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Use your energetic profile to serve at your highest level

Discover your energetic profile to serve at your highest level

by | Sep 3, 2020

Strategise, market, sell and serve with less resistance and greater ease

After I wrote about the two energetic profiles of Lighthouse and Influencer's Influencer in my book, Energetic Selling and Marketing, I’ve been asked multiple times to expand on the concept. So here is a mini class on why discovering your profile can make marketing, selling and serving feel much more natural and easy.

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Understanding the Energetic Continuum 

First of all, what does it mean to be a Lighthouse or Influencer’s Influencer?

  • Lighthouses of the world (like me!) are change makers, service providers and coaches who work best with large groups of people. Think of a physical lighthouse, shining its light and attracting people’s attention.
  • Influencer's influencers are people who work best in intimate groups or one-on-one.  They go really deep with the right people to make a massive difference.
We tend to err on the side of one of these energetic profiles.  Your profile influences your natural way of marketing, growing your business, selling, and serving your clients. 

Don’t think of it as putting yourself in a box, but instead as discovering where you are on the energetic continuum.

The continuum of introversion and extroversion

Imagine a continuum.  On one end there is an extreme introvert who likes to recharge alone and lives a lot in their inner world. On the other end an extreme extrovert who recharges by being around people and parties.

We all have our comfort zone or preference on this continuum.  Our work is to expand our flexibility to be comfortable anywhere along it.

Truth bomb! Just because you’re an introvert it doesn’t mean you can’t present on stage or serve a lot of people. 

I am an introvert and need a lot of time by myself to recharge, but I was able to develop my confidence and flexibility to present on stage in front of hundreds of people.

Here's an example of how I’ve learned to work with my energy.  Every year I organise an extraordinary live event for one-hundred fabulous women at the Waldorf Astoria. 

All the experts told me I should include a special evening for VIP clients so of course I took their advice. 

I spent from morning to late evening with people and by the third day of the event I was not functioning at my best. I had neglected my natural preferences and sacrificed my introvert's need to recharge my batteries alone.

The following year I ignored the experts.  I kept the evening free, took breaks and ate lunch by myself so I could recharge and serve people at my best. 

Are you a Lighthouse or Influencer's Influencer?

Think of the energetic profiles of Lighthouse or Influencer’s Influencer in the same way.  To discover which of the energetic profiles you lean towards, ask yourself: 

'What is my preferred way to serve people: Is it one-to-many, or one-on-one and intimate groups?' 

  • If you find your energy flows best when you serve many people, you may be a Lighthouse.
  • If your zone of genius is to go deep with people in a very intimate setting such as one-on-one or small groups, you may be more of an Influencer's Influencer. 
It’s also possible to be right in the middle and be flexible one way or another. 

Working with your energetic profile is about discovering your own ways to scale, market, sell and serve in a way that feels natural and aligned for you.

The best offerings for your energetic profile

One of the first things I do with my clients is to look at their current capacity to serve and receive. 

We look at their containers, offerings, pricing and how many people they can serve in any given year and then do the math.

For instance, if you have one-on-one offerings at £5,000 each, there's a definite cap on how many people you can serve and how much you can receive.

You want to develop a container (with a marketing and growth strategy behind it) that allows you to scale in a way that's natural, based on your energetic profile.

The one-million offering

For Lighthouses, creating a one-million offering is about serving many people, potentially at a lower price point. 

e.g. a large group program for four-hundred clients per year at £2,500 each or a £1000 programme for one-thousand clients and develop a marketing strategy around that.

For the Influencer's Influencer, this way of scaling may not work because serving many is not your natural preference. To scale your offering, it’s about targeting the right type of clients for your one-on-one and intimate group programs. 

e.g. a seven-figure offering could look like an intimate six month mastermind with twenty clients at £25K each time.

Discovering your perfect offering is about tapping into your own personal highest level of service and aligning your belief system and ideal clients to it.

For Lighthouses, look at VOLUME to scale your capacity to receive. For Influencer's Influencers, look at the DEPTH you’re going with clients and align your price with that.

The best infrastructure for your energetic profile

Lighthouses typically need to have much richer infrastructure and team support than the Influencer's Influencers of the world because they're dealing with volume. You simply can’t answer hundreds of emails or attend to hundreds of clients every day inside of your group programs!

As an Influencer’s Influencer selling a £50K mastermind for example, it’s a simple business model but you have to be super attuned to your inner world. You may not need a large team or many structures and systems around you but could have a dedicated VA to support you in your seven-figure business.

As you scale your business, think about where your zone of genius lies. If you could create anything, what would you create? How would you want to do things according to your preference? Dream it up and then set the intention to make it happen.

The best marketing strategy for your energetic profile

Even if we wanted to, we cannot adopt all the marketing strategies out there. In fact, when you jump from Instagram to Facebook to YouTube to podcasting to PR to funnels, you drive yourself mad!

Marketing isn’t about going wide; it's about mastering a single chosen marketing strategy or medium and only once you create real momentum there, introducing another.

For Lighthouses, you love social media and Facebook groups for the opportunity to serve and lead many people. 

Or you may choose to focus on high-volume funnes fed by freebies where people get a taste of your work and style. Once you optimise your funnel you can scale the volume.  Then it not only self-liquidates but becomes profitable, shooting you to Lighthouse status, influencing massive numbers of people!

For Influencer's Influencers, you may be more interested in nurturing people with a Facebook page where you don't need to lead and manage the energy of the group. 

The Influencer's Influencer marketing strategy is all about elevating your brand. Publishing a brilliant book, creating a high-value podcast or being a guest on other people’s podcasts, public speaking and PR can all help elevate your brand and you as an expert.

The best selling strategy for your energetic profile

For Lighthouses who are concentrating on serving at volume, you’ll want to do very little one-to-one selling.

If you're going to serve many people, you just cannot talk to every person.  You’ll become exhausted by so many sales conversations.  So it's a good idea to develop the confidence and expertise to sell openly as part of your marketing. 

Running LAUNCHES is a perfect sales strategy for Lighthouses.

If you're an Influencer's Influencer, typically launches will exhaust you because it's so much outward energy to many people.

The Influencer’s Influencer selling strategy is OUTREACH where you sell through one-on-one conversations and create really strong relationships.

Serving according to your energetic profile

Lastly, a little tip for how to manage your energy when serving according to your energetic profile.

Lighthouses prefer a one-to-many model and so must learn how to manage their energy in this container. Become a conductor of the energy by setting a powerful intention before each training, group coaching session or livestream.  Intend that YOU are in control of the energy and how the session will go. It will be less tiring for you and more powerful for the people involved.

Influencer's influencers prefer to serve the client either one-on-one or in an intimate group. It's almost like a circle and you're in the middle of it with each person as a powerful co-creator. You'll take input from each but the energy flows through you and back out again.

An Implementation Challenge

Depending on where you are on the continuum between Lighthouse and Influencer’s Influencer, here are some questions to consider:

  • Which way do I want to scale my impact? 
  • How do I want to organise my offerings? What kind of offerings do I want to create?
  • What kind of marketing strategy works for my energetic profile?
  • How do I want to sell?
  • What way do I want to serve?
Instead of mimicking experts outside of us, we want to get creative and decide what feels natural to us. Look inside to discover a way of doing business that feels easy.  Then you can attract clients who are perfect for you and serve them at your highest level.

Here's a handy overview of the two different energetic profiles. 

What do you think, darling?  How does knowing your energetic profile change how you view your business? Tell me in the comments below.

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