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Your Awareness: The One Thing That Changes Everything

by | Dec 30, 2021

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‘IF YOUR MIND can conceive it and believe it, then you can achieve it.’ You have probably heard this quote on a million- and-one occasions, in a million-and-one versions; full credit to Napoleon Hill for this thought. Having interviewed and studied 500 millionaires and many of the biggest business minds of his time, he knew what he was talking about. Typically, we don’t have a problem with conceiving ideas or business goals; that is the easy bit. Our higher-self is one stubborn lady and she continually knocks on our mind, showing us who we could be. It is easy with those goals within the boundaries of our comfort zone. Or, perhaps, just outside of it.

The trouble is that these kinds of goals have hardly anything to do with extraordinary growth.

The name of the game is to believe you can do things that are far beyond your normal and believe it so strongly that no internal self-talk and no unfavourable circumstance or failure you might meet can change your mind.

In fact, you don’t want to simply believe you can do it. You want to know it.

You never affirm to yourself, do you, that: ‘I believe I can walk from my living room to my kitchen!’—a hundred times a day while looking into your eyes in the mirror and pumping your chest? You don’t need to do that, because you simply know you can do it. Knowing is the next level of belief. It is a state of being that will help you achieve your business intentions and the extraordinary growth you desire, faster than you thought was possible. Knowing can turn even what was once impossible into your here-and- now reality.

I am sure you have experienced the power of such belief before. For me, the first time was when I decided I was going to become an American Board of NLP accredited trainer with a 100% certification score. ABNLP is the largest and oldest certification body for NLP in the world, and I knew that if I wanted to use NLP professionally, I needed to study with them. But I was told that it could not be done: ‘Nobody from the United Kingdom has ever achieved a score of 100%. It is a very demanding certification.’

But I had a different idea. I sat down and wrote an intention for myself, creating an image in my mind of achieving my goal, winking at my NLP teacher, the person who told me it couldn’t be done and saying, ‘I told you!’ I decided this image was to become my reality, and I got to work; I studied with great concentration and focus. I also needed to become very good at presenting, and I needed the money to afford the course and for the reality of studying in Sydney, Australia. I was enjoying a decent salary at the time, but I did not have any savings and my goal required a substantial financial investment! ‘Never mind,’ I thought to myself, ‘I will work it out.’

I bought a flight to Sydney on my credit card, and set out to attract funding for my studies. Deep down I knew that getting certified would be the beginning of my journey as an entrepreneur; the beginning of my new life. I put together a business plan and visited half a dozen banks with a request for a business loan. Unfortunately, none of the bank managers shared my big vision. No was the answer, every time. Lastly—and this would surely be a detail, I thought—I needed to sort out a visa. In practice this was not at all straightforward. My passport was apparently not valid for long enough to grant me entry to Australia. It was not such good news one month before the flight to Sydney; and the money for the training still wasn’t there.

The fact that I had resigned a month earlier and had hence lost my income didn’t help either. I remember thinking, ‘I am fooling myself,’ because it seemed nothing was working in my favour. But I continued to study. I went to my home country and got myself a new passport and I tried to persuade my friend, with whom I owned a house at the time, to re-mortgage it and let me sell my half to her. After a week of talking, crying and begging, she agreed. I sold half of my house to make it happen, and the money from the bank, as well as my new shiny visa, arrived only a few days before the flight. Wow!

Incredibly, once I graduated, I experienced in reality the image I had been holding in my mind for months, with every detail: the way they announced my name when I indeed achieved the 100% certification score; the feeling of immense pride and excitement flowing through my body; and winking at my trainer, uttering, ‘I told you it was possible!’ Incredible things can happen when you make up your mind; when you set powerful intentions; when you own what you desire. I am sure you have experienced this in the past, perhaps on multiple occasions.

Now, my darling, it is time to apply this to your business.

It is time to go beyond believing. 

It is time to know with every fibre of your being that no matter how crazy or impossible your new intentions might be, you can own them fully and actively work on making it your reality. How do you do that? How do you develop such strong beliefs about something that is as far out of your normal as it can get? There is only one answer to that: by appreciating how powerful you are.

