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Divine timing

by | Jun 28, 2021

Today, I want to talk to you about how time can help you achieve your biggest dreams.

A lot of entrepreneurs operate, or have done on at least one occasion on their entrepreneurial journey, from ‘by me’ consciousness. We want everything done today. Even better, yesterday.

And yet, fundamentally, that's not how time works.

Sure, miracles shift, and growth can happen and does happen just like that. The universe doesn't need time to create, but the idea of divine timing is the most beneficial transformative thing you can do for yourself.

The minute you lean into patience and don't try to push the outcome, you are sending out this signal of trust. And trust is transformational. 


In our human experience, it's extremely important to us to have something linear, something that our logical minds can attach too.

Consciously, we live through this process. But everything is happening now.

There is no time.

If you look at the energy, there is a point in the centre and a field of possibilities that spirals around it. Your consciousness connects with an idea that you then filter into your Now, forming a foundation for what you're bringing into your field of experience (awareness) and it feels like you're going through time.

But everything is happening Now.

You can feel it is through your goals, ambitions, intentions, and dreams.

You know that feeling when an idea comes to you and whispers, ‘Come this way. This is who you're meant to be.’? Don't think of it as something that may or may not happen, or something that might happen in the future.

It's being called to you because it's in a spiral that is energetically in your proximity and it's happening Now. Vibrationally, it’s ready, it’s there, it's who you are meant to be. Your responsibility as a change-maker is to accept this as a way the Universe wants to express itself through you.

The first time you receive an idea and it's created into your thought pattern - that frequency is in existence and it's your job to match that frequency so that you can live it in reality.

Whatever big you can think of already exists and it has a certain vibration. That bigger version of you has a certain energetic signature. When you feel into it, you will have a very powerful quantum emotion and the more you feel this quantum emotion in the present moment and remind yourself ‘This is who I am now’, the more inclined you will be to make choices and behaviours that match that bigger version of you, therefore, speeding up “time”. The universe within will then go on absolute overdrive to close the gap between this new reality and your old reality.

This way, the spiral tightens and creates an energetic vortex. That means that that which you think of is already there and coming closer and closer until it lands.

There will no doubt be some changes required (both personal and professional) but essentially, it's about relaxing our senses and relaxing our energy into being able to fully experience the version of us that exists Now.

Not in the future. Now. 

You might have heard from the law of attraction that the most important thing is how you feel in the present moment. However, it is not about feeling happy and grateful at all times in order to achieve our goals and dreams.

Of course, I am not saying it is wrong. Gratitude, happiness, and all high-level positive emotions are great but it's about being and feeling who you are Now.

You can go out there today and have a meeting with a potential client as your current version of you, or the higher version of you. Choose the higher version of you. Be that woman Now.

You can make a phone call as your current version of you or as your new version of you. Choose the new version of you.

You can write a newsletter, you can go do that piece of marketing, you can go for a walk or make any other choices based on who you are Now, or who you want to be. Choose to be, and therefore feel the New. That is the tremendous power of Now.

It is also important to mention that while you are moving into the quantum possibility with your quantum emotion, it is likely that you're going to have resistance coming up. It’s normal to tell yourself that there's not enough time or that you are overwhelmed with all of the things that you've got to do.

These sorts of things are normal and we don't want to push them away. We want to say: ‘I'm having an opportunity here to look at myself so that I can change, so that I can shift this belief.‘

This is what we call bridging between the old version of Self and the new version of Self. The bridging it's full of change, full of opportunity, full of gifts. It’s the most transformative time and depending on how we frame it, it can be the most challenging time or the most incredible time.


Remember, there’s always exactly the perfect amount of time for everything that you can think of doing. The job is for you to allow yourself to take the time.

Time is energy. So if you believe there is not enough time, your reality will reflect that and you will always be stuck wondering how many appointments and how many things you need to fit into your calendar.

I know it. I've been there.

To master the time and make it work for you, you've got to become a master of it rather than let it run you. You've got to review your belief system around time and choose to live by knowing that there is always more than enough time.

To demonstrate this belief, you take your time.

A few years back, although I was a successful multiple six-figure coach, I was also a very busy coach. I was always booked with clients and I felt like I was hitting the ceiling. I wanted to be a good example and, of course, to grow my business, but I didn't know how because I was constantly busy with my clients. There was no time for my family or anything else, let alone for creative ideas for growth.

My coach at the time said to me: ‘Well if you feel you have no time, you need to take more time off.’

My initial thought was: ‘What do you mean take time off? My week is packed and you know I was taking weekends off to my credit so taking an additional day off can’t work.’

It felt like a counter-intuitive thing to do to take more time when I felt I didn’t have enough time.

But then I understood that it's a similar principle to the one with money. You cannot give away what you don’t have so if you give away more money, it's the biggest demonstration to the universe that there is plenty and as a result, you will receive more of it.

It’s the same with time. You take your time only when you know that there is plenty.

So I took a half-day off each Friday which was a big stretch for me. However, it didn’t take long before things miraculously adjusted and I could free my mind, make strategic changes in my business, and get out of that rat race.

Remember: When you physically slow down, energetically you speed up.

This is a wonderful example of the duality of divine feminine energy - the being energy, the trusting energy, knowing that everything is available - and the safety and motivation of the divine masculine. So if you lean into time, when you take time, you know when to act and create incredible results in your business and life.


I also have to stress out how important it is to let go of anything that is not 100% aligned with you. Because oftentimes, for divine timing to click, you've got to let go of that which is no longer aligned with you.

I’ve recently heard this story of a wonderful and very successful business owner who was trying to save her business even though it wasn't working anymore. It wasn't 100% aligned with her but she was holding on to it like crazy. She would cry herself to sleep every night desperately trying to save her business with hard work. But despite all her efforts, it just wasn't happening.

She eventually let it go and only then she understood that she was supposed to do so a lot earlier. When she let it go, she got an inspired idea for an incredible business that she is now known for and it's hugely successful.

Remember: you’ve got to let go of the Good to welcome the Great.

As my colleague Sarah Negus says, a tree, growing to its majestic and full height, doesn't ever measure or compete against other trees. A tree doesn't say that each month it has to grow more than it did last month (like us, entrepreneurs, often do). Nature doesn't do that. Trees simply grow in FLOW.

That is how they are able to grow into its full beauty and power . By being in the flow.

And so can we.

That being said, I am going to leave you with a mantra I love to wake up with.

"I'm now open to receiving miracles and creating massive impact. I'm excited about what's happening today, what is happening Now."

With all my love,

Lenka 💕😘

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