Use the power of Energetic Launches to sell out your offerings  with ease!

*Plus UK VAT where applicable
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Use the power of Energetic Launches to sell out your offerings with ease!

*Plus UK VAT where applicable
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You’ve heard so much about them.

You know they are a fabulous way to bring plenty of gorgeous paying clients in, in a short period of time. You know it would make a world of difference to you if you experienced a ’sold out’ launch, again and again.

But just the idea of online programme launches makes you feel overwhelmed (“there is so much to do!”)

Perhaps you’ve already run a few launches – but you cannot help feeling a pinch of disappointment with the results. And so you’re still searching for that “thing” to help you double, triple, or even quadruple your sales revenues, without losing your hair from stress or adding a gazillion hours to your diary.

Simply put, you haven’t yet harnessed the incredible power of Energetic Launches.

Well, that’s all about to change
– thanks to this game-changing training!


This powerful course will lay out for you, step-by-step, how I helped my clients to:

Sell out a luxury retreat in two weeks from conception of the idea.

Sell out high-end masterminds, resulting in 100K+ months.

10X yearly turnover with online launches creating multiple 7-figure cash-year.

Create a brand new programme resulting in a 900K+ month.

Experience the first 5-figure, multiple 5, and six figure months with greater ease than ever before.

This and more can happen when you use the power of

Energetic Launches

Energetic launches are very different from traditional online launches. Here is why:

During your Energetic Launch, you will use the most powerful currency on the planet, your PERSONAL ENERGY, completely transforming the way you launch, and your launch results!

They are much shorter than traditional 6-8 week launches.

Combining laser-focused strategies and powerful energy work, my clients have got a much higher conversion rate – meaning it takes much less work to sell out your offerings!

Stress, overwhelm and lack of sleep are simply not invited to the party. Launch & Sell out with EASE is the keyword here!

I’ve been using the power of Energetic Launches to impact millions and create millions on repeat.

I have seen excellent results using this approach with my clients too.

And now, I’m ready to share these powerful strategies with you, and help you make your first (or next) launch a HUGE SUCCESS!

By the end of this course you will be ready to launch your incredible offerings
(group programs, 1-2-1 coaching, events etc)…

…and Sell them out with Ease!

£777  /  $998

*Plus UK VAT where applicable
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(How we’re going to make it happen):

The Launch & Sell Out Bootcamp course is wrapped into 4 powerful video modules, each approximately one hour long. In addition to video training, you will get implementation challenges and powerful resources that will ensure huge success with your online program launches.

Module One


In the first module you will:

Connect to that part of your personality that has access to ALL you need to create multiple five, six and multiple six figure launches with ease – your Higher Mind.

Discover how exactly to prepare for a SOLD OUT! Launch experience – energetically, and strategically. 

Understand the difference between traditional and energetic launch – and how to send your sales revenue through the roof utilising the most powerful currency on the planet – your personal energy!

Plus, Bonus Resources that will help you to create an offering (group program, 1-2-1 package, VIP day, retreat, event etc) that your clients will be hungry to invest into! 

Module Two


In the second module you will:

Discover the four stages of energetic launches – and how to master them. 

Get ready to attract ideal clients that lit your soul on fire – and will be ready to say “Yes please!” to your incredible programs

How we get as much as 50 x return on Facebook ads – a few powerful tips and tricks from personal experience

Plus, extra Bonus Resources – Launch & Sell Out Example of a Marketing Schedule and Our Best Performing Facebook Ads: Wouldn’t it be great to have something that would tell you exactly what to do each day so you can be sure your launch will be a great success? Well, that ‘something’ will be yours. This example of ‘sold out launch’ schedule will give you daily guidance for the duration of your energetic launch. So? Goodbye guessing and “I don’t know what to do” thinking!  And the Facebook Ads resource will give you plenty of inspiration for posts that sell! 

Module Three


In the third module you will discover: 

Why people REALLY buy – and how to ensure your launch will be incredible success

One powerful tool that turns marketing materials into an EXPERIENCE for your potential clients –  and how to utilise it  to sell (way) more

What exactly to do, energetically and strategically, every day during your launch, without putting extra hours upon hours into your diary!

Plus, Bonus Resource – Two Stories that Skyrocketed my Business: See how sharing vulnerably from the heart can bring your dream clients and revenues to your doorstep.

