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Four ways to harness your emotions to create extraordinary growth in your business

Harness Your Emotions for Extraordinary Growth

by | Aug 13, 2020

In this blog post, you will learn about four ways to harness the power of your emotions to create extraordinary growth in your business.  

One of my clients said to me “Lenka, my energy has been a bit down since I had a minor operation on Tuesday.  Then a ‘sure-thing’ client backed out just as they were about to sign up for one of my high-end services yesterday. I think I attracted that with my low energy, right?”

As I was thinking of a better response than, “Don’t be silly, of course not!” some thoughts popped into my mind about….

  • ... when Business Insider offered to write a feature article about my work, and I was pleasantly surprised. 
  • … when my little one decided to have a five-hour-long afternoon nap – and I was worrying, “Is he all right??” (He was.)
  • ... when one of my newest VIP mastermind clients reported she doubled her coaching fees and booked a client at this rate within a single day.
  • … when I read a piece of news that made me incredibly sad.
  • … when my husband bought me fresh flowers – and I felt so loved.
All this happened in just one day.

And I probably left out thousand other instances of beautiful life moments that made me FEEL that day.  The good, the great, the phenomenal, the bad, the ugly…

And so it should be. And with you too.

We can't feel excited all the time

As conscious creators and badass entrepreneurs, it is not our job to feel like excited electrons at all times. If we feel the lower range of emotions, even for a prolonged period of time, it doesn’t mean we'll jeopardise a launch or our business will go bankrupt.

However, it is helpful to know what role emotions do play in the conscious creation process and how to use their power, to harness your emotions, to be more resourceful, productive, achieve our goals (or manifest them, if you like) with greater ease and, as such, create extraordinary growth in your business with grace.

Four ways to Harness the power of your emotions to create extraordinary growth in your business

Here are four ways to harness the power of your emotions:

1.  Emotions are our guidance system. harness your emotions.

Emotions do not happen by themselves. There’s no such thing as, “I just feel that way and I cannot do anything about it.” The feeling of a physical signal is caused by the thoughts we are currently entertaining and identify ourselves with.

In very simple words, thoughts cause emotions.

  • Helpful thought = positive emotion 
  • Unhelpful thought = negative emotion. 
Negative emotions guide us to pause, recognise what thoughts we are focusing on right now, change our perspective to a more useful one in relation to who we are striving to become, and take action where appropriate.

For instance, the emotion of anger often indicates that we are not communicating our truth. Or perhaps, we are communicating it, but we are doing so from the place of anger, holding too tightly onto our own (and “the only”) way of thinking.

The rearing of anger’s ugly head suggests it is time for an open-minded dialogue focusing on a mutual ‘win-win’ instead.

The emotion of fear lets us know that we are in danger – either literally or, much more likely, metaphorically. It’s time to look at the unfortunate scenarios our mind paints for us objectively and refocus on what we want.

Be quick to recognise the thought patterns behind your negative emotions. Be quick to address them. That way, you’ll ‘manifest’ that which you desire much faster.

2.  Via emotion we attract.  Via action we receive.

Happy people have been proven to be 31% more productive, 19% more accurate and sell 37% more.

So it is a mighty good idea to attend how we feel first thing in the morning (journaling, exercising gratitude and connecting with our intentions is a great way to do this) and create some time each day for doing stuff that FEELS good: that is fun, adventurous and stimulates love & connection.

That aside, thinking, “If I feel bad I’ll manifest bad stuff”, is simply not accurate.

Yes, the way we feel plays a major role in manifesting. When we feel ‘good’, aka when we practice helpful thought patterns, we attract more and more similar thoughts. As such, we are much more likely to take action that is associated with achieving our goals.

This is true for negative emotions as well. Negative emotions (indicating negative thought patterns) attract more of the same thoughts.

As such, we are much more likely NOT to take inspired action, or worse, take action from the place of ‘desperation’, ‘need’ and other low vibrations.

But it’s not the feelings themselves via which we manifest. It’s the ACTION via which we receive.

In other words, you might have had the shittiest of days but as long as you stick to your inspired plan, and DO the doing, you don’t need to be scared that the manifestation gods will unleash their wrath on you – you’ll get what you desire in its fullness anyway.

Equally, if you feel amazing and do jack shit because you don’t feel like it and you prefer to do stuff that feels easy rather than what’s important and meaningful, err…. Then don’t blame anyone when you end your week, or month, in the same place as you started it.

Have a plan. Do the do. And attend the way you feel so you can feel inspired to move. It’s much more fun that way.

3.  Unresolved negative emotions will cause problems.

It is healthy to experience a range of human emotions every day. The trouble starts however when we don’t allow ourselves to process our emotions, and in the case of negative ones, learn from them.

Unresolved emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt do not leave the body. They are stored in the body, causing blockages in our neurological system.

This can cause, amongst other things:

a) Emotionally over reacting

Even small, everyday occurrences, such as traffic, or someone saying something in a particular voice, can cause us to overreact in an unhealthy way.

This is because, when your mind processes everyday situations, it accesses the whole neurology associated with that particular emotion (called the ‘gestalt’).

Let’s say, if you’ve been taught as a little girl that it is not ok to get angry and, as a result, have learned how to suppress your anger instead of emotionally processing each angry event, even the smallest of things could send you into a ‘rage’ which you consciously need to control.

I experienced things this way, a long time ago now, and it was not fun. My furniture at home could tell you about it!

B) Perceiving greater danger than there really is

Fear does not protect us. The instinct of fight or flight does that. Fear is a secondary emotion of that instinct.
As we go through life, we are exposed to many situations where there is some form of physical or emotional danger. If not processed fully and in a healthy way, the mind can easily generalise these events and send the body into an altered state even if no real danger exists.
For women entrepreneurs, this often shows up as a debilitating fear of visibility, judgement, selling etc. And all too frequently worry and anxiety.

4. We can shift our emotional default point.

Addressing my unresolved negative emotions, and learning how to process negative emotions on a daily basis in a healthy way, was one of the greatest gifts I received by going through my NLP & Time Line Therapy™ studies – and is one of the main reasons I love to teach these techniques today.
Before coming across NLP, I was, blatantly speaking, an emotional mess.
Through addressing the unresolved emotions from my past, I was able to heal my relationship with my father, my relationship with myself (and as such, stop abusing my body through binge eating and throwing up) and finally open myself up to a lasting, loving relationship with another person (aka my husband ).
But there is something else that happened.
I became infinitely happier. Something I could not imagine before.

Your emotions matter. harness your emotions.

You see, it is illogical to strive to feel happy and excited at all times.
But by attending to our emotional wellbeing and learning how to use the power of emotions?
Your ‘default’ emotional point will move up, big style. In other words, you will NATURALLY feel a deep sense of happiness and well-being, while still having access to a range of other healthy human emotions, including the negative ones.
Words can’t quite explain just how important that is – for you, for the people you love, for your clients and for your business.
Your emotions, and how you deal with them, matter.
With love,
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