Lenka Lutonska

Get Fully Booked Coach

Lenka Lutonska

Get Fully Booked Coach

I am here to help you turn your passion for making a difference into a business that feeds your soul and bank account in equal measure.

If you’ve been in a coaching business for longer than two minutes, you know that those perfect-for-you clients don’t come knocking on your door by themselves. You’ve got to work for them.

And you do. You work, work, work…and work some more. Yet that “I’m being paid a shit load of money by making a massive difference in the world” dream? …Still seems far away.
Giving up is not an option for you. (You considered it, but no way!)

The other option?

Get the help you need from someone who has been where you are; someone who understands your tears, your pain, your hunger, your determination, your calling. Someone who has walked your path and managed to break through the shackles of “hard work” and “struggle” and built the kind of business that you’re dreaming about right now.

You need someone who can show you the way, help you grow into the woman you’re meant to be and claim your “Sold Out!” status.

You need a Get Fully Booked Coach.

And I know the best one. 😉

And yes – I’m totally ready to serve you and see you soar.

Pick the way you’d like to be supported most right now.

And let’s help you create a queue of your soul, high-end clients (and the life and business you dream about).

It’s time, don’t you think?

1 on 1 Coaching » 

1 on 1 Coaching

You’ve been at this gorgeous business of yours long enough to know you’re on the right track. But now? You’re ready to leave thinking small behind, GROW EXPONENTIALLY, and become the woman who is making a multiple-six-figure impact (to start with) on the world and your life. And you want it fast. (Because yesterday is too late). Working with me will cut years between where you’re now and a 10K – 50K monthly income by doing your best work.

Energetic Selling Mastermind

This powerful (and powerfully intensive) 8-week long experience will help you to master the most important piece of puzzle of every successful business that makes a huge difference in the world – selling.  You’ll give me eight weeks, and I’ll make you fall in love with sales, master the energetics of powerful selling, and multiply your ability to earn. Because? It’s time, right?

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Self Study Courses » 

Self Study Courses

A re you ready to GET FULLY BOOKED? But not ready to work with me at full capacity? I got you covered. Check my self study course that will help you turn your passion for helping others into a 5K, 10K and even 20K a month business that you’ll love.

Masterful Coach Academy

You didn’t step on this crazy entrepreneurial journey to get lost in the sea of other coaches and become one of ‘many’. You want to be an EXTRAORDINARY coach with an EXTRAORDINARY business that sets your soul on fire, makes a profound difference in the lives of your clients and funds your dreams. Simply put, you want to be a MASTERFUL COACH. This ABNLP accredited Coaching and Business Certification will turn you into that woman, period.

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With Me

With Me