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The Energetics of thriving relationships & impeccable support

by | Jun 8, 2021

Do you believe we need to choose between thriving personal relationships and extraordinary business and financial success? 

The short (and obvious) answer is – HECK NO!

The long answer is more complex and incorporates different aspects of energetics.

The truth is, not only do you not have to choose between financial success and a thriving relationship but your financial success could even make your relationship healthier and stronger than ever before.

In this post, I will share with you the exact steps that will help you achieve this.

Let’s dive right in!

Our consciousness is always reflected back to us through other people

Some time ago, I visited a large Facebook group for entrepreneurs and saw this post from a lady asking for advice. She said that she was trying to grow her business but all she was getting from her husband was discouragement and lack of support.What should I do?’, she asked in the group.

To my big surprise, over about 90% of the advice she got was along the lines of, ‘If he doesn’t support you, divorce him.’

This response shocked me.

You may know that when I was in the process of restarting my ‘failed’ business, I went through a massive crisis. I doubted myself and wondered if I could ever make it work again. I thought, ‘What's wrong with me? … Maybe I really cannot do this. … Maybe I'm selfish to keep trying, maybe it will never work…’

Soon, my husband Tomas, who had previously always been nothing but incredibly supportive, started saying things such as, ‘You are behaving selfishly.’ ‘Why don’t you behave like a responsible woman and find a proper job?’

Hearing this was extremely hurtful but today I know that this was not the real Tomas, certainly not in his fullness.

He was simply reflecting what was happening within me.

He was reflecting my fears about my worth and my ability to succeed in business.

When I realised this, I knew I had to strengthen my belief in myself and in the vision of my business.

That’s when my energy started to shift. I started to think and believe differently and, as a result, my communication and entire vibe changed, our problems disappeared and over time, we had a much deeper relationship.

That’s the nature of basic energetics. Our consciousness is always reflected back to us through other people.

And people that we love are going to reflect those beliefs and that energy in our consciousness way more heavily, way more potently and in a more focused way.

That said, it's only natural that if you've got any doubts and fears that are unresolved in the context of business, they're going to also reflect in your relationship.

Perception is projection

If you experience any issues in your relationships (this goes for any type of relationship), always look at how you perceive the other person because you might have fallen into a set of beliefs that are not healthy about that person.

It's like putting a sticker on their head: ‘This is who you are’. And sometimes, when we change that unconscious sticker, the entire relationship and the dynamics shift.

I am sure you have heard the story about a class of kids who are underperforming, rough and rebellious. Their teacher was desperate and unconsciously was giving these kids the sticker: ‘Problematic kids’.

Then a new teacher comes along. Same class, same kids but this teacher has got a different perception of those kids (using a different sticker). They see potential in them and the kids unconsciously respond to it.

It is not surprising that at the end of the story the kids start miraculously getting better grades and better achievements in the class.

The same happens in romantic relationships.

At the beginning of a new relationship, we tend to notice and focus on what is great about the other person. However, over a period of time, we continually change our beliefs about that person. Then six months down the line, we think, ‘That person has changed, can I have a refund?’

But really, did that person change or did we change our perception of them?

Did we focus on different things and therefore perceive a different behaviour?

Start within

If you want to improve your relationships, start within and ask yourself:

💕 What is the other person mirroring in me?
💕 What part of me are they latching onto?

Sometimes, the changes are not immediate. But if we keep working on ourselves and attending to our beliefs, we can see changes within weeks or months.

It goes without saying though that sometimes, it is best to deselect and end the relationship. If it's an abusive relationship or anything like that, this is literally not fixable through us. More often than not though, we can create some shift for ourselves.

A great relationship and energetic match happens when the other person supports your energy

Let me share with you a thought expressed through one of my clients.

This lady was a very ambitious woman who grew and constantly worked on herself. But she felt that her partner was not growing in the same way as her. She felt like this gap between them was becoming bigger and bigger and she began to wonder if they needed to separate.

This kind of thing can sometimes be ego based.

To be honest, my husband Tomas is very different to me. I love him deeply and cannot imagine living with anyone else but he doesn't understand energetics and is not into it at all. He is not career ambitious either. At the moment, he is a stay at home dad.

Some time ago, this used to bug me. I felt that as a woman, I should be looking up to my husband and he should pull me up. I felt that I was supposed to be the princess and he was supposed to be my prince.

Today I know that this was a rather egoistic view.

We cannot expect every single person in our lives to be and feel exactly like us. It simply would not work, after all.

The real energetic match is not about the other person being the same and growing in the same way, at the same pace. In fact, sometimes the opposites attract.

What makes a great relationship and energetic match is when the other person holds and supports our energy.

This is absolutely the case with my husband who supports me with all his heart. It doesn't matter how high I go, he's strong enough to know who he is and his value as a stay at home dad.

So even though I don't have a husband who is an investment banker or a super ambitious entrepreneur who brings home millions, I have got someone who deeply loves me and our children and who provides time, space and support so that I, as a divine feminine, can create.

Of course, there are relationships where both partners deal with insecurities or they are both super ambitious but the whole idea here is that you do not have to grow with your partner in the same way in order to have a strong and loving relationship.

As within so without

If you want to have more masculine support and more of that feminine/masculine divine union playing out in your life and business, it comes to the inner game first. We cannot receive support externally if we do not believe we are worth it and it's available to us right now internally. It starts with that absolute belief that I am being supported.

Do you sometimes feel like you have a lot on your shoulders? That you have to do it all by yourself? That no one understands and supports you?

While it is only normal to fall into this ‘by me’ mentality at times, it does not serve us on any level.

So whenever you feel like a victim again, repeat this mantra: I am deeply loved, cuddled and guided every step of my way to limitless growth.

When you lean into it and contemplate on the energy of this mantra, people around you will feel it and respond to it. You’ll receive more support, you will get stronger, your relationship will get stronger and your business will thrive.

When you deeply believe that you have the right support and the right people around you, it will come to you.

It’s about the perfect balance of feminine and masculine 

In business, I believe that what is ideal is a complete union of feminine and masculine. To succeed in business, we want to be powerful feminine creators, work with intuition, bring on programs that are great and aligned with our ideal clients and create marketing strategies that come from the heart.

At the same time, we also want to use masculine energy which is about initiation, selling, making an offer, outreaching and taking that step forward with fire in our bellies.

I hope you find these tips useful. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Here’s to you and the incredibly strong power you carry within and by which you can create anything.

With all my love,

Lenka 💕

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