There is one little fact that many of us freaking amazing entrepreneurs forget:

We don’t have to feel excited, upbeat, and high-vibe all of the time!

Just because we may feel low at times, it doesn’t mean we jeopardise our business growth and that which we want to create.

But, it is crucial for us to know what role our emotions play in the conscious creation process, and how to use their power to be more productive, achieve our goals with greater ease and create extraordinary growth. So, here is a little rundown:

In essence, there are only two emotions: Love and Fear.

Any other emotion is somewhere in between on this emotional spectrum.

Emotions create brain states.

For instance, fear shuts our brain’s ability to produce alpha brainwaves. In other words, when we are in a state of fear, we are cut off from the resources of our higher mind, and the universal whole. That’s why we often feel stuck when we are fearful.

Love opens up the communication between our physical and higher mind.

That’s when brain produces alpha state easily, and we receive ideas, guidance, and inspiration from the higher part of ourselves with ease.

It is possible to receive inspiration from all states;

However, inspired ideas will match the energetic frequency of our emotion.

As such, I never suggest to immediately ideas you come up with when you feel fearful, stuck or irritated. Instead, choose to do something that will move you up on the emotional spectrum, and re-evaluate your idea when you feel great.

Clients don’t buy our products or services.

They buy your energy – they want to feel the way you feel when you sell and market your services. Similarly, we make buying decisions emotionally. Sure, logic may be part of our decision-making process, but emotion always wins. That’s why it’s a mighty good idea to check how you feel when you write that newsletter, pick up that phone call or press ‘live’ on your webinar.

Choose the emotion underlying your business goals.

One of the most powerful ways to use emotions in growing our business is to choose the emotion underlying your business goals.

For instance, you may want to grow your business because you want to experience freedom. Or ease. Or fun. You name it.

Don’t wait until your business grows the way you want it to allow yourself to choose these emotions. Each of us has ample possibilities to experience these emotions every day.

And when you do so, the entire ‘energy’ of your selling and marketing will shift, and your business results with it.

Love is the most creative emotion on the planet.

Choose it as much as you can in your marketing and selling process. For instance, when something is uncomfortable (to say or do) for you, but it’s right, do it for the love of your clients.

“I love my clients more than my fears!” is a little motto that helps many of my clients to step beyond comfortable, express their voice in fullness, and create massive impact in their clients’ lives.

Once you start paying attention to the emotional and energetic aspect of your business, you will not only increase your ‘default’ emotional point, but you’ll be achieving your business objectives with much greater ease.

Your emotions matter, my darling. And the best place to start?

Is to love yourself more.

Remember about the most important person on the planet – and love them MORE.


With love,

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