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Activate Your Divine Masculine - and your greatest potential with it!

Activate Your Divine Masculine and your potential!

by | Jun 17, 2020

A few months ago I taught a mini-class on the juicy topic of how to Activate Your Divine Masculine - and it kind of blew up! 
I've been working on balancing my feminine and masculine energies for the last year.  It's helped me grow my business, impact, profit, freedom and sense of purpose at a pace that feels really, really good. And that's what we want, right? 
So today, I invite you to take a look at my 5 ways to activate your divine masculine and your greatest potential with it!
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Here’s the takeaways from the Activate Your Divine Masculine video below. 

How To AcTIVATE YOUR Divine Masculine For Business Growth

You've probably heard me talking about the four different levels of consciousness of growing your business: To Me, By Me, Through Me and As Me Consciousness. 
As we move through these four levels of consciousness, inevitably we come to the point where we are done with elbowing our way to the next goal.  We're done with aggressive competition and pushing, pushing, pushing and we are ready to invite a more feminine way of growing our businesses and making an impact. 
We want to attract clients rather than chase them.  However there is a danger that as we move from a ‘By Me Consciousness’, (often based on wounded masculine) to a ‘Through Me Consciousness’ (a state of Flow) that we reject the masculine altogether. 

The shadow side

The empowered feminine is the creative, intuitive, nurturing side of us. She chooses and creates space for the outcome in her mind and heart.  He delivers. Just like the masculine, the Feminine within has a shadow side. One example is the mother archetype that is overprotective of her children - which can show up in a million different ways in our businesses and lives. 
The empowered masculine is the part of us that provides the time, space and everything that's needed for our biggest goals to come to fruition. It is the fire in our belly that causes us to take action. But it has a shadow side too. This could look like the old ways of doing business where we are pushing, over-aggressive and over-competitive, or avoidant and withdrawing.
It's important we don’t reject the masculine but rather heal the parts of us that need love and invite the empowered masculine to play. 
I know you're here because you're ready for your impact to grow full throttle. And that can only happen when we use both the empowered feminine and empowered masculine energies inside us.

5 ways to activate your divine masculine and your greatest potential with it:

1.  Activate the greatest vision of your life 

The divine masculine is the great provider.
When we honour, accept and lean into the craziest, grandest, biggest vision knocking on our minds and hearts, it gives us fire in the belly to go out and make it happen.
When I work with entrepreneurs to unlock their divine millionaire code, the first thing we tap into is this: What is my greatest, biggest, grandest vision? 
But oftentimes in the everyday of running our businesses we get lost in the next goal.
You’re not here to sell out programs. You're here to make an incredible impact on the world and your life.
There's a grand potential knocking on the door of your consciousness.  An idea so huge that wants to be born, that wants to live through you now but that you've been ignoring as you move from A to B.
Journaling prompt: What is the vision knocking on the door of my consciousness that I haven't fully accepted and activated yet?

2.  Lean into trust 

When you lean into trust, magic happens.
The divine masculine is the part of ourselves that lovingly provides time, space, money, and everything else we need. 
The provider within us brings forth our grand vision from the place of limitless possibilities into the here and now.
Do you trust your internal provider? 
A good place to start digging into this question is to look at your relationship with men.  This reflects your relationship with money and manifesting.  
Trust is self-initiated. 
Practice trusting that eternal limitless provider within you. 
Practice leaning into the trust that you are deeply provided for. 
Exercise it like a muscle until you feel it fully.
Only then can you materialise your greatest vision. 
My trust mantra:
“I am deeply loved, supported and guided every second of the day, every step of the way.  I accept, I trust.”
When you trust and step forward, you activate your divine masculine and release your greatest potential. You begin the process of cutting years into months in a way you cannot predict.

3.  Practice radical self love and self acceptance

To activate your greatest potential, lose the judgement of your vulnerabilities. 
When you judge yourself in any shape or form, it filters into your behaviors and thinking in relation to your business. 
Visibility is a good example. I get so many messages from people telling me, “Lenka, I'm scared of visibility. I'm scared to go out there fully, of being judged or of coming out of the spiritual closet.”
This fear comes from our self-judgements; we haven't accepted ourselves fully yet. 
When the powerful divine feminine and divine masculine energies play within us and create a wonderful union, we come to accept our vulnerabilities. 
If you want to activate your divine masculine energy, practice radical self love and self acceptance.
Journaling prompt: When I think about growing my business and impact, making money, attracting clients, what specifically makes me feel vulnerable? How can I accept myself fully?

4.  As well as receiving, take!

The masculine within doesn’t receive so much as take what’s needed, e.g. time, money, space. 
This is not about waiting to have more time, but taking your time back. 
It's not about needing more money, but claiming more money.
It's not about wanting more space, but claiming your space.
A few years ago when I was a fully booked coach working with twenty clients at a time, I felt like I had no space for anything else. I wasn't living my life fully because I had to attend to all my clients and still market the business. 
I was living in my wounded masculine energy.
A coach I worked with at the time told me, “Lenka, if you don't have time, you need to take more time. Create an extra day off in your diary.”
I didn’t understand - I literally had no time! I literally had a diary full of clients! But I followed the advice, and what I previously managed to do in five days, I managed to do in four (it took a single decision!). And over time, I truly took my time back by making some changes within my business,such as pricing and structure of my offerings. 
Today I call this increasing the capacity to make an impact and receive. 
But first I had to allow myself to take the time and space to transition into making more impact, money and freedom. I chose to take extra time for myself.
Journaling prompt: Where can I take more? Where can I claim more?

5.  Initiate powerful action

When we activate our greatest vision...
And we lean into trust...
When we accept ourselves fully...
And take what we need...
Knowing we are guided every step of the way, no matter how freaking scary it can get sometimes...
It gives us the fire in the belly to initiate action. 
The divine masculine within us wants to move forward.
Sometimes we think, ‘Oh, I'm doing things in my feminine way so I just want to attract and receive the clients. I don't need to take action. I don't need to be prospecting. I don't need to be marketing.” 
No, my darling.
When the feminine and masculine are in perfect union you make yourself visible and flirt via your marketing to attract clients, then initiate the sale. If you're not used to things such as prospecting, selling and initiating this could be uncomfortable, and that’s ok.
I first started getting fully booked with clients because I took initiative. I simply sent loving and personal messages to women I felt would benefit from working with me and had expressed some buying signals. It was deeply uncomfortable for me at the time because I wasn't used to it. But within a week I got myself fully booked for the first time and it was magnificent!
Take that inspired action my darling and you won’t regret it!
Journaling prompt: How can I initiate more in my business?

Let me know just one thing you are going to change or explore in your business based on what I’ve shared - I love to hear from you!

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