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The difference between creating a Quantum Leap and Unlocking your Limitless Millionaire Code.

The difference between a Quantum Leap and unlocking your Limitless Millionaire Code.

by | Jul 30, 2020

Recently I was pondering the difference between creating a Quantum Leap and unlocking your Limitless Millionaire Code.  

So far I’ve heard from two of my brand new Mastermind clients saying that they have already made back all of the investment that they made in the programme, and some, before we have even started.

This is just the beginning...

Hearing such great news always makes my heart jump with joy. Who doesn’t like making £10K in a matter of days or weeks and opening up possibilities for the future, right? 

At the same time, in situations like these, I am keenly aware of one fact: This is just the humble beginning. Yes, the humble beginning in terms of what impact, income and growth we can create over the forthcoming months.

But also – the humble beginning in terms of what we’ve got to change and do, in order to make weeks and days like this a normal, without putting extra hours in. 

Simply put, there is a difference between creating initial, incredible results, after saying “yes” to a powerful high-level coaching program, and continual, sustainable extraordinary growth in business. There is a difference between creating a quantum leap, and unlocking your Limitless Millionaire Code:

What is a quantum leap?

A Quantum Leap is a sudden and significant change, advance or increase.  This can be near-instantaneous. 

First, we set a powerful intention.

Then we demonstrate commitment to this intention by taking some action that is aligned with that intention.

By the very nature of it, this action will be far removed from our comfort zone. Investing in a high-level coaching program that is aligned with your business goals is an example of such action.

As such, we create a massive vibrational shift. We access a new level of consciousness where we find all the clarity, answers, ideas and synchronicities needed to fulfil that intention. And boom – 10K or 50K days (metaphorically speaking) are here.

The process of creating a quantum leap can take days, at most, weeks. It largely depends on how able we are to hold the energy of the intention throughout this process (some challenges may arise during this time).

What is UNLOcking your limitless millionaire code?

Unlocking your Limitless Millionaire Code is about creating quantum leaps again and again (and again and again) BUT - and this is important – without the significant level of discomfort that is associated with creating quantum leaps and without the element of surprise or ‘wow’ feeling. 

It’s about making quantum leaps your absolute normal, a natural state of being. It’s about unlocking the ultimate FLOW in your business and in other areas of your life (because as we know, it’s all connected). And this, my darling, takes a significant change and the time needed to integrate that change.

What DOES UNLOcking your limitless millionaire code REQUIRE?

Unlocking your Limitless Millionaire Code requires: 

  • Activation of the highest level of your potential, your REAL self; getting to know that version of you intimately; and thinking and acting in complete alignment with that version of you, at all times. 
  • Alignment in all areas of your business (such as brand positioning, your offerings, pricing, sales and marketing strategies) with the REAL version of yourself. 
  • Release of any, and all, ways of thinking that prevent you from experiencing that level of flow and living your life (and of course running your business) as the REAL you – with regards to yourself, with regards to your clients, suppliers etc., with regards to your relationships, with regards to how you serve your clients, with regards to money, with regards to selling, and with regards to marketing. 
  • Furthermore, it’s not enough to let go of the old parts of ourselves. We also need to demonstrate this change by making new choices, by doing something differently. 

What can you expect?

One could argue that this work is hard. Well, if it was “easy” to get to the top 1% of change-makers in the world, everyone would have already done it, right?

I never promise ease to my clients throughout the process of coaching but rather, I promise to guide them through the changes necessary to unlock the ease.

Yes, a substantial amount of commitment, and often courage, is required for this type of work. But it’s also a type of work that bears very, very rich fruits – and you will be harvesting them well beyond the initial excitement of joining the Limitless Millionaire Mastermind, well beyond the four months that we will work together.

It’s the type of work that unlocks our ability to create limitless impact on the world; to create limitless income; to experience limitless joy, freedom, and a sense of aliveness.

Are you ready to unlock your limitless millionaire code?

Are you ready to do that work? Then I invite you to join the waiting list for Limitless Entrepreneur. You just cannot know what miracles, quantum growth and other rewards are awaiting you!

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