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How one client booked a high-end client in under 10 minutes using this one essential mindset shift

How one client booked a high-end client in under 10 minutes using this one ESSENTIAL mindset shift

by | Jun 29, 2020

In one of my favourite livestreams recently, I shared one very, very powerful mindset shift you need to make every time you market your beautiful services and have sales conversations. This is going to increase your sales conversions big style whether you sell from stage or screen!

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Here’s the takeaways from the video below. 

One Freaking Powerful Mindset Shift you need to sell effortlessly

Recently during a mastermind session, I coached one of my ladies on this very mindset shift just before she took a discovery call with a potential client.  

Nine minutes later she had an amazing new high-level client signed and ready to go.  All because she was holding the mindset I consider to be essential for sales:

“I am the prize” 

Why does creating this mindset shift increase conversions big style?

Because it's the exact opposite of the ‘proving’ energy that’s very easy to fall into when we are selling and marketing. 

When you have the intention in the back of your mind to prove you’re a great coach or service provider so people will buy, you repel clients.

You might not think exactly in these terms, but clients unconsciously pick up on our personal energy and it creates a sales block.

“I am the prize” is the exact opposite of ‘proving’ energy. It's coming from you fully standing in your power as a woman, a creator, a change maker, and someone who has worked their way up to where you are today. 

Selling isn't about Proving; It's about providing opportunity

Selling isn’t about persuading clients to give you money in exchange for your service. It’s about providing phenomenal opportunities for people to change their life or create transformation!

It's not about somebody giving you money. It's about creating an incredible win-win situation for you and the client.

Of course there will be a money exchange, but that monetary exchange is also an energetic exchange of value.

Step into your full Value

The shadow side of the energy of “I am the prize” is when somebody has a grandiose, “better than” attitude.

You are not better than anybody else. I like to think about it as, “There is nobody above me, but also nobody below me”.

More often than not, women underestimate their tremendous power.

Recently I had a coaching session with a very powerful woman who is several years into her business. It was clear to me she had limitless potential and I was so excited about working with her. Yet it was immediately obvious to me that the prime reason she was not getting the results she wanted was because she was beating herself up. She was focussing on what she hadn't done compared to other people, rather than on the incredible things she’d already achieved.

In our first session she had such a massive breakthrough that all the heaviness she was holding onto from the first few years of business just dissipated. She stepped into her full value and made the mindset shift into “I am the prize”. She was able to hold the energy of what she was selling.

This is what I desire for you, too.

How to step into the energy of 'I am the prize"

We are our biggest enemy sometimes because nobody else knows us as intimately as we do.  We can see our faults, mistakes and negative thoughts. Therefore it's very easy to put ourselves down and not stand in our full value.

To make this mindset shift, moving away from self-criticism and into acknowledging your power, ask yourself daily:

  • Why am I so freaking powerful? 
  • Why is it an absolute privilege for my clients to work with me? 
Think about what you've already achieved, how you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone, and what you’ve done to get where you are today. Think about all the reasons clients are lucky enough to work with you. Open your mind and step out of “not enough” thinking.

When you go on that sales call, live stream or presentation and open up opportunities to work with you remind yourself, “I am the prize. It is a privilege to work with me”.

It’s not about being big-headed, but acknowledging and unleashing that powerful and attractive energy of yours that calls people in.

People buy when you stand in your power, not when you underestimate yourself and put yourself down.

When another of my mastermind clients opened the door to her program at triple the previous price, she sold four high-end places in one day. And she told me, “Lenka, ‘I am the prize’ is my new mantra”.

I would like it to become your mantra too, my dear.

Your entire marketing and selling will change when you practice this energy. “I am the prize and it's a privilege for my clients to step into the opportunity to transform their life”.  
TAKE ACTION: What comes up for your when you ask yourself these two questions? 
  • Why am I so freaking powerful?  
  • Why is it an absolutely privilege for my clients to work with me? 
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