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How to make it all the way to the top.

by | Oct 26, 2021

There is this great story about a frog hopping competition. Apparently, people gathered thousands of frogs and placed them at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower. They were curious about how far up the tower stairs these little creatures could get.

All the frogs started to hop up the stairs and the people were cheering them no end… and as one frog after another got too tired, they consoled them:

“Don’t worry little frog. Nobody really expected you to reach all the way to the top. You’re just a little frog and you’ve done so well!”

All of the frogs eventually gave up.

Except ONE. This frog just kept hopping, and hopping, and hopping. Up and up she went. Until she reached the top.

People could not believe it. The rest of the frogs had given up a long time ago, so what was so special about this one?

Was she a genius frog?

Did she have some hidden talents that the other frogs didn’t have?

What was her secret behind such an achievement?

So? They asked her. I mean, the other frogs were rather communicative, so why not speak to this frog and ask her for all her secrets, right?

Except - every question asked of this frog was met with silence and staring eyes.

They didn’t get anything out of her. But they kept asking,

“How did you make it all the way to the top when your body is simply not designed to do that?”

Then, another frog stepped in and said,

“There is no point asking her. She won’t hear anything. This frog is deaf…”
And there you have a story about what can happen when we stop listening to what we can and cannot do.

You can - and will - truly reach the top… and you will run that incredible business that you’re dreaming about; live the life where you wake up each morning with a deep sense of, “I love my life!”; profoundly impact millions of people in the world with your unique gifts, and make millions along the way.

But - we have it a little more tricky than this (I suspect) imaginary frog.

We cannot just make ourselves deaf and simply not hear what our nay-sayers say… Because even if we did, there is one voice that you can never switch off: The internal one. 


This voice is made of all the scars of our past. The Inner Victim is carrying them for us, watching out for any danger that would threaten our survival again. And she can make a threat - and a victimiser - out of anything external: money (or lack of it), people, time (or lack of it) and, of course, any kind of circumstance.

The Inner Logician is another element of this voice. It’s the aspect of us that protects our current sense of identity and carefully calculates how far you can get safely. It uses linear thinking, maths, your past results and evidence to tell you why you shouldn’t do such and such because it’s too far out of reach, it’s impossible, it’s not for you and so forth.

And then, there is the Wounded Child. The scared child that catastrophises possible outcomes and makes us think, “But what if this or that happens? What if I fail? What if I get eaten by this monster?” Yes, the wounded child can make a monster out of a fly!

Finally, we have the Inner Prostitute. She is what is left after we have fragmented our energy through placing the source of our value on anything or anyone external. “I’ve got to prove myself. I hope people will like me. I’ve got to make sure I create amazing results for my clients, so I will overgive, overgive, overgive…. And underprice too. It’s safer.”

Those inner voices of the Victim, Logician, Child and Prostitute (terribly over-simplified here) are sometimes as loud as a roar. Other times, a bare whisper.

Either way, they always, always influence our moment-to-moment evaluations of the situation, our decision making and the steps we take, or don’t take, towards growing our business.

So these Shadow voices are an essential aspect of your entrepreneurial journey. 


This is why the limitless success in business and life that you are dreaming about can never - and I repeat - never be unlocked through shutting down this voice, or worse, suppressing it.

This is what so many people want to teach you:

“Just stop listening to your fears and push through.”
“Just think positive.”
“Just get your grind on and prove to yourself and others what you can do.”
“Just snap out of it and act as a CEO, as a grown-ass woman!”

In other words, they will tell you:

“By-pass, by-pass, by-pass! Don’t make what’s happening inside of you matter.”

I will never ask you to do that.

Because I know - from personal experience as well as from the experience of working with thousands of women entrepreneurs, that by-passing can only lead to:

  • Tiredness; feast and famine cycle; and eventual burnout
  • Associating yourself with the highest-level result you have got to date - and therefore hating yourself when you don’t achieve the same result next time
  • Long working hours
  • A massive load of responsibility on your shoulders
  • Trying to fit into boxes that others have created before you, running your business by rules set by others… and resenting your business in the end
  • Feeling like no matter what you do, your business cannot move past a certain threshold. 

And so forth.

By-passing is not the answer.

Energetic alchemy is.

And for that, you need:

  • Knowledge and awareness. You need to know exactly how your energy works, and exactly how it translates into moment-to-moment decisions and actions. In your business, and in your life.
  • Space. You’ve got to physically slow down in order to energetically speed up. You need to allow yourself the space to get to know yourself, and alchemise, bit by bit, all the aspects of you that worked in conflict with your business and life vision up until now.
  • Tools for energetic alchemy. The actual processes.. The HOW of alchemising your inner shadow archetypes into the Magician (that already dwells within you)
  • Quantum action. You’ve got to break each and every energetic (and therefore behavioural) pattern of the Victim, Wounded Child, Logician and Prostitute within. And for that you need…
  • Courage. A fuck ton of it. No matter how many affirmations or mantras you will do, in the end it takes courage to change and release the growth of your business at full throttle. Because you will go against the very function of your brain, against what is ‘normal’ for you (and many others). And therefore you also need...
  • A higher-level of consciousness constantly shining on you. An environment where you will be held to your highest potential no matter what; where you will be shown who you really are, and where to look to unlock more possibilities for you. The guidance beyond your limitations, beyond your ‘normal’. 
This, and more, is available to you.

Yes, we will be working on creating extraordinary growth in your business. But not through creating more rules for you, giving you a million and one blueprints that may or may not work.

Instead, you will take a deep exhale under my guidance into the limitless power of your energy… and let it work its miracles in your business.

What happens when you do that? 

  • You will fully embody the inner Magician within you - and put the growth of your business at full throttle.
  • You will invite a lot more grace, ease and flow into your business and life.
  • You will collapse your timeline and turn years into months, months into weeks, and weeks into days, when it comes to fulfilling your grandest goals for your business and life.
  • You will step into the highest level of alignment - and run a beautiful business that feeds your soul and bank account in equal measure.
  • You will step into your power fully - and leave any form of thinking small, or making yourself smaller than you really are, behind.
  • You will experience the sense of aliveness you never knew existed - and play with life a lot more, letting it show you who you really are….
A Limitless Goddess. That’s who you really are. And I invite you to claim yourself here.

With all my love,

Lenka 💕

P.S. There will always be a next time. So sure, you can wait until ‘next time’. But let me tell you, my dear one, that the life and business that so wants to live through you is never built on ‘next time’. Ever. The time is now. <3 

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