‘Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.’

Marianne Willamson

What follows are the principles that govern our universe and the process of creating our subjective reality. I personally revisit these principles often, especially when my conditioned mind questions, ‘Can I really do this?’ You will find that when you open your mind to make these principles your personal truth and act as if they are your truth, you will become far more confident in your ability to create miracles in your business and life; and very efficient in manifesting what you desire. It is possible that these concepts may be far away from what you know to be true, and that they challenge your belief system, as I mentioned in the introduction. Despite this, I now invite you to go down a rabbit hole with me, my darling, and let’s stretch your model of the world, so that you can accept exactly how powerful you really are.

Everything is energy

That chair you are sitting on; the clothes you are wearing; the amazing book you are reading right now; that wonderful body of yours: these appear to be physical but they are not. 99.99999% of whatever you are looking at is an empty space, and if you took all that empty space out of our human bodies, all 7.5 billion of us, you could fit what remains—pure matter—into a single sugar cube. That is right: you can fit the entire human race into a sugar cube!

But how do we appear physical? Well, our bodies have this incredibly intelligent mechanism through which they can decode vibration. What we ‘see’ is not all there is, but is decoded information in the form of light; and we are blind to everything else that exists. There are many other known forms of energy that exist, here and now, that are just as real—such as X-rays, gamma rays or FM rays—but we are not able to see them. In fact, we are able to see only 4% of the known energy forms, and these represent only about 0.05% of all the energy forms in the universe. If you do the maths, you will need to acknowledge that our body is designed to show us only a very limited version of reality; and even what we do experience via our senses is, in the words of Albert Einstein, ‘merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.’
Moreover, there is no difference between what we call matter and energy. Matter is energy vibrating at a frequency that can be decoded by our physical senses.

Think about this: everything is simply energy vibrating at different frequencies.

‘There is no empty space, but rather intelligent energy responding to your thoughts and feelings.’

What we call emptiness—the stuff between visible parts of the universe—is not emptiness at all. According to quantum mechanics, it instead contains fleeting electromagnetic waves and particles that pop in and out of existence. Our universe is bathed in a field of intelligent energy, and this fills all emptiness. It also bathes not- emptiness; and in that from, it behaves or vibrates differently. We have this intelligent field that penetrates through everything and everyone you can think of. Additional scientific discoveries show that this field responds to us—rearranges itself—in the presence of our feelings and beliefs.

You are connected to everything and everyone else

Each of us is like a wave in the sea of energy that is this vast universe. The wave in the ocean may seem separate to the eye and you would not be able to tell where one wave ends and where the other one starts. The wave is the ocean and the ocean is the wave: as it is with you—you are seemingly separate from everything and everyone else—yet you are the same stuff that bathes the furthermost corners of the universe and penetrates through all the people, rocks, animals and plants. That stuff is one super-intelligent, all-powerful mind. Exactly as each wave creates ripples in the ocean, you too create ripples in the universe with your intentions, reorganising an entire pattern.

One of many wonderful examples of this principle is the power of group meditation. In 1993, researchers led by John Hagelin, a renowned quantum physicist, successfully conducted a carefully controlled scientific experiment4 in Washington DC, studying the effect of a large group of meditators on social trends. The idea was to show how easy it is to reduce crime and social stress by using group meditation to intervene from the field of consciousness. The researchers predicted that the crime rate would reduce by 20% in the city during this experiment. They were met with ridicule from the local police officers. In fact, the police chief went on record to say that the only thing that would reduce crime to such an extent in Washington DC during the summer months would be twenty inches of snow. The researchers went to work.

Between 800 and 4000 trained meditators participated in a group meditation during this period, and the results were quite astonishing. During these eight weeks, the crime rate fell by as much as 23%. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in a billion. In other words, it was confirmed beyond any doubt that group meditation had a tremendous impact on the behaviour of specific people living in the city. Since then more than 40 other similar scientific studies have taken place and confirmed the accuracy of this finding, and the power of group meditation.

