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Three important differences between 5-figure and 6-figure a month coaches

Three differences between a 5 and a 6-Figure a month coach

by | Jul 8, 2020

Want to know what bonkers rainbow eyeshadow has to do with 6-figure months? Tune into my latest video, where I share the difference between how I acted in earlier stages of my business and how I act now as a 6-figure a month coach.

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And if you prefer reading, here are the takeaways from the video below. 

1.  A 6-Figure A Month Coach Knows Ego vs Heart Feedback

In the first couple of years of online business, I hesitated to press publish on posts, newsletters and blogs for fear of losing credibility or looking needy.

Nowadays it's much easier, because I learned to take attention from how I come across, to focussing instead on the people I serve. 

Drop from your head to your heart and focus on your clients to release your light and the power of your work. That’s how you market best, sell best, and serve best.

Does this mean I don’t care about feedback? No, darling!

Feedback from our freaking amazing clients is important. But 6-figure coaches know to only listen to feedback that goes straight to the heart. 

Let me tell you a story about this. These days I don’t follow anyone and listen to my own instincts, but in the early days of business, I looked too much to others. 

I remember I was going to sell a bundle of my courses for £497, but saw one of my idols was selling hers for $97. I thought maybe I was too expensive and dropped my price to match hers. We got decent sales and buyers loved it, but one prospective client said, "Lenka, I cannot work with you because I see how you cheapened yourself and that made me reconsider." 


That feedback hurt, because she was right. It showed me where I was going wrong, so I listened to it. 

Listen to feedback that rings true, where there is something to learn, or something to overcome as an internal limitation.

It’s so important to not give in to your fears about how you come across, even when you've got naysayers and negative comments. That’s why I’ll go live wearing bonkers rainbow makeup by my four-year-old.  It’s okay to stretch yourself and come across as crazy to some people.  Your unique energy blueprint and work is what really matters.

2.  A 6-Figure A Month Coach makes impact (and money) by BEING more than by DOING 

Even when I got to five-figure months in my business, I worked from a ‘By Me consciousness.’  I placed way more importance on DOING than on BEING. I thought, "I have to be consistent. I must show up. I need to. That’s how I attract my clients”.

It's the same with my clients.  I find many of them are determined to take charge of their future -  which is great! ...

But they also feel like everything is on their shoulders and they’ve got to push, push, push, and do, do, do to make it work. Sometimes, when I take on a new VIP mastermind client, I find they don’t even take days off!

I had to go on the same journey and consciously make myself do less and less.

This may be controversial, but Making 6-figures a month I'm far less consistent in my marketing, social media, live streams and newsletters than I used to be.

Even when I’m launching, I balance my outward energy of doing and serving, with being.   I work maybe four or five hours a day.

Because, the thing is: When you physically slow down, energetically you speed up. 

A good way to do this is to connect to the energy of what you want to create, e.g. a thriving business serving thousands of people.

What does it feel like to achieve your dream: Freedom? Ease? Purpose?

Choose that energy every day by asking:

  • What else gives you freedom? 
  • What else brings you ease? 
  • What else gives you a sense of purpose?
Go for walks, play with your dogs, do a little gardening - whatever it is that helps you connect to your desired energy now.

If you find you're working a little too much, practice doing a little less and being a little more. I promise you that your clients won’t forget you if you don't send a newsletter or go live for a week or two.

Instead, your mind will open itself up to new possibilities, you would otherwise not be able to unlock. 

3.  A 6-Figure A Month Coach Builds Their trust muscles

These days, I don't tend to validate what I'm thinking or wonder if I’m making the right decisions. I’m able to take far bigger risks because I've been building my trust muscle. As it grows, so does my impact and business.

Self-trust means I don't wait until I feel a hundred percent aligned with my decision. 

I used to think something was completely aligned when I felt nothing but joy and excitement about it and no fear. But I changed the definition of alignment.  Inspired ideas that grow you or your business are going to be out of your comfort zone.   Undoubtedly there will be an element of fear and ego fighting. 

I now know that the right action feels expansive and aligned with what I choose to create. 

My ego may fight it.  I may have butterflies in my tummy and I may try and talk myself out of it.  But I trust that when I do take that action, it's going to work.

Build the trust muscle with smaller steps, then bigger ones, then leaps and then giant leaps. 
Which of these differences is resonating with you right now?  Do you need to listen to the feedback that speaks to your heart?  Can you take more time off, or build your trust muscle with a small action today? 

Let me know in the comments!
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