A 7 Step Energetic Process for Massively Upgrading your Financial Reality this month

Extraordinary Expansion workshop with Lenka Lutonska 

Limited time special offer:

Standard Investment $247
Today’s investment $47

Hey gorgeous,

It’s good to have you in my world. If you don’t know me that well, I’m Lenka Lutonska, author of Energetic Selling & Marketing and 7-figure coach for soul-driven entrepreneurs like you.

I’ve created a life and business that, just a few short years ago, I was only dreaming about – and I created it out of ‘nothing’, well, out of the £7.30 I had to my name.

I now have a life I adore and a business that keeps growing and having an impact on more and more powerful women like you, helping them to ‘come home’ – to their limitless AF, abundant AF, impactful AF, free AF Self.

But really, this only happened because I’ve been following a 7-step energetic process for shattering all the money limits in my mind and energy … over and over again.

And I think it’s about a time I shared the process with you, so you can:

Create a financial quantum leap – and make receiving much larger amounts of money for your work your new normal.

Expand your capacity to serve – and attract a MUCH larger amount of paying clients than you are used to.

Dissolve all limitations in your mind when it comes to what you can and cannot do, can and cannot have, can and cannot be…


Enough talking Lenka, I’m so ready to shatter all my limits and upgrade my financial reality!

Limited time special offer:

Standard Investment $247
Today’s investment $47

My darling, here’s the thing:

Your success in your life and business is governed by rules – beliefs you unconsciously copy from others, assumptions you make along the way, the decisions you make. 

These rules create limits to what you can and cannot do, be and have, such as:

Your comfort zone when it comes to the minimum and maximum amount of sales revenues in your business each month;

The amount of clients you attract to your free and paid offerings;  

The level of freedom, luxury and fun you are able to have.

Any month is a good month to shatter those limits and create new rules for your new ‘normal’.
Any month is a good month to create quantum leaps in your business and life.


Because all we have is NOW.

And it’s NOW that you can continue running your life and business by those old rules, or you can become your biggest inspiration and SHATTER THOSE LIMITS AND UPGRADE YOUR FINANCIAL REALITY, BIG TIME.

I know how to do that – and I know how to help you to be able to do that too… again and again.
So let’s shatter those limits, shall we?

How it Works


This workshop has been pre-recorded for you and upon purchase you will access it (pretty much) immediately – and keep it for life 

The workshop access details will be emailed to you after you sign up. Kindly allow 30 minutes for the email to arrive. If you experience any issues, email us at love@lenkalutonska.com and we will help you out prompto.

The workshop is 90 minutes long, full of life-changing content that will expand your awareness, shift your energy and give you a 7-step energetic process for shattering your money limits and creating a whole new level of financial reality this month.

BONUS: This workshop also contains channeled Consciousness Journey: Bridge from Old to New, Abundant You. This consciousness journey will create immediate shifts on a cellular level and support you greatly in implementing the energetic strategy you will learn during this workshop. 

Lenka, I’m ready for this and to shatter all my money limits!

Standard Investment $247
Today’s investment $47

Live Workshop Feedback

“Loved it. I feel light, happy and emotional.” – Rosy

“Very expansive. It’s like a funnel for money to flow and an open door for us to receive.” – Kwan

“This is SO powerful!” – Agnieszka 

“This is the first time I am not over-planning my launch and usually I have been struggling getting 50 women there and now 1 week to go already 52 sign ups!”  – Sabina

“Loved the workshop! So many shifts already!” – Noleen

“Loved it Lenka once again I love you” – Aparna

 “This was so powerful and empowering!!” – Maryla

 “This has been amazingly great!” – Nina

Questions answered
during the workshop:

How can I create a much larger amount of money by doing what I love than I am used to – again and again?


How can I attract a much larger amount of paying clients than I am used to, without adding more hours to my diary?


What role does Time play in achieving massive financial intentions? How long does it really take? Can I really do it in such a short time?


Creating much higher revenues can feel like a lot of work – how can I do all of this with ease and fun?


My ego has a hard time getting behind the new increase in rates – “no one will pay that”, “that’s CRAZY” etc. What can I do?


 I have never achieved my financial goals, ever, so I have become a bit scared that I will never achieve them. What can I do?


When I have an ultimate intention for $1m biz should I focus & set smaller goals along the way or just focus on the big goal?


How to get over disappointments in the past?


How can I believe I can do something this big when I’ve never done anything like this before?


For those of us who just started business. How do we know if we need “time” to nurture our audience to make the money we desire or is it a limiting belief?


What to do when suddenly the income starts to drop?

Do you need an introduction to Lenka?

Lenka Lutonska is an author of Energetic Selling & Marketing and internationally renowned for her unique approach marrying powerful energy work and traditional business strategy. She is supporting thousands of women change-makers from over 40 countries around the world to create expansion in their businesses and lives with the power of their energy.

But it wasn’t like that just a few short years ago. She was a struggling coach, trying to recover from the loss of her first business. At one point, she was left with nothing but £7.30 to her name with kids and a household to look after.

Thankfully, one day it dawned on her that she should connect her spiritual energy to her business strategy to improve her results. She did exactly that – and “miracle” after “miracle” started to happen – resulting in her life changing, along with thousands of others’ lives along the way, in all possible ways: Increased income & impact 100 fold; a huge family house; a huge amount of freedom in every way; far deeper and loving relationships with others; a deep sense of purpose and aliveness; you name it!


Lenka has wrapped up some of her wisdom and put it into this workshop. She will help you shift your energy to where it needs to be so that you can step into a whole new financial reality this month. It will happen by challenging your perceptions, expanding your awareness and creating immediate cellular shifts through a channeled journey through your consciousness.

Limited time special offer:

Standard Investment $247
Today’s investment $47


“If you are ready to step up and play at Lenka’s level, her teachings and coaching can literally change your life.  Less than two months into working with her, I created my best month in my business to date. Two months later, I tripled it and created $65k in sales within a single month.

Overall, both my sales and cash flow increased five times over.  Now I am well on my way to enjoying regular $100k months, meaning a much bigger impact amongst my clients, much bigger purpose, and the doors to my continual growth and expansion wide open. “

Emily King


“I had already benefited from Lenka’s smaller courses so when the doors to her new programme opened, I just knew I had to join. Swimming in the energy of the program helped me to upgrade absolutely every aspect of my business – from brand message, to ideal client, pricing, programmes and everything else in between. My mind was flooded with ideas and guidance on what to do next.

As a result, I created my first £50k month in business. I still cannot believe how natural this growth has been and am excited about the future. I know I would not be able to do this without Lenka, so I am extremely grateful!”

Ilona Sibold


“I took the decision to invest in Lenka’s Academy because her energy was so good and I felt I would benefit from it. 

After deciding to do it, in one month I had made the money to pay for it!

In the academy I worked and worked and went to now almost €10,000 per month just by doing the energy exercises, visualisations, and other energy work Lenka teaches. 

My soul expanded and now and now I am an abundance and wealth coach for women of colour and I’m really happy.

Thank you so much Lenka!”

Love Voundi