A 5-week Intimate Mastermind Experience
with Lenka Lutonska

6th March – 3rd April 2024

My Powerful One,

I see you. I see your desire for next-level expansion. I see your unwavering commitment to fulfilling your greatest purpose on this earth, and be of a huge service to many. I see your thirst for life, and hunger for soul alignment. 

No matter how far you’ve come, you are ready to open yourself up for more than ever before: 

Next-level client and wealth attraction.

Next-level power in your marketing, selling, and business building.

More joy, pleasure, purpose and sense of aliveness than ever before.

And in these 5 weeks, you will do exactly that.

Welcome to the


… where for 5 weeks, I will be your mirror, confidante and guide to infinitely more. And during this time, I will work with both your conscious mind and energy to: 

Discover exactly what energetic codes might be holding you back or slowing you down from creating the next level business success and fulfilment you desire – and powerfully re-code them;

Create an energetic strategy for bringing your life and business to a whole new level;

Get you ready to receive more wealth, clients, joy and pleasure than ever before.

What’s included

Your Coded for More Mastermind Experience will include:

1 x 1-2-1 session with me (cca 45 min) – to powerfully initiate the process of opening you up for more. 

5 x intimate, weekly Mastermind sessions (cca 1.5 hr, starting on 6th March 2024 @ 9am UK time) where we will dive deep into every aspect of your business and create a miraculous dance between energy and strategy for your greatest expansion

Ongoing group messenger support in between sessions (Mon-Fri), so you can be fully held and celebrated along the way.


One payment of £9K 


2 monthly payments of £4.5K

Limitless Entrepreneurs clients are eligible for a special client discount. If that’s you and you are called into this mastermind, please email us at love@lenkalutonska.com for details. 


“I stepped into Lenka’s Mastermind because I had a huge calling to stop playing the small game; to step into Extraordinary. I didn’t know what exactly was there for me, I just knew I had to be there.

The 1-2-1 session with Lenka was a huge breakthrough for me. Since that day, I was able to bring more of the real ME into my business.

As such, in 2 short months I sold over £100K worth of my programmes – my previous normal was £3K – £5K, sometimes £7K per month.

I created space in my life for the woman in me, which is life-changing. I had so many realisations during the Mastermind that I cannot list them all. I am so grateful for Lenka and her work.”

– Laura Nathalie


“The space that Lenka creates for the people in her Mastermind is very powerful. This whole experience has been mind blowing for me.

The Mastermind sessions answered questions for me that I didn’t even know I had, it was a magical co-creation that gave me so many insights. I became aware of patterns that didn’t serve me, my clients and my business, and addressed them. I fully stepped into the most powerful CEO of my business – and life.”

– Paulina Stankiewicz

I quadrupled my fees!

“The conversations in the Mastermind group have helped me to elevate my personal awareness and all the possibility that was already there in my business. Within a month I had my very best business month ever – giving me an immediate return on investment for the full programme!!

It has not only given me the strategy to accelerate quickly around my pricing, my systems and my offers… but more importantly it has helped me tap into my intuition and raise the bar in relation to the size of my dreams, my energy and the certainty to follow them!

It has helped me put together a new coaching programme that I never envisioned at the start…helping me work and co-create with more clients than ever before while quadrupling my fees. I’m so in awe of Lenka’s abilities!!! She is such an inspiration.

Without a doubt this investment will continue to help me scale and grow for so many years to come.”

– Senga Cree