So next time you think your thoughts don’t affect anyone else, think again. You will find this principle useful when asking yourself the question, ‘Where can I find perfect-for- me clients?’

Time does not exist

The only place where time matters is in the human mind. If you ask your dog, ‘What time is it?’ It would look at you in a funny way and answer, ‘It is now, silly!’ We humans have a different idea though. We agreed that we will think in minutes that are 60 seconds long and months that are anywhere from 28 days to 31 days long, and years that are as long as it takes for our earth to orbit around the sun. We are also the only beings that can project ourselves into the future.

However, what if time doesn’t exist at all? Think about this for a moment. Why do you think time exists? For most the answer and justification is because things are changing. Everything is constantly changing; our bodies, nature, the weather etc. But is this change caused by time? Or is the change happening regardless, and we just use time to measure it? If you think about it for long enough you will probably come to the conclusion that the latter is a more reasonable explanation.

Our bodies, for example, don’t get old, but rather become more used. You can have a 1965 car that is looking and functioning like a brand new car because the owner hardly ever drove it and looked after it very well. Or it can be a dysfunctional wreck because it was used on a daily basis. Unlike cars, we cannot choose not to use our bodies, so they gradually deteriorate. But it is not because of time. With time we only measure how our bodies are changing. But if there is no time, what is there? There is only one infinite moment of now, where everything that ever happened, could happen, or might happen, is existing all at once. Everything you might consider in your past—the one you experienced, or the one you did not—also all your possible futures: these are all an infinite number of configurations of the universe existing in one infinite moment of now. Only one of these configurations is active at any one time—your here and now experience—but all of these configurations exist. They exist as potentiality or as something that vibrates at various vibrational frequencies, which your senses are not decoding right now.

Think about this a little more. Your next level business potential—the extraordinary growth you desire to create—is not ‘time’ away from you. It is not ‘space’ away from you. It is already here and now; it is in you. The only reason you are not experiencing it yet is that you are not decoding that particular frequency. In other words, you are not accepting that particular configuration of the universe as your reality. ‘Tell me how do I do that!!’, I hear you shouting. Let’s go a little further down that rabbit hole together now, and have a look at how we create our here-and-now experience.

How we create our subjective reality

Your consciousness, or awareness, behaves similarly to electrons orbiting around a nucleus, the basis of all existence. It switches between a localised and de-localised state. You could say that your awareness goes in and out of existence. It is like a light switch going on and off very very quickly. Each time it switches on—many times per nanosecond—it makes active one particular configuration of the universe. The next configuration you experience might be very similar but never the same. This happens so fast that we have a perception of continuity—time. And yet one configuration of the universe is completely independent from another. By the time you drink a cup of water, you may switch between trillions and trillions of these configurations: various different realities.

Think of it like a movie. It is made of a huge amount of pictures projected onto the screen. The pictures are changing so fast it seems like it is a continuation of the same thing. But it is not. You can cut the movie into separate pictures and take one to France and the other one to Sweden and these pictures can exist independently one from another. And yet, when projected one after another, in a certain sequence, voila, you have a movie. Going with this metaphor, each picture is a particular configuration of the universe. It is a picture that is infinitely more rich and complex than a single slide of a movie to the point that you cannot imagine it with your physical mind. But stay with me and let’s explore this metaphor further.

Right now you are in the middle of one movie. You are projecting the slides of this movie onto the screen and your body is translating it in to your here and now experience. There are different movies available though, an infinite amount of movies. Movies are made of infinite pictures or infinite configurations of the universe, infinite realities. When you contemplate this for a few minutes, and dare to accept this as your personal truth, you will not escape the conclusion that what you experience in any given moment is only a tiny fraction of what is possible for you.

