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From being a ‘go-getter’ to unlocking limitless impact and income

by | May 17, 2021

Meet Aparna Dubey, one of my cherished Extraordinary Growth Academy clients.💕 She is the very definition of a go-getter. Originally born in India, she started a brand new life in Canada, along with a family and several businesses. She is driven and not afraid to put the work in.

Can you relate?

If so, you will love Aparna’s story. She is a perfect example of what can happen when we go beyond the limits of ‘go-getting’ and instead, lean into energy work for our next level of growth and expansion.“The limits of go-getting?? Whaat?” – I hear some of you say…

Yes. Being super driven, committed and putting the work in DOES have its limits.

Aparna experienced them too: Sometimes working many more hours than she would have liked… worrying about every detail of the business… taking too much responsibility on her own shoulders and, as such, not being able to fully receive the help and support that was around her… and there IS help and support available to us all - a ton of it.

Because of these limits, Aparna had real challenges with scaling her businesses. In addition, she had this nudge to start offering coaching but the idea of pivoting scared the hell out of her.

And then she came across my high level container.

She recognised that it was energy work that she was missing. She didn’t know the specifics but she knew the answer to further growth lay in working on herself.

So she went in – even though her logical mind was fighting the idea for a while:
  • “What am I going to learn that I don’t know already?”
  • “What exactly does it mean to “upgrade energetically”?
  • “This much money for a course – do you even realise how much money that is?“ This last one came from her husband… other people in our lives often reflect our own doubts and fears.
And yet, her intuition kept calling her to work with me... so she did.

Six months later?

🔥 Aparna closed a part of her business that she wasn’t aligned with – something that was scary to start with but was totally required for the purpose of alignment.

🔥 She started to offer business coaching, stepping into her soul-calling.

🔥 Her e-commerce business grew dramatically. It is now a self-sustained business which has already made 600K revenue in the last 6 months. This means she is fully supported financially and has the time to focus on paving her path in the coaching world.

🔥 And most importantly, Aparna sees herself today in a completely different light than she did 6 months ago. She is no longer her biggest self-critic, instead, she is her biggest cheerleader. She values herself so much more and every aspect of her businesses and life shows it.

Of course, Aparna will continue this journey of extraordinary growth. Big and exciting things are ahead of her.

And this on top of the huge amount that has shifted already for her in just 6 months!!

That’s the power of deciding to commit to personal mastery.

Is it always easy?

Heck no.

Because energy work is not just about feeling great.

It’s about breaking energetic patterns that hold us back and stagnating in one place.

Aparna changed a lot of these patterns. Sometimes she got triggered when she was coached. But she knew that every trigger is a button inside of us that needs attention.

So she continued receiving coaching, she continued asking, she continued swimming in the energy of the
container, she continued changing.

She continued growing.

I have been extremely honoured to be able to support Aparna over the last 6 months. Her life can never be the same again.

And I could be saying the same for yours – if you decide that it’s time to play the game of life, like you were born to:

  • Make the impact on others that you’ve always dreamed about.
  • Make the income that will fuel even your wildest dreams.
  • Wake up every morning with a deep sense of fulfilment, purpose, feeling alive – the kind of feeling you never even knew existed.
  • Be excited about where you are – and where you are going. Because your continual extraordinary growth is now an inevitability.
This is available to every woman who decides to commit to her energetic mastery and who does the internal work that it takes to unleash limitless impact and income.

Are you one of those women?

Then it’s time to make that firm decision. Let’s start the work and make extraordinary growth begin.

It’s time to step up and step in.

With all my love,


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