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How to deal with the fear of making the ‘wrong’ investment again.

by | Apr 27, 2021

Have you ever invested in the 'wrong' program or the 'wrong' coach before? 

You are not alone, my darling. 

Most of us know what it's like to take a risk on ourselves, invest massively in that coach or program that we believe is going to move us forwards leaps and bounds, and then... nothing.

Disappointment. It was different than what we thought it would be. And we didn't make a penny back! 


So it's only natural to be more cautious with the next opportunity, no matter how alluring it is, "Will I make that same mistake again? Will I lose money again? Will I get burnt again?"

But here's a truth bomb: We cannot afford to think like this.... not if we want to truly unlock the highest level of our purpose, impact and income. 

Because whenever we think, "Will I get hurt again?" ... we really are still playing the victim:

  • The victim to that particular program, coach, service (while of course those programs and coaches are happily continuing without any harm)

  • The victim to money 

  • The victim to our past - and our past decisions

And victimhood consciousness - no matter how justified or how subtle - is certainly not one of the 'business-building success secrets'.


How do we turn those past mistakes into the fuel of our growth, instead of limitation? 

Here are a few tips that might help: 

1. Let go of the idea of "loss". 

When we believe we have "lost money", we did. And yet, on the energetic level, loss doesn't exist. Only transmutation of form does. 

Meaning? It's much healthier to develop the belief that you simply cannot lose or waste money. Instead, you want to know that the more you allow money to flow - in whatever way - the more it will flow. Even if you decided to flush that money down the toilet, it will come back to you ten times over.... as long as your belief system allows it. 

So? Scrutinise your belief system around money - and adjust it for your benefit!

2. Find a reason. 

Let's stop looking at those past decisions as "mistakes". That's not helpful because those experiences we consider "mistakes" form energy blockages in our system, preventing us from accessing our higher thinking within. 

Instead, find the gift in that experience - no matter how challenging it might be to start with. 

The first type of gift is a "reason": Something to do with our past, something we can learn from and get better because of it. 

Here are some questions that will help you to find the reason behind creating that experience: 

  • How did I attract this experience? (Loss of money; an investment that didn't work out etc.?) 

  • What did I believe about myself that caused me to decide that way? 

  • What can I learn from this experience and how can I grow because of it? 

One of the common reasons behind this type of experience is wanting to be saved rather than empowered by that particular coach or program. Also a belief that something is missing in ourselves, something that we hope that program or coach will be able to give us.


3. Find a purpose

Each experience we create also has a positive purpose - something that is needed in the process of our 'becoming'.
Ask yourself: 

  • What possible benefits can this experience give me for my future? (Mind read those benefits!)

  • Who can I now become that I wasn't able to become before this experience?

This can be challenging to recognise at first, but can be hugely empowering.

For instance, when I lost my entire business to a dodgy business mentor, I really couldn't see how this could help me in my future. So I just guessed those reasons, to soothe myself.

Looking back, however, it's very easy to recognise: I developed a huge amount of personal power, resilience and empathy as a result of going through business failure and starting from scratch again.... all qualities that massively contribute to my skill as a coach and my success as an entrepreneur.

Simply put, I would not be who I am today, without that experience. 

I wouldn't be able to run the authentic and powerful business that I run today.

I wouldn't be able to serve as powerfully as I serve today. 

That biggest mistake didn't hinder my success. It created it. 

And the same will be the case with you, my darling. As long as you allow yourself to hold healthy perceptions about your past decisions.. including those that didn't immediately bring you the returns that you wanted at the time. 

They will.

With all my love,


P.S. And then, there are decisions and investments in ourselves that pay themselves off hundreds of times over. The type of investment that empowers you and creates a massive frequency upgrade within you. The type of program that guides you to fully embody Magician Consciousness and let the miracles of this consciousness work through all the veins of your business and life. 

That is the work we do inside of my coaching containers. 
I hope you'll join us! 

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