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When you’re scared clients won’t get results when investing in you

Scared clients won’t get results working with you?

by | Sep 25, 2020

If you’ve ever feared your clients won't get results, congratulations – you have integrity! I’m serious. Think about this - can you imagine someone without integrity worrying about this? Nope. 

However, it's vital to address these fears head on so you don’t undermine your marketing efforts or project them onto your clients!

Here’s how.

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Why it is essential to cultivate 100% belief in your clients

It's crucial that you hold your client in the highest potential and know that the container you've created – whether it’s your one-to-one, mastermind or group programme – can facilitate phenomenal results. 

Certainty Sells 

In terms of your own personal energy, certainty sells. If you absorb the doubtful, fearful energy of failure, you will self-sabotage with your marketing and not be able to sell at your full potential.

It's absolutely essential for you to know that your clients will get phenomenal results when working with you. Otherwise your marketing will lack belief and people won’t buy from you.

Uncertainty is contagious

Imagine saying during a coaching session, "You know what? I'm scared you won’t get results by joining this program or by investing in me."

Imagine you said that aloud! Imagine the effect it would have on the client. 

Would they trust you? 

Do you think they would follow through? 

Would they even be able to get results?
No way!

But here's the thing: You don't need to say it out loud, clients will still pick up on your energy. 

The nature of doubtful energy translates from thinking fearfully and making a fearful evaluation about someone, into a strong energetic suggestion. Unconsciously their mind will pick up on that belief and it will jeopardize the coaching process or program you're delivering.

WARNING - do not take your fears and turn them into the energy of overgiving.

This is not the answer. When we over give, we fall into a saving energy that says, “I want to get results so I'm going to give you everything I possibly can. I'm going to do it for you.”

When you resort to overgiving, you are taking away the tremendous power that every client has inside of them to get results.

Align with clients you know you can serve

Before you even start to promote your service, write down who the perfect-for-you client is. What are their qualities, and what qualities will you not accept?

You want to work with people who give you energy, people who embody the characteristics and qualities that actually can, and therefore will, get the phenomenal result they want.

So write down the essential qualities of the perfect-for-you client, and be honest with yourself, what is important such as:

  • Takes responsibility
  • Can take honest feedback
  • Appreciates personal energetic power
Whatever it might be, bring it into consciousness and make sure you're a freaking good match to those qualities! 

Think about it like this: on the planet today stands 7.5 billion people and growing. Does it sound reasonable to find one person in a million who would align with the work you do and the qualities you look for? 

When it comes to higher level services, of course you want to invite clients who are one-in-a-million into that experience. Be picky so that your fears can disappear, the clients will get phenomenal results, and your business will grow.

Once you know your one-in-a-million, perfect-for-you client, make it super clear in your marketing so the wrong clients can filter themselves out!

Time to embrace EMPOWERMENT MODE 

When you and your client both bring 100 percent, together you’ll have incredible transformations, growth and results. 

Try this exercise in responsibility:

On a piece of paper create two columns, one headed ‘My Responsibility’ and the other one headed ‘Client's Responsibility’.

The first column is your role in getting the transformation the clients need, whether it's holding the clients in the highest regard, using your coaching abilities consistently, always looking at innovating, or pinpointing when the client is thinking small. 

The second column has the same for the client. What does their responsibility consist of? Showing up for calls, following through on actions, committing to try new things etc.

You can include this in your sales and selection process, and in your client agreements. Prepare the client for their responsibilities.
This process takes the pressure off you because ultimately you cannot do the work for your clients. 

By clearly stating what you both agree to do, you make progress more achievable by having solid promises to one another that each of you can refer back to. 

It is your responsibility to hold the client in their highest potential no matter what

It's very powerful to regularly visualise and feel your client at their best, reaching their results and getting what they want.

Whether it's being on a stage, being in a healthy relationship, or being slim, whatever the results they're working towards visualize them.

I cannot overstate the power of this. I truly believe the effectiveness of coaches and service based providers rests on this point alone.

Believing in a client and holding them in the highest regard brings a higher consciousness that they might not be aware of. We energetically hold their potential which often unlocks the ability within them to reach their goals and desires. 

Clients will have ups and downs. It is our work to maintain the conscious visualisation of their success so we can and hold them to their highest potential at all times.

Create an Evidence List 

Picking up on the evidence of the transformations and results was a game-changer for me. 

A  few years ago I launched one of my programs and was scared that my clients weren’t getting results. But that was rubbish! 
I wasn't tuned in and picking up on those results because I hardly ever asked. But they were. All I needed to do was ask and notice the results.

So consciously begin an evidence list. As you start to notice all the little wins as well as the big results, your brain starts picking up on success more and more. The perception and projection principle works to project onto the client, which improves their self belief and the coaching relationship so they are more likely to get the results they want. 

Write it down to bolster your belief so you can market limitlessly, sell powerfully and serve at your highest level – then watch as your clients grow, transform and achieve all they desire. 

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