Module Four


In the final module you will: 

Discover the difference between good launches and phenomenal launches

5 keys to creating phenomenal sales month even when you do not launch – cause you cannot launch all the time, right?? 

Bonus Masterclass


Value £99

Stories hold an immense power to:
• help your potential clients to truly understand the value of your offerings;
• spur your clients to action – aka invest in your offerings with joy;
• create deep and meaningful transformations in yourself and your clients.

And this masterclass?
Will help you to become masterful in storytelling for epic sales and transformations. This powerful bonus masterclass will deeply support you in launching and selling out your offerings with ease.

Bonus Masterclass

How To Overcome Sales Objections Using Your Personal Energy


In this comprehensive, 2-hour masterclass, I break down in detail, how you can help your potential clients to overcome common objections with ease, using your personal energy!

So those “I’d love to but I can’t afford you”, or “I’ll have to think about it” phrases? Can become a thing of a past!

Bonus Q&A



You will also receive a replay of a “Launch & Sell Out” group coaching call. Meaning, you will hear me coaching clients through common challenges when it comes to launching and selling out their services, making you READY to create extraordinary success through your own program launches!

The total value of all training and powerful bonus resources you get when you purchase Launch & Sell Out Bootcamp is $1020

The amount of clients and money you can unlock as a result of investing in this course?

…is Limitless!

£777  /  $998

*Plus UK VAT where applicable
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Do you need an introduction
to Lenka?

Lenka Lutonska is an internationally renowned business and mindset strategist for female entrepreneurs, the author of Energetic Selling & Marketing, a mother of three boys, a wife to one amazing husband and a believer in every woman’s power to create the life and business she has dreamed about.

Originally from Slovakia, at 19 Lenka made her way to the UK and entered the hospitality industry, making a name for herself as a powerful, award-winning leader and manager in the field. Lenka has continued the tradition of blazing trails ever since. Her work has led world-class women to find, connect and create impact with their soul, high-end clients because she understands the need for energy work coupled with strategy. She is the only ABNLP certified trainer in the UK with a 100% certification score.

The Energetic Selling & Marketing principles Lenka teaches helped her to bounce back from business failure (leaving her with only £7.30 in her bank account) and build a global brand, serving powerful women from over 30 countries, integrating these principles into their businesses. The results have often been nothing short of miraculous, including: women increasing their fees five times and selling with greater ease than ever before; women booking themselves solid with ideal high-end clients, turning their annual income into their monthly income; and women doubling, tripling or quadrupling their sales revenues within several months.

I’m here to help you create Extraordinary Growth in your business!

My Extraordinary Clients:


“I came across Lenka about 18 months ago and invested in one of her programs. The investment really stretched me back then, as at the time, I was making approximately £1K per month.

I can say that Lenka’s work completely changed my business and life. My income went immediately to £5K months, then £20K month and £35K month, all together over £400K in 12 months. I continue working with Lenka and most recently, I sold £430K worth of my courses in just 2 weeks!

I don’t have a fancy website. I have relatively small (but fast growing) mailing list and I serve clients in a small country.

So no matter what your mind is saying, trust the power of your energy – it truly is limitless!’

Alessandra Lanzafame

Lenka helped me unlock my Limiting beliefs leading me to a 100K launch.

“In May, I had a launch, that was approximately £25k, maybe £30k, which is not bad in itself. I launched again end of August and I had not changed a thing because I didn’t have time or capacity, so I just launched it like I would normally launch it, and I sold for over £100k in 4 days. I have never sold for that. That was almost what I would sell for 2 years and I did it in 4 days.

What I had noticed, is that the limiting beliefs and all that stuff that was hindering me, big time, it wasn’t there anymore. The feeling around my business had completely changed to, “Holy crap, I can actually do anything here.” This is the best thing I have done in my 18 years of business.”

Inger Lise Kontochristos


“If you are ready to step up and play at Lenka’s level, her teachings and coaching can literally change your life.  Less than two months into working with her, I created my best month in my business to date. Two months later, I tripled it and created $65k in sales within a single month.

Overall, both my sales and cash flow increased five times over.  Now I am well on my way to enjoying regular $100k months, meaning a much bigger impact amongst my clients, much bigger purpose, and the doors to my continual growth and expansion wide open. “

Emily King

Are you ready

to launch and sell out?

£777  /  $998

*Plus UK VAT where applicable
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