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Why I send my potential clients off to “think about it”.

by | Apr 16, 2024

Because the doors to ♾️ Figure Frequency Mastermind & Retreat are currently open, I have been getting to speak to some incredibly powerful, women change-makers about the programme/s and, with that, about their vision, calling and the potential dwelling inside of them. Simply put, I LOVE sales calls!!

Now, some of the calls end up with an absolute “Yes” on both of our parts. And, with an immediate purchase, we get to work.

I have also had a couple of conversations where I haven’t made an offer for them to join because I didn’t feel that we were a 1million% fit at that moment. (This honesty is always highly appreciated by potential clients, but you already know that, right?)

And then, there are some conversations that are a strong “Yes” on both of our parts, except… fears. Technically, this is the part of the sales conversation where you are supposed to overcome your client’s objections and help them through those fears.

Over the years, I have become pretty good at that. Once you understand that sales objections simply mean, “Help me out here! There is some (often unspoken) fear that is holding me back!”, then it becomes easy to help the client move forward.

Except, over the last 12 months or so, I have somewhat changed my approach to this crucial moment within the sales conversation.

I ditched all the, “When you sign up today, you will also get XYZ” initiatives.

I ditched explaining about how their ego works and why it’s crucial to make a decision, whether it’s a “Yes” or a “No” now.

If a client, who otherwise feels like it’s a perfect match, tells me that they want to do it but they also want to go away and have a think about it?

I now say to them, “Sure, great. Go and think about it. How long do you need to make a decision?” (Typically they say one to several days).

I let them go. And I do not follow up.

Simply put, I practise complete detachment from the outcome. (I wrote about this unusual selling technique in Chapter 8 of my Energetic Selling & Marketing Book.)

Some people might think that this would detract from my sales revenues but I have found the exact opposite to be true. Plus, as you can imagine, I end up working with incredible, self-empowered clients, who are then able to create incredibly powerful changes and growth in their business.

So today, I wanted to share with you just a few reasons why I so believe in this unusual selling approach – and how to make it work in your business.


In the initial stages of my business, I often went on sales calls hoping that the call would go well and result in a “Yes”. After all, I had bills to pay and I really, really, really wanted to serve!

The trouble is, no script or clever sales technique can compensate for our energy – and when we are hoping and praying for sales conversations to go well, we are practising lack and ‘proving energy’. And the client (unconsciously) picks up on it.

No wonder I often ended up disappointed!

Proving energy repels clients. Standing strong in the value of our offerings attracts. And it’s only when we are able to completely detach from the outcome that the client can sense the value fully.

So rather than aiming for a “Yes”, during your sales conversations, aim at holding space for the client and guiding a powerful conversation that will help them to make an informed decision for their future – whether it’s a “Yes”, or a “No”.

That way, they will feel the conversation is about them, rather than about us… enhancing the sense of trust.

And guess what – trust converts to sales!


There are two ways to serve clients – empowering and saving.

We fall into saving mentality whenever we want to do something for the client, instead of showing them the way, and letting them do it.

Saving is incredibly unhealthy – both for us coaches and service providers, and for the client.

On our part, it can lead to over-giving, personal boundaries being trampled on, tiredness and resentment.

Saving breeds codependency and the client might develop the thinking, “I paid her so much money, she needs to deliver!” … often leading to a quiet resentment towards the coach / service-provider.

Most importantly, it robs the client of the opportunity to tap into the limitless power within – and create extraordinary changes in their businesses and lives.

As such, it is a great idea to start with empowering, rather than saving, right at the beginning of the coaching relationship – with a sales conversation.

I know that those clients who feel the fear in making the final decision, with regards to stepping forward, may create temporary mayhem in their minds.

And sure – a bonus, a discount or tapping hard into the pain of what could happen if they do not say “Yes”, may help them to overcome that fear.

But you know what? I would rather they work through it themselves, without my ‘push’.

Because this is not the last time I will need them to overcome their sense of discomfort whilst scaling their impact big style.

And while I would, of course, give them powerful coaching guidance to help them move forwards, I know I simply cannot do it for them.

My clients are powerful human beings and complete detachment helps them use that power… something that comes in quite handy when creating extraordinary changes in their businesses and lives!

(A side note: I have nothing against bonuses and discounts, as long as they come from the right place!)


My incredible Mastermind clients are often able to create the type of reality they once considered impossible – growing their sales revenues, sense of freedom and purpose exponentially.

But turning impossible into reality can’t happen without complete detachment:

Detachment from “How”- the Process.

Detachment from “What” - the Outcome.

Detachment from “When” – the Timing.

It takes personal mastery to be able to detach fully. And personal mastery requires work.

But the fruits of that work are priceless.

For me personally, it was practising detachment that helped me to create my first 100K month as a coach a few years back, and grow my impact to 7 figures. It’s what helped me to move my family into a dream home and surround myself with the BEST clients, coaches, team members and friends in the world (Ok, I am bias, but you get the point, right?)

So, why not start with this incredibly powerful force right from the get-go, when we get to talk to our potential clients.



With all my love,

Lenka ❤️

P.S. Detachment is just one of the things you will MASTER, when you step inside the ♾️ Figure Frequency Mastermind & Retreat. So if it’s YOUR time to scale your impact, income and sense of freedom, purpose and aliveness, request an exploratory call with me to find out if we are a match. ❤️