Now, if you desire to create extraordinary growth in your business, this is a different type of movie. That movie—your preferred reality—will look different. So if you want to have that movie projected on the screen of your life, you better get clear on what you want it to look like. Let your imagination run wild. Create it and see it in your mind exactly as you want it to be and decide that this is the only version of reality you are accepting as your truth. Make that powerful intention, right now.
Now that movie will have a different vibrational frequency. In other words, it will feel different. Simply ask yourself, ‘How would I feel if I already had what I wanted?’ Whatever comes up—ease, fulfilment, expansion, fun, or something else—this will be a good indication of the vibrations you want to practice to become a perfect match to that version of reality. You want to choose that particular emotion now. For example, if the underlying feeling of the reality you want to create is freedom, then choose freedom now. You can do it in two ways.

Firstly, notice instances in your everyday working and personal life when you are free: for example, you have freedom to choose what to eat. You have freedom whether to walk, drive to work, or take a bus. Look for the instances that you normally overlook. If you acknowledge them, they will give you the same feeling you will have if you already had that next level of the business you desire.

Secondly, choose activities and experiences that embody that feeling. For example, if running gives you a feeling of freedom, do it more often. If employing an additional team member in your business would give you more freedom, do it now. While these actions can take you out of your comfort zone, you are choosing energy that is the basis of the reality you wish to experience. And the universe cannot do anything else but reflect it back on to you. It will have to give you more freedom, in terms of money and clients, and much more— you name it!

Emotion is energy in motion, and the more you choose the emotion that represents the achievement of your juicy business goal, the faster it will become your here-and-now reality. What you choose chooses you. But it is up to you to choose it first.

Awareness changes everything

If you wish to watch a new movie, you have to watch that movie, right? It would be a little silly to watch a drama and complain throughout the whole movie that you would have preferred to watch a comedy. Yet that is what we often do in life. We dictate what is happening next, which slide we project next, by what we observe and by what we are aware of. And that observation, my gorgeous, makes all the difference. In the quantum physics world, this phenomenon is called the Observer Effect, which states that ‘simply observing a situation or phenomenon necessarily changes that phenomenon’.

On a subatomic level, for example, we know that mere observation of electrons influences how that electron behaves. It can act both as a wave and as a particle. If not observed, it will act as a wave. But if there is a measuring device, for the purposes of tracking the journey of these electrons, something strange happens; electrons collapse from wave function into particles. If you are not familiar with the now famous Double Slit Experiment, which beautifully explains this Observer Effect phenomenon, I encourage you to look it up and absorb it. The universe responds to you in exactly the same way. Depending on what you observe, you will be decoding your vibration of reality, which is a natural continuation of that movie you are watching right now.

When you want to shift your reality, you have to shift your awareness. You have to watch a different movie, regardless of what your current reality looks like. Stop taking cues from your current circumstances as to how to feel and what to expect next. Instead, make up your mind about what you want to experience and imprint it in your mind and heart. Live in that reality to as much extent as possible. The next time you go for a walk, don’t go as the woman you are today. Go as the next-level you. The you who already created that extraordinary growth in her business; the you who has it all. The next time you communicate with your audience, don’t do it as the woman you are today. Do it as the woman you want to be tomorrow.
Overwhelm your current experience with your preference. See what you want to see. Hear what you want to hear and, most importantly, feel what you want to feel. Your current reality is extremely malleable. It is simply a result of what you observed and therefore thought and felt yesterday. Today, observe differently. Think differently. Feel differently. I appreciate that this can be tricky at first, because of course there is a time delay between the stages: setting a powerful intention; making up your mind; observing your new reality; and having that chosen reality actually show up in your experience in its fullness. At times, it may feel like watching a movie that normally makes you cry, and instead of crying, laughing as if you are watching a comedy.

