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Do beautiful women have an advantage in business?

Do beautiful women have an advantage in business?

by | Sep 2, 2020

What an interesting and controversial topic!  I’ve seen several posts on this lately with many people saying yes, beautiful women DO have an advantage in business.  They say beautiful people are more easily watchable and more attractive to potential clients.

Do I agree?

Actually, YES!

I believe beautiful women have advantage in business BUT there is a huge distinction I want to make:

Beauty 100% comes from within.

I’m sure you’ve seen many women who, even though they may not have a typically beautiful  model body or face structure, are extremely attractive and magnetic!

And I’ve met people who may have a perfectly nice face or body, but because their vibe is off, they don’t seem beautiful at all.

So the real question is: how beautiful do you FEEL?

Ask yourself now:
  • How do I feel about my looks?
  • What way do I feel about my body?
  • How beautiful do I feel?
This is SO important because if you're not feeling attractive to yourself, do you think your ideal clients will be attracted to working with you?

If you feel there’s a gap, you’ve got to work on it to recognise your beauty!

I know what it's like

I’ve experienced this myself.  There was a time after I gave birth to my third son, when I had gained weight and I didn’t feel my body was beautiful.

I had to work on fully loving myself, looking at what I did find beautiful in myself and being thankful for my body.

Doing this internal self-love work enabled me to lose weight and come to a place where I today I genuinely feel beautiful.

Beauty is an internal journey

Darling believe me, you have a pure light inside you that actually has the power to change the physical structure of our body when you’re in touch with it.

So if you're reading this and feeling unattractive, I encourage you to please go on that inner journey to discover your true beauty.

Look within to find your light, then shine it out into the world.

Lenka x

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