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by | Jun 5, 2021

It’s no secret that I love gardening - courtesy of lockdown v.01! 

And here’s the thing - the more I spend time in my garden, the more I find parallels between gardening and growing a business with ease. That’s how bonkers I am! 😂

But on a more serious note - isn’t it true that in order to unlock the ultimate flow in all areas of our lives, we need to step into our divine nature? 

And who better to teach us about our nature, than nature itself!

So with that in mind, here are 3 things nature wants to tell you about how to bring more ease into growing your business: 
gardening tips, energetics

1. The “Over Devouring Mom” syndrome cripples growth  

One of the first things I learned when I started to look after my plants was that over watering - and over nurturing in general - is the surest way to kill those plants.

Yes it’s true. Most plants die due to too much care.

And so do many business dreams.

You see, it doesn’t help our clients (or ourselves) when we are seeking, or providing, too much hand holding and care.

For instance, how many times have you thought, “I will do whatever it takes to help my client!”... and as such, you went waaaaaay out of your way to help them out (over-delivered, over-supported, over-nurtured)?

If you can relate, I invite you to STOP and reconsider.

When we do “whatever we can” so that our clients can get results, we become an “Over Devouring Mom” instead of a World Class Coach. We unconsciously want to save our clients, instead of empowering them.

Just like plants only need a decent environment to thrive - access to water, sun, soil and air - so do your clients.

Don’t try to grow FOR them.

Instead, provide an environment where they can do their own growing.

That’s how you activate the leader inside your client, instead of creating codependency with them.

Oh, and of course, it’s worthwhile to reflect on whether we are the ones who are seeking a saviour:

> Do I expect every single step to be given to me by others? (Programs, coaches etc)
> Do I desire hand holding?
> Do I want others to give me all the answers? And wait for those answers before taking action?
> Am I waiting for something so that when it happens, I can finally proceed with my plans?

The above are just a few examples of practicing the ‘Save Me!’ pattern. When we think like that, we are just like that powerless Princess stuck in an ivory tower, waiting for her Prince Charming to save her.

Enough of that!

Instead, put a Magician hat on and take that freaking risk. Trust the power you have within you (you have!!) and proceed. That’s how you do your own growing. That’s how you will thrive. 💕

2. You are made to thrive

This year, the weather has been very disappointing so far, to say it mildly.

I cannot tell you what the plants in my garden have already had to go through: the never ending frosts, a super dry April, the wettest May in the history of humankind (I think!), hail storms, strong winds and gales.

This of course stunted their growth and there are hardly any blooms in my garden right now. Some plants even partially ‘died’.

But here’s the thing: Plants are not only made to survive naturally; they are made to thrive.

And those “horrible” weather conditions? 
gardening tips, energetics
The wind makes their stems a lot stronger, so they can grow to their full size with ease. 

The fluctuating temperatures get them ready for the strong bursts of sun that call out the blooms. 

They don’t have a nervous central system, so they do not feel the pain when the frost bites their leaves. 

Instead, they work with the weather and eventually thrive… because those conditions prepared them to do so. 

For us humans, it’s a bit different. 

We are taught to give meaning to our experiences. 

When it rains, we automatically assume, “It’s a bad weather day, no point going out”, instead of putting a rain jacket on and feeling the refreshing rain on our faces. 

When we are experiencing challenges in our businesses and lives, we often assume we are getting further away from reaching our goals instead of appreciating how this “challenge” is preparing us to thrive. 

Luckily, we can consciously step away from what is “normal”, through social conditioning, to us people. 

Instead of automatically giving a negative meaning to our not-so-perfect conditions and experiences, we can CHOOSE the meaning. We can find the gift in even the most adverse of situations. 

Because those adversities are just life giving us an opportunity to grow into our fullness. 

And the more we are able to find those gifts, the more easily we will reach our potential - and so will our businesses. 

So let’s look for those gifts, shall we? 

3. Detachment pays off 

Nature never hurries. The tree doesn’t ever think, “I should be taller by now.” or “The tree next to me is taller than me, that makes me less worthy!”.

So why do we?

Because we get into our beautiful heads that unless we see blooms (aka tangible results: more clients, more money, more whatever), the growth we’ve been experiencing doesn’t count.

It does count. And it counts a lot.

It’s that period, in between setting your intention for a much bigger business and actually running that much bigger business, where all that growth happens.

So, here is my loving reminder to approach your extraordinary growth a little more like plants in nature; and little less like the old you:

> Next time you start a project or set a goal, focus on the wider intention rather than specific results. For instance, instead of, “I will book 50 clients during my next programme launch”, set an intention to “book as many perfect-for-me clients as is for the highest good for me and everyone else involved.”

This may sound contradictory to what you’ve been used to but focusing on the higher intention instead of a specific tangible outcome frees up your energy, creativity and thinking a lot - and you are actually more likely to create phenomenal success. This is exactly how I created my first 100K month and I have adopted this uncommon approach many times since.

> Instead of a tangible outcome, focus on the process of creating that outcome -  NOW.

Plants in nature do not set a goal to grow 2cm every week or grow a record length this month. Instead, they do their growing NOW - and all the time. From moment to moment, they take the amount of nutrients, water etc. from the soil… they simply grow. Now, now, now.

In a similar way, it is very healthy to focus on the process of creating the outcome, and on the current moment.

Back to the example of launching one of your programmes - this would mean focusing on inspiring others to join… writing more heartfelt… letting the creativity flow… implementing inspired ideas…. pausing when the ego-mind has a tantrum because you dare to grow, and resolving the ego-mind talk…. allowing yourself space for the activities (or non-activities) that help you to embody the energy of success…selling with more certainty and love… you name it.

Process. Today. Now. That is what allows you to grow. That is what allows you to BECOME the next version of yourself.

And the thing is, once you focus a little more on process and a little less on the outcome, you soon realise that you think, feel and act in a completely different way to what you used to just a few short weeks and months before… and your tangible results WILL reflect that. 


Lenka 💕

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