Call in your wildly wealthy, loved, liberated woman and create miracles on demand in your life through


with Lenka Lutonska

I know in my heart that you’re meant to have this, Queen

The universe has brought you here for a very specific reason… so that I can be the vessel to show you the precise universal laws to connect your heart’s desire for more with your reality.

Allow me to guide you on how to quantum leap in your own life, to:

Activate a higher level of consciousness that allows you to tap into the potentiality in the Universe available and waiting to be claimed by you, if you know how.

Release deeply embodied beliefs that keep you locked in this reality, so you can call in more into your life — more money, more love, more freedom.

Heal the wounded energy keeping you stuck in a binary consciousness, unable to move forward, so that you can claim what has been rightfully yours all along.

Take back the power you’ve given away, lost, and chipped away at all these years to relight the fire in your soul and reconnect who you really are with your purpose.

Embody the possibilities that you activate to see sudden, radical change in your life.


“If you are ready to step up and play at Lenka’s level, her teachings and coaching can literally change your life.  Less than two months into working with her, I created my best month in my business to date. Two months later, I tripled it and created $65k in sales within a single month.

Overall, both my sales and cash flow increased five times over.  Now I am well on my way to enjoying regular $100k months, meaning a much bigger impact amongst my clients, much bigger purpose, and the doors to my continual growth and expansion wide open. “

– Emily King

Working with Lenka has revolutionised my business.

“Investing in Lenka’s mastermind was a massive leap for me. At the time, I was used to selling low-end and mid-end programmes. I had a huge calling to quantum leap my business to the next level but my profits didn’t allow me to do that.

This work was not easy at times. I had to make several uncomfortable decisions and on a few occasions, my ego had a really good field day. But within two months, I was able to offer and sell out a 10K group program – this completely revolutionised my business and massively expanded it.”

– Sarah Morgan


“I highly recommend working with Lenka to every single person on the planet!

Using Lenka’s methods, I increased my revenue 5-times over and I serve clients internationally!

Seriously… I have not seen this type of results in my business, sales and overall energy in 13 years of business.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lenka!”

– Noha Essop

From crying my heart out…
To running a multi 7-figure business

Meet Lenka –
the Wealth Activator for Women.

Once just a girl with an accent who came to the UK with only £30 in her pocket, today Lenka Lutonska runs a multi 7-figure business that makes a difference to women worldwide. She didn’t “work” her way to millions. Instead, she called in this version of herself through energetic alignment, activating higher levels of consciousness, and quantum leaping. 

She’s married to the man of her dreams, and has three beautiful boys. 

Trust that you’re ready for this, Queen