coaching / training, etc. for example: energised, excited or purposeful.
  • Get really clear on the characteristics of your ideal client that are aligned with how you want to feel.
Perhaps you want them to be committed, to value investing in themselves and to always pay on time. You’ll know what feels right for you.

Next make a pact with yourself to only work with these kinds of clients.

By doing this you are honouring yourself by meeting your own needs and desires. You’re honouring your ideal clients by serving them in your highest energy and you’re honouring the clients that are no longer aligned because they can work with someone who is a better match.

Oh, and this will need to follow with the next energetic key, of course here...
Key #3. Mirror the qualities you desire to see in your soul aligned clients

This is about getting honest with yourself. When you have a list of qualities for your aligned clients, next you must ask whether you are embodying them yourself, in ALL areas of your life (not just business).

Be who you want your ideal clients to be in every area of your life.

If you notice an unwanted pattern of behaviour in the clients you attract (such as them wanting all the freebies but never signing up for paid courses) then look at yourself and where you’re mirroring that in your own life. They are simply mirroring something you do internally.

All in all, if we want to serve an avalanche of incredible client, we better become our BEST client first.

Key #4. Foster the energy of limitless income and impact

My Activation Meditation is what helped me make the necessary energetic shifts to go from zero to scaling up to 7 figures. This simple process is about connecting to the energy of your fulfilled intention as though it is real in this moment. It’s about how it feels to be the woman who has already scaled her business.

That is the energetic signature of the version of you that is calling you. She is who you are becoming -- so connect with that energy. You can read more on how to embody the highest vision for your life and business by changing how you identify with yourself here in this blog post.

Key #5. Unite the divine feminine and masculine energies within

A common pattern I see in my clients is that of over-giving, by which I mean taking on more responsibility than is their own. This pattern of helping others beyond what works for us is typical of the wounded feminine energy.

An example of a distorted version of masculine energy is too much action and not enough feeling. When we first discover manifestation and energetic work, we might end up rejecting the masculine completely, perhaps because we are burnt out from overworking.

But: we need both energies to unite if we are to grow. We need the structure of the masculine as a safe container for the flow of the feminine to move through. It is up to us to fall in love with the supportive capacity of masculine energy and the intuitive nature of feminine energy. Selling (Divine Masculine) and marketing (Divine Feminine) need to be in flow, working together in union.

Being in flow doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy at all times. Often, that which is aligned with your greatest limitless growth of scaling your business to seven figures and beyond, is anything but easy. It will stretch your comfort zone and that can be very uncomfortable. Keep moving forward regardless. Stay connected to your truth, your authentic self and let that power your marketing and sales.

… Or join one of my containers and get a ton of support to shutter through your comfort zones, master your energy and let it work miracles in your business. 💕

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