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How To Grow Your Income Exponentially With This 5-Step Energetic Strategy

How To Grow Your Income Exponentially With This 5-Step Energetic Strategy

by | Jul 23, 2020

Tune into my latest video where I share the exact energetic strategy that has helped my clients exponentially grow their impact and income - doubling, tripling and even x 10 their incomes! 

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The 5-Step Energetic Strategy To Grow Your Income + IMPACT

Being stuck at a certain level in spite of trying your absolute best to grow your income is not pretty. Doubt and frustration may creep in, leaving us thinking that the huge impact living in our hearts, may never fully be materialised.

I recall feeling like this several times over the course of my entrepreneurial life.

Is that you right now? Perhaps you already have a successful business and want to break through your financial ceiling, grow your income and scale your impact exponentially?  Or perhaps you simply know it’s in you to make a far bigger impact in the world.  Either way, this simple energetic strategy will help you.

Step #1: Activate The Future Version Of You NOW

I activated my seven figure business in one very specific moment.  It was a few months after I gave birth to my third child, little Thomas, who is now four.

My business was going well and making six figures or so, but I also knew I was hardly scratching the surface of my potential. During this period of nesting, (when I just wanted to refurbish everything in our home) I was painting a piece of furniture.   Suddenly, a thought occurred to me, "What the heck am I doing here? Why am I not running a seven figure business yet?”

I knew it was time to make it happen, to play a bigger game and make a seven figure impact. So I threw the brush away and ran to my husband, Thomas and asked him, "How would you feel if your wife becomes a millionaire?"

"Do whatever you want my darling, I'll support you." he said, as he looked at me with amusement in his eyes. 

It was a rather random moment. But it was also the moment when I activated the future version of me and said NOW, not when the time is “right”.  Now is the time (instead of ‘tomorrow’, or just thinking that ‘it will come’). After that moment very quickly I had so many ideas flowing through me. Just a couple of months later, I experienced my first six figure month.

Activating the higher version of your self and your business doesn’t mean everything is easy from then on! No!

Recently one of my gorgeous new Extraordinary Growth Academy clients said, "Lenka I'm so close to quitting because I gave this so much.  It would be easier to do what my friends are doing - have a good job and do work I’m not so connected to, get paid and go on holidays, and just live a normal life. Here I am putting every penny I've got towards building this business, but I don't see results yet. I'm so ready to quit."

My answer to her was, "Well, try. Try and quit, honestly, try and quit. And you'll find it's impossible."

I know I tried to quit. Going back five years ago when I was truly struggling in my business, I was so ready to quit that I applied for jobs! I was even offered an £80K a year job, but at the last minute I turned it down.  Instead I took a VA job for £12 an hour to support me as I was building the business.

Even if you try to quit, the dream that is calling you won’t let you. Knowing you're not able to quit means you might as well give it 100% commitment. Activate it fully and live it NOW.

Borrow my Activation Mantra:
“I am ready to run a seven figure business that influences thousands of lives.”

Whatever the future version of you looks like, declare that you are ready and step into it NOW. Write it down. Contemplate it everyday. Commit to it. And I mean, commit to it fully!

If you want help to activate and expand your energy, make sure you have a copy of my book, Energetic Selling and Marketing, for my very powerful Activation Meditation.

Step #2: Listen To Your Inner Guidance 

Your inner guidance, or higher mind, is the most powerful sales coach and business growth strategist there is - so learn to listen.

When you activate the future version of you, listen for ideas from your higher mind that arrive to serve her creation. 

One of my beautiful VIP mastermind clients activated the vision to reach her goal of doubling her income yet again.

I always tell my mastermind clients, "While we work together, you will bring upon yourself all the experiences you need to be able to grow exponentially. Sometimes it's uncomfortable and shaky, but as long as you take it as a sign of growth and act accordingly, a positive outcome is inevitable."

That's exactly what happened to her. For three weeks she was listening for her inner guidance, but couldn’t hear it because she was in such emotional turmoil.

Then towards the end of the month, she worked through what was going on.  Then out of the blue an idea came to run a single masterclass with a simple and easy offer attached. In that single day of the masterclass she made £25K, helping her to double her best income month to date.

This is the power of listening for ideas from your higher mind.

Step #3: Trust

When you’re listening out for your inner guidance, you must trust what you hear. Trust that it will work out. Because our higher mind has an aerial view and knows what our physical mind doesn't know yet.

Say you want to hit your first £50K month. Logically you decide you’re ready for it and create a plan to get there.  However your higher mind may be laughing, because it can see the bigger picture - what REALLY is going to work and what isn’t.

The messages you receive from your higher mind may go against your gut instinct (protection mechanism), so you must learn to trust these hunches and ideas.

Your higher mind, the part of you that is so wise, so powerful, so connected to all the universal wisdom knows best. Trust those twists and turns and in doing so, trust yourself.

Here are a few journaling prompts to help develop your trust muscle: 
  • To what level do I trust myself to create exponential growth in my business?
  • How much do I trust my clients, my providers, my team members?
  • To what level do I trust my friends, partner, family?
  • What changes are needed? (Commit to change and illustrate this with action)
My trust mantra:
“I am deeply supported, loved and guided every moment of the day for the greatest good of myself and everyone else involved.”

Step #4: Implement Higher Mind Ideas

In my experience, struggling to implement inspired ideas is one of the biggest obstacles between where we are and where we want to go.

Here is the truth:

You already know the next thing you should do, because your intuition is very, very specific. But because of a lack of trust and fear of what will happen, you don't implement those ideas.  So you energetically slow down. 

You cannot pull back from those divine ideas. You just cannot afford it, full stop. 

So again, I want you to humbly check on yourself:

Journal prompts:
  • How good am I actually implementing those inspired ideas? 
  • When I do get inspired ideas, do I just go with it, or do I sleep on it, or do I reevaluate it again and again?
  • Do I need validation for those ideas?
  • What needs to change? (Commit and embed the change with action) 
If you find you struggle to implement, go deeper to uncover why.

And darling, implementing doesn't mean it’s all going to be hard work. It doesn’t mean you have to get overwhelmed by your ideas.

If that’s the case, you’re working with some wounded, feminine and masculine energy and you haven't developed the powerful, feminine energy to its fullest yet. But that’s another topic!

Step #5: Do The Work to grow your income

‘Doing the work’ isn't’ just about taking action and initiating, but expanding your energy by doing powerful energetic work.

That is what helped me to change and grow my business exponentially, and what helps my clients to grow in a matter of months.  Everything we create is from our energy.

We've got to expand our energy in order to be able to enjoy ten times more money and clients and make a much bigger impact.

We all have this internal map of ourselves, and who we consider ourselves to be with all the nuances in between. Expanding your energy and working on your internal limitations is what unlocks the breakthrough to the next level.

So, when we expand that energy and grow our consciousness, metaphorically speaking, we’re making that map far bigger and richer.

You are infinitely powerful. You’re always more than who you think you are. You're always more than what you think you're capable of. My job as a coach and mentor is to help you to know that you are already limitless.

When you know how infinitely powerful you are and when you function from that place every day, things change instantly.
So here is my warm invitation to step inside my Mastermind. Inside this powerful container, we will be expanding your energy exponentially, and you will grow your income and impact with it. 

So if it’s YOUR time to scale your impact, grow your income and sense of freedom, purpose and aliveness, head over here to read more about this incredible opportunity.  Then request an exploratory call with me to find out if we are a match.

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