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A Sales Mantra that will super-charge your sales revenues

by | Sep 29, 2021

Some time ago, I coached one of my mastermind clients on bringing more personal power to high-value selling. I shared one of my favourite mantras to assist with this, and explained to her how to use it.

She didn’t stay on the mastermind session all the way to the end - she had a sales conversation scheduled with a potential 1-2-1 client.

Off she went… only to come back on the call 10 minutes later, excitedly sharing:

“Oh my!! I have a new high-level client, paying in full! Never before have I sold this easily and from this energy… and it works!”

Not a bad result considering a single sales mantra - and a single, quick energetic shift because of it!

So today, I wanted to share - or perhaps remind you of this wonderful sales mantra. And encourage you to use it. 

“I am the prize”

That’s the mantra.

That’s it.

Nothing more to it.

Except…. I don’t know about you, but I can tell you that I felt HIGHLY uncomfortable using this mantra for the very first time.

“Who am I to even say that?” … was my reaction.

And that’s exactly it - that’s the voice of our first gut reaction to something like this that runs our entire business!

It’s THAT voice - “Who do you think you are??” - that is responsible for you not implementing your best ideas; not following through with the best sales and marketing strategies; sabotaging yourself without even knowing it.

Because that voice wants to keep you safe. And by the same token, small.

“I’m the prize” is the antidote to such a voice. It’s a way to step into our divine power and let go of one of the biggest repellants of incredible business success: proving energy.

….proving that you are a good coach
….proving to yourself and others that you do have what it takes to succeed
… proving to your potential clients that they will benefit from working with you

“Approve me!”, “Approve me!”, “Approve me!” - that is the underlying message of proving energy. And until we let go of it all together, there is no way in hell we can reach our full business and personal potential. 

So today, I would like to encourage you to use the, “I am the prize!” mantra, and let your business and clients benefit. Here are few ideas how:

1. Contemplate this mantra for 10 minutes or so.

Quietly repeat in your mind, “I am the prize!” for ten minutes or so. Feel into the truth of it - and feeling associated with it. You will immediately notice an energy shift. And THIS is the energy from which you want to sell, strategise for your business, etc etc!

2. Journal on the following prompts:

  • Why am I so freaking powerful?
  • Why am I the best coach/service provider for my soul-aligned clients?
Why is it an absolute privilege for my ideal clients to work with me?

Come up with as many reasons as you possibly can for each of these questions. This will reinforce the energetic shift of the, “I am the prize!” mantra created in you.

3. Review your sales and marketing processes based on, ‘I am the prize!’ energy

Once you get into, “I am the prize!” energy, it’s a great time to review how you go about selling and marketing your business. How would you do it from THIS, divinely powerful, place? Is there some proving energy that you usually engage in during your selling & marketing? Anything to let go? Anything to welcome instead?

You’d be surprised how fruitful, even small, strategic changes based on this energetic shift can be.

4. Avoid, “I am better than” thinking.

Of course, there is a shadow side to this mantra. And that is thinking that you are better than your clients; better than other coaches etc. This distorted feminine energy can be as limiting as, “I’m not good enough” consciousness.

One of my favourite sayings is, “Nobody above me, nobody below me.”

This saying is acknowledgement that each and every person we are interacting with ARE reflection of our consciousness. (In better words, we are experiencing ourselves through each and every person in our experience)

Therefore nobody is better - or worse - than I am.

They ARE me.

Makes sense?

So relax about, “I am the prize!” turning you into thinking that you are ‘better than’. It’s not about that.

It’s about acknowledging just how powerful you are. And what a privilege it is to have you serving others with your unique gifts.

It really is.


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