Who says that getting fully booked and creating a waiting list of your dream, high-end clients has nothing to do with woo woo???

Today I want to share with you my two favourite ways to strengthen your ‘receiving muscle’ – simple exercises that will help you to attract more clients and put money in your pocket – no kidding!

You see, when it comes to money, it’s supposed to flow like a river – never-ending, a generous stream of abundance allowing you to spend money with ease, knowing that there’s ALWAYS more (way more!) on its way to you.

And yet, it’s very easy to stop this flow by trying to ‘hold on to it’: waiting for more money to pay that bill or buy that thing you really desire (and when you do, it’s done with an uncomfortable feeling); putting investing in your business on hold “until you get more clients” etc. etc. etc.

So here are the two exercises that help to re-start that flow again. Practising them will help you to develop more trust that more money is on its way, expand your capacity to desire, spend with gratitude and receive in much greater quantities:


Look at your overall bank balance. Your job is to spend that money at least 10-20 times – mentally. Yep, all of it.

What would you buy today? Feel into each transaction, notice how great it feels to be able to spend that money over and over again.

The beauty of this exercise is that you can do this, regardless of how much money you have right now.


Set up a tracking sheet and write yourself a “universal” cheque for £1000 on day 1. Then £2000 on day 2. £3000 on day 3. Every day, your job is to spend ALL of that money (after all, more is coming tomorrow!).

You’re also not allowed to give to charity (This is because that’s what we would do naturally. The idea is to expand the capacity to desire and GO for it).

As with the first exercise, the trick is to really feel the joy of spending that money and the feeling of knowing that more of it is coming.

I LOVE these two exercises – and whenever I feel a bit out of flow with money, I do this for a few days and boom – money appears – again and again.

Magic? Woo woo? Who cares. I say it’s a perfect addition to our masses of inspired action that we take every day, right?

With love,


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