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How to create powerful results on your path of extraordinary growth

Create Powerful Results on Your Path To Extraordinary Growth

by | Oct 17, 2019

Want to create powerful results on your path to Extraordinary growth? Then, my darling, this short article will help.

We, humans, are fascinating creatures and tend to be much more motivated to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.

We are perfectly able to pussyfoot between where we are and where we want to be – forever.

Until… something bad happens.

You are made redundant or go bankrupt, etc… Or simply get to the point where you feel so freaking awful about where you are, that you are not able to tolerate one more minute of it.

Consequently, you experience a kind of push or pull that creates a real urgency to change. And… that place is highly uncomfortable. It is also a moment when we have no other choice but to change.

It is a moment when the pain of going through the change is smaller in comparison to the pain of staying the same.

From there, the only way is up and towards the desired, permanent change. Yes, you guessed it, towards the extraordinary growth!

So, gorgeous, let me share 4 actions you can take today to ‘cheat your brain’ and create those powerful results on your path to Extraordinary Growth:

1. No more settling

The impulse to settle for where we are is a powerful, invisible force holding us prisoners to our fears.

We settle when we talk about being committed to growing and changing, but never putting our money where our mouth is, never really changing, but rather postponing the change.

To stop settling, we must come face-to-face with the real cost of not changing. We must make it clear—not only on a cognitive level but also on an emotional level—what is the real cost of remaining where we are today.

This, while an uncomfortable process for many people, creates strong urgency to change: an ‘away from’ effect in our neurology, so to speak.

Therefore, whenever I am asked the question, ‘How long does it really take to grow a super successful business?’ my answer is always, ‘As long as you tolerate not having it.’

2. Set powerful intentions

If you set clear intentions for your business, things change. It’s about setting non-negotiable intentions, the things that absolutely must happen and can not be compromised.

In my business, the moment I set a non-negotiable intention instead of thinking what I wanted was ‘a thing of the future’, everything fell into place. I call this ‘owning your desires’.

No matter what you call it, this is an important step towards making whatever change is necessary to make your extraordinary growth happen.

It’s important that you come to the place where you make the miracles you are looking to create in your business not only highly possible but inevitable.

3. Repetition is the key

Once you identify how you need to change and the cost of not changing, and own your next-level potential, you will be ready to make the required changes.

That bit is, in fact, instant.

But, the most important part of the process is repetition. Keep repeating the process my darling. Because, when we’re under strain or pressure, our brain tends to revert back to the previous strategy, the one that has been rehearsed more.

It is not enough to decide once that you are worthy of success. Even though at that moment you upgrade your consciousness and your physical brain with it. Technically, at that moment you changed, but you still want to reinforce the change.

4. Get support

Daily training of your new you, with repetition, however, carries new challenges. There is no doubt that it will awaken your ego, on more than one occasion. That you will be doubting yourself while reinforcing your new ways of approaching selling, marketing, money and other areas of your business. This is why having strong support is essential.

Just as the sun doesn’t know how hot it is, or a knife doesn’t know how sharp it is, we have no idea how powerful we can be, or how easily we can sabotage ourselves because we are too associated with ourselves.

We are inside of ourselves. Having a coach and a community who can see you from the outside perspective, can catch you when you are falling into your ‘old’ self, will listen to you when you need to be heard—and will challenge you to always, always keep changing and growing—is the most beneficial business relationship you can have.

While it is perfectly possible to create quantum leaps in your business fast, you want to make this growth sustainable.

You don’t want to have one great month or one great quarter, hoping that things will stay that way. You don’t want to be a one-time wonder.

My darling, you want to be a woman for whom extraordinary growth—again and again—is her second nature.

And for that, you will want to have that outside perspective. Just like an Olympic athlete would never dream of going for the gold medal by themselves. You too deserve having a coach and support network behind you as you walk the never-ending—and extremely exciting— the journey of extraordinary growth.

And these are just some of the ways how you too can create powerful results on your path to Extraordinary Growth.

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