You think you’re committed? Think again…

If you ask 100 women how committed they are to grow their business, 100 of them will tell you:

“I’m absolutely 100% committed!! I will do what it takes!”

But, if you ask 100 women to put their money where their mouth is, BET on themselves, and REALLY do what it takes to grow their business?

Three out of 100 will do so. If that.

That is the harsh reality of our entrepreneurial landscape.


I know this because I used to be that woman who believed in her dreams, but in the next breath I’d say: “Only if I had money/time/childcare/ whatever for it….”

That woman is not me anymore.

And it saddens me to think of how I was bullshitting myself, pretending not to be powerful, resourceful and limitless – as we ALL are.

This is a very real story for many women. But no matter how real it feels at times, it’s just that: a story.


It is NEVER about lack of time, or about the lack of childcare or circumstances that don’t allow you to move forward.

It’s ALWAYS about your unwillingness to decide to truly believe in yourself.

And make that right decision, no-matter-what-circumstances. To take that right step forward no-matter-what.

So today, my darling, I invite you to bet on yourself.

I invite you to put aside all the stories that were holding you back up till now and take that step forward that will grow you and your business exponentially.

That step is here.

During the three extraordinary days, you will meet women who:

> Left multi-million lifestyle behind with a single suitcase and NO money – and to re-invent themselves as spiritual multi-millionaire

> Had a choice to raise one million pounds within 30 days or ‘go home’. And they not only raised that million, they then build a widely successful business and sold it for… millions.

> Had to raise millions within 6 weeks to save their company and did NOT – leading to a complete business and personal breakdown… Only to raise from the ashes, continue making a difference, get noticed by the Queen and become a shining torch for millions of people.

> Risked EVERYTHING to make their dream business that would make a lot of difference in the world reality… and succeeding.

They are an embodiment of commitment, and they are YOU – just a few uncomfortable steps ahead.

These women (and one man) – Extraordinary Live Speakers – will help you to step into that version of yourself that will:

* be at home in the space of unknown – because you’ll know that unknown is where EVERYTHING becomes possible for you.

* LOVE to sell – and you’ll sell with passion and confidence – whether it’s a program for £100 or £20 000 – because you’ll have the tools, mindset and energy to do so.

* claim your place in the marketplace and OWN it – getting rid of the word ‘competition’ from your vocabulary.

* use your voice FULLY – attracting the avalanche of clients and money into your experience.

Would you love THIS to be your reality this year?

It’s available for you right here.

If you’re willing enough to bet on yourself and come, that is. 😉

Are you that 3 percenter, that not only talks commitment but DOES commitment?

If so, then don’t just walk, RUN over here.

And I’ll see you in London for 3 days that will change EVERYTHING for you. (Oh, and feel happy to bring a friend with you!!)

YES! You and a friend get to join us for the ENTIRE Extraordinary Live weekend, for the price of ONE TICKET!

Unleash the extraordinary level of business growth here:


SARAH ANN NEGUS, Modern Day Shaman® Extraordinaire

Sarah is a Modern Day Shaman® Extraordinaire and an extraordinary woman who experienced her spiritual awakening over 20 years ago while searching for a more meaningful and impactful way to live her life.

She then set on a 12-year shamanic apprenticeship journey, travelling to Peru and studying with the Shamans of the Amazon forest.

Over the years, Sarah mastered her craft and today she brings the power of ancient shamanism to modern visionaries and leaders, helping them to fully embody their highest potential.

Sarah will take you on an unforgettable journey through your consciousness, one that will make all you desire to accomplish in 2019 not only possible but inevitable.

BUSHRA AZHAR, The Persuasion Extraordinaire

Making a ton of money by making a difference is not just about being good at what you do; it’s not just about having passion and conviction.

You also need to be able to get inside of your soul-aligned clients’ minds and hearts and get them to TAKE ACTION – aka, hire you.