What is happening around you and what you choose to see may not match, at first. But they will. They must, because the moment you set the intention and the moment you decide to see only that and nothing else, the universe will go into overdrive to deliver this to you. In the very moment of making a powerful intention, you start downloading the vibratory pattern of that particular configuration of the universe.
This conscious observation is one way you can focus your mind and cut years off the timeline between where you are today and where you want to be in your business. It will collapse your timeline, so to speak, and allow you to enjoy what you desire much faster. Am I encouraging you to be delusional? Pretty much. Take your awareness to what you want to experience until the line between what is ‘real’ and what is ‘fantasy’ starts to become thinner. For example, I used this way of focusing myself when I was in between my two businesses. I was broke, but wanting to launch my second coaching business. At one point, I developed a new and rather strange morning routine when I was walking my two young boys to school every day, which took six minutes each way. After I had dropped them at school one day, I decided not to walk home as the same woman. No, I walked home as the woman who owned a quarter of a million pound business. I said this phrase quietly in my mind, ‘I am an owner of a quarter of a million pound business.’

In reality this was as far from what I considered possible at that time as it could be because I was totally broke. Nonetheless I focused on my new business intention and I noticed how it felt. I asked myself, ‘If this was really true right now, if I was really an owner of a quarter of a million pound business, what would be different?’ As I was thinking about it, I realised that not so much would be different on the outside. I would be wearing similar clothes and I would be walking with my kids to school, but I would carry myself differently. I would certainly feel different; and that was how I was walking home from school, carrying myself and feeling like a quarter of a million pound business owner.

I cannot tell you exactly how long it took me to build a quarter of a million pound business since my New Me Walks. Looking back, it happened very fast. But this exercise took off many months, if not years, of continual struggle, and it helped me to build and continued to grow, the business I so deeply love, much faster. And it could not have been otherwise; because for six minutes a day I chose to be a perfect match to the reality I wished to experience. I was feeling rich and powerful inside, in spite of the fact that my coaching diary was crying for more clients and my bank account was crying for more money. For six minutes a day I was overwhelming my current experience with my chosen preference. I simply ignored everything else. I became that woman. Although it was only six minutes a day, this profoundly affected the way I was feeling, thinking and acting for the rest of that day. I was more focused, I had better ideas, and I became more productive.

And so it will be with you, my darling. Once you decide to embody the woman you will become when you run that next level business, the universe must take notice. That is the definition of watching a different movie. When you watch a different movie and make yourself a vibrational match to your chosen, new reality, things will be happening so fast for you that you will be pinching yourself. Hooray!

Your next level business already exists

In a way, you are never creating anything. You are merely letting what you desire to emerge from the non-physical wave function to the physical. That preferred reality of yours—although you are not seeing it here and now— already exists, exactly as everything else that you can think of already exists. The only question is: will you choose to experience it? If the answer is yes, start observing it today. Embody that energy, overwhelm your current experience with your chosen reality. Watch that movie. Even if it is only for a few minutes in your day, it will cut many working hours from your working week, because the entire universe, with all of its angels and fairies, will be assisting you and your business will so love it.


THIS EXERCISE WILL HELP YOU practice your focus and direct it into your conscious observation. Go for a walk as a woman who has already achieved your most ambitious business goals. From the moment you leave your home until you return, embody the woman you would be if you had it all. Walk as that woman. Think as that woman. Feel as that woman. You might want to repeat a phrase, or a series of phrases, that you wish to call into your reality, such as these examples.

 •  ‘I am running a multiple, seven-figure business that changes many peoples’ lives.’
•  ‘I am a bestselling author of my first book.’

Never treat these phrases as mere affirmations, though. Take them as they are: as true, right here, right now. Don’t project yourself into the future: rather, bring into today what you want to experience in the future. Be that woman when you take that walk. Enforce your preference on your current reality and as you do that, open yourself to receive new ideas and opportunities, listen to your intuitive guidance. For the best results, do this daily!


Here are a few journaling prompts for integration:

1. What is the underlying energy of my business? Hustle? Flow? Something else? Define it.
2. What is the underlying energy of your next level business? Freedom? Ease? Define it.
3. Based on the answer to question number two, think about various ways how you can notice that energy of your next level business — quantum emotion— in your everyday life, and how you can choose it more often.

Okay my darling. You are ready to own your next level potential. In this very moment, things are already shifting for you. In the following chapter, we are going to make sure that you can attract perfect-for-you clients with ease.

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