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Are You Attracting the Wrong Type of Clients?

by | Feb 12, 2021

Do you ever feel like you keep attracting 'the wrong' type of clients, no matter what you do? Perhaps clients that take, take, and take, but never want to pay? Or those who simply cannot afford your services? Or those who take forever to make a decision?

Then it's time to get to the bottom of why you may be attracting clients that aren’t aligned - your energy - and solve that problem for once and all, would you agree? 

Now. If you know the nature of my work already then you’ll know that I do not stay on a surface level when faced with a challenge. I get right down to the core of the matter for meaningful and long-lasting change.

As such: if you truly want to attract soul-aligned clients, you need to let go of the idea that you are separate from them.

After all, we experience ourselves through our potential clients and they are simply a reflection of who we are. This is an essential concept to understand if you are going to make the energetic shifts to attract your soul-aligned clients.

Now, here are 5 reasons you might be attracting the wrong type of clients (and the energetic shifts you need to attract the right ones)

Reason #1: You’re settling and playing small

As your business grows, you will evolve with it. As you yourself grow, the psychological profile and energetic profile of your ideal clients will grow too. Maybe you’ve been running small affordable group programs and it’s been fun but you’re ready to serve higher-paying clients now. It can be tempting to stay where you are for fear of letting people down or not being successful.

Energetic Shift: You know when it’s time to up-level. Don’t play small when you are here for limitless expansion. Choose who you want to serve and up your pricing and marketing to reflect your ideal client.

Reason #2: You notice limiting patterns in your clients and blame them for not being how you want them to be

Our clients are an extension of our energy. Maybe you have clients who won’t pay your prices, are indecisive, or unable to commit. See this as your cue to pause and reflect on what this is mirroring in you.

Energetic Shift: Ask yourself where you are practicing the same energy pattern in any area of your life. The patterns our clients show us are our responsibility to own. So if you don’t like what you’re seeing, do something about it.

Reason #3: You’re projecting your perceptions onto your clients

Imagine a parent who thinks, “my child is so lazy”. Whether this parent wants it or not, they will project this limiting belief onto the child, as beliefs form our perception of other people. And perceptions? Become projections!

It is a little bit like putting a sticker on the child’s head and the parent unconsciously communicates to the child as though they are lazy. The child will naturally over time adjust their behaviour to match that perception.

Always check the beliefs you hold about your clients! Because those beliefs always translate into what you project onto them - and they influence their behaviour. This is important in any type of relationship, whether it's with children, romantic relationships or business with our potential and paying clients.

Energetic Shift: If you perceive that clients can’t afford your prices, this is reflected in how you talk about them, and change how they behave. Shift your beliefs about your clients and see how the tangible results materialise.

Reason #4: You’re not asking for what you really want

If you’re feeling frustrated that you’re attracting people who want all your freebies but never pay for your services, then there’s an imbalance. 

  • Are you asking for what you want or just hoping it will magically happen?
  • Do you personally invite soul-aligned clients to talk to you?
  • Are you asking for the sale everyday? 
Energetic Shift: Sell or initiate conversations. Invite people you would love to work with to your offerings and show them you hold the solution they’ve been looking for.

Reason 5: You’re not powerfully communicating the value of your work

You will know if you’re making yourself small in the way you communicate the value of your work. It’s not enough for you to know that you are a talented and dedicated change-maker with gifts that can help your community. You need to make sure your clients know too!

Energetic Shift: If you charge £10K for your offer, make sure the client knows they will get a hundred times back from their investment. That is the value of your work. Make a list of certain benefits clients will get from working with you. Sell this to them.

A final note: It’s not about attracting soul-aligned clients or the wrong type of clients. It’s about energetically activating the potential clients you have around you already.

Even if those clients are not physically connected to you (yet), they're energetically connected to you. Make these energetic shifts and the tangible results will soon follow.

I want to hear from you. 

So, which one of these energetic shifts are you going to make today to attract your soul-aligned clients more powerfully? Comment below, I would love to know. ?

Lenka 💕

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