And that’s where Bushra Azhar, international best-selling author of Mass Persuasion Method, the psychology of persuasion Extraordinaire and woman who truly walks her talk (going from nobody to making almost $2MM in less than 3 years) comes in.

She’ll help you gain new perspectives on your interactions with your potential clients, and how to tweak them to put your sales on fire.

SASHKA HANNA-RAPPL, Branding & Leadership Extraordinaire

Legends aren’t born. They’re made. Solutions aren’t given, they’re created. Leadership isn’t anointed, it’s lived.

Sashka Hanna-Rappl, an award-winning Actress and Branding & Leadership Extraordinaire for visionaries, will take you on her journey of creating and living a life as a world-class Brand Authority.

You’ll gain a new understanding of visual branding (and the mistakes to avoid) and how to marry it with your purpose – so that your brand message can penetrate the minds and hearts of your soul-clients across the globe.

Expect to change your mind about how global and admired brands are created and how you can become one of them.

ANDREW EGGELTON, Speaking & Presenting Extraordinaire

Extraordinary business growth cannot happen without using your voice to share your message with the world.

And that’s where Andrew comes in. After spending years in the TV industry, he shifted his goals and now focuses on helping women speakers to turn from good to world class – so the world can know their name.

During the Extraordinary Live event, Andrew Eggelton will take you on a journey of a World Class Presenter by helping you to understand what that looks like, how to accelerate the process every single day so you’re never standing still, how to take luck out of the equation on the way to running a business that impacts millions and how to live a life that sets your soul on fire.

ELENA HERDIECKERHOFF, Viral TEDx Talks Extraordinaire

Elena Herdieckerhoff co-founded Red Dot Stage after her life-changing event – presenting a TEDx talk which has already reached over 1.5 million views!

Her experience shows TEDx talks offer a unique opportunity for visionary entrepreneurs to seize the global spotlight and build a powerful community of followers and clients.

If you feel called to share your message on the TEDx stage (and are keen to find out how it can transform your business) you will greatly enjoy Elena’s talk on how you can land, craft, deliver and market a life-changing TEDx talk that will create an extraordinary impact in the world – and your life with it.

PENNY POWER OBE, Honourable Guest

Penny launched an online business community in 1998, four years before LinkedIn.

Trailblazing this concept with her husband Thomas Power, the two of them grew the network into a global community that supported hundreds of thousands of small businesses worldwide.

Being the leader of your own life is the greatest lesson in business. Your business is personal as it is yours.

Penny speaks about the areas of business that are rarely discussed – the emotions we need to understand, the mind we can be in control of, and tools Penny learned, following years of hard work and many challenging moments.

LOVELDA VINCENZI, Master of Ceremonies

There is no extraordinary experience without an extraordinary MC.

As a former radio host of her own radio show, Lovelda has interviewed over 200 entrepreneurs and now specialises in MCing and moderating business conferences & summits for organisers who want to create memorable events.

Throughout her career, Lovelda has introduced senior executives from companies such as Time Inc., Telefonica, Vodafone, Twitter & Google to the stage as well as household names such as Rachael Elnaugh (former Dragon on Dragon’s Den), Monica Lewinsky…. and Lenka Lutonska 😉

On a more serious note, Lovelda played a huge part in making sure Extraordinary Live 2018 left delegates with energy that spurred them to create all things extraordinary in the months to come, and this year, it will be no different.

And of course, you’ll have me, LENKA LUTONSKA, your Extraordinary Growth business & mindset strategist, guiding you through the principles of Energetic Selling and Marketing and applying them right away.

Because… growth. Results. Change.

This is a life-changing weekend for women coaches and change-makers that will help you:

  • stand out from the crowd,
  • attract your high-end soul clients with ease,
  • grow your impact exponentially,
  • network with like-minded entrepreneurs and experts in their industry
  • & much much more.

Claim your extraordinary here and bring a friend for free!

Someone’s going to make it BIG this year. It might as well be YOU, gorgeous!

With love,