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How my inner Victim, Wounded Child, Slave and Logician helped me to build a multi-seven figure a year business

by | Jan 26, 2023

Sure, it’s possible to build a multi-seven-figure a-year business by relying on business strategies, business structures and automation. BUT. This way of building a business often leaves women stressed, exhausted and constantly competing with themselves to achieve the next, even better financial goal. 

You might know that I’m a huge advocate of building business ENERGETICALLY. Meaning, from within… and allowing business strategy to be a natural extension of our energy, rather than the way itself. 

(Yes, strategy, automation, systems etc ARE important - but there’s a huge difference between making ‘Do’s’ “the way” (Distorted Feminine) and making those Do’s a natural extension of the strengthened energetic self. 

This is - in my view - is the only way to build a sustainable, ever growing business, that feeds our bank accounts and souls in equal measure. 

So today, I’m sharing with you how the four survival archetypes shaped my business, how I used them to grow myself from within, and my business with it… all the way to millions. 

Slave girl (Previously called Prostitute Archetype)


Slave girl helped me recognise I was unconsciously seeking validation through clients’ results. How well my clients did (as well as how many clients / sales etc I attracted) was a prime source of my value. As such: 

> I was often exhausted, with very little time and space for things and people I loved outside of my work

> At any one time, I was serving as many as 20 1-2-1 clients, plus group programme clients - that was a lot! Especially because, “I would do ANYTHING for my clients to succeed”. So back and forth messenger conversations lasting for hours outside of my standard working hours were a norm. 

> I was stuck at multiple-six figures and simply didn’t see a way forward to grow my business and impact further. (I humbly realise that this is - for many - a nice problem to have) 

I worked with my Slave Girl to recognise exactly how her patterns were playing out in my business (Proving Energy in selling was another one). I was continually tapping into Queen Archetype to notice new possibilities - how could I apply myself differently in my marketing, selling, and especially serving my clients. 

The main work was in breaking those Slave Girl patterns. I continually strengthened my boundaries which meant, for instance, announcing to my clients I would no longer answer every question in my group programmes; creating boundaries around private messenger support with my private clients etc. It WAS uncomfortable! (Breaking limiting patterns always is) 

I created new programmes and structures that would allow me to serve my clients from Queen energy (A high-level mastermind replaced my 1-2-1, for example).

As a result: 

> I’m now able to attract, and powerfully serve, hundreds of incredible women inside of my high-level group programmes and masterminds. 

> I have a LOT more time and space running a multi-seven figure a year business compared to running a multiple-six figure a year business. 

> The transformations and results of my clients have become MORE powerful - because instead of saving them, and solving all their problems, I learned how to give not my maximum, but my best and, as such, massively empower them to create their version of success from within them, not through me. 



My Inner Victim helped me to recognise just how much I took feedback from external circumstances - and let those circumstances control what I could or couldn’t do. 

I recognised that often I would be WAITING for better circumstances (for instance more bookings, more money etc) to do what was right for me and my business. 

Also - I repressed my Inner Victim. I was deeply annoyed when some clients showed up as victims in my programmes. I could not hold their energy - because I could not hold energy for my own victim. Instead, whenever I felt that things were hard, not fair - whenever I felt powerless - I would get angry with myself and tell myself to, “Grow up and snap out of that victim attitude”. 

I learned how to tap into Lover (Divine Masculine Archetype) to give my Inner Victim as much love as she needed and deserved. Through continual connection with my Inner Lover, I learned to trust Him (i.e. trust myself), and started to take greater and greater “risks”. I was taking more and more steps forward that would previously ‘be impossible.’ 

Through this, I must say, gradual process, I also learned to hold my client’s victim energy a lot more powerfully, with a lot more compassion and love and, as such, I learned to help them alchemise that energy into the fuel for their dreams. 

Wounded Child


My Wounded Child helped me to recognise that: 

> I often expected my team members (and my husband etc) to mindread and attend to my needs …. instead of powerfully communicating them. This left me feeling deeply unsupported at times. 

> I was being possessive over my creations. I felt strong negative emotion when someone was ‘copying me’, or passed off my teachings as their own, especially if they were very successful with it. “It’s my toy!” was an underlying, child-like feeling.

> I used to be excellent at catastrophising outcomes. For instance, if day 1 of a sales campaign was not going as well as I would hope, in my mind, “The whole launch is doomed; this could be end of my business; I won’t have enough money” - etc etc. 

My Inner Child also helped me recognise when I fell into the ‘normality’ of running a successful business too much - not having enough fun and play. This caused less creativity, less ideas etc. 

With greater and greater awareness, I learned to soothe my Wounded Child. I learned how to help her to let go of the cloaks of responsibility that were not hers to wear. 

Over time, I was breaking the limiting patterns that I recognised, often with a help of my Inner Heroine.

And I allowed my Inner Child to play more and more. In my business, and outside of my business. Because I knew that releasing the magic of Inner Child is the basis of Magician Consciousness - and the pathway to infinitely more joy and creativity. 

As a result: 

> There is infinitely more pleasure and play in my business and life than just a few short years back. 

> My creativity is at a whole new level - and my business and impact with it. 

> My communication skills and decision making abilities also vastly improved. 

Logician (Saboteur)


My Logician helps me to recognise whenever I fall into consciousness of separatedness and finity. 

For instance: 

> Seeking evidence that my ideas will work 

> Setting intentions based on past achievements and growth (and as such keeping myself smaller) 

> Forming my next steps and business strategies via reactive consciousness (“let me see what others are doing”), rather than creative (Magician) consciousness. 

> Seeing other people (especially those who wronged me, hurt me etc) as enemies, rather than reflections of my consciousness 

Nowadays, whenever I identify a problem in my business (whatever it might be, say, a particular marketing funnel not working well; or the occasional overwhelm etc) I ask myself: 

> What rules did I adopt in my mind that created this problem? (I.e. “To run a successful sales campaign you have to write numerous emails” ) 

> How is this reflecting me? Where do I practice this energy? (Going from separatedness to AS ME consciousness) 

And I continually tap into Magician consciousness: 

“If anything IS possible, what would I like to create? How would I LOVE to have this?” 

The Logician archetype helps me to become aware whenever I limit myself, and supports me to grow into the most powerful, limitlessly creative and resourceful version of myself. 

Such joy!! 😊

Working with the Archetypes of Lower and Higher mind for the purpose of exponential growth requires deep awareness. Precision. Courage. Powerful energy holding.

And this is exactly what I offer inside my group programmes and masterminds.

We dive deep into your energy to open up space for more love, more connection and more wealth in all areas of your life.

Your soul already knows whether you should reach out.

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And I’ll be ready for you when you do. ❤️

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