Thank you for watching this personal message with my request ♥

To summarise: If you have benefited / are benefiting from:

  1. Effortless Selling Masterclass; or
  2. Energetic Selling & Marketing book; or
  3. Working with me (in any other capacity, i.e. Limitless Entrepreneur)…

… and you are happy to recommend me to others, 

I would hugely appreciate it if you could record a brief video where you share specifically how you benefited and why you would recommend my work.

As mentioned in the video, I hugely value your time put into this. As such, I will, with love, send a £100 discount voucher to you, once you email us with this recommendation / testimonial video. 

You can use this voucher towards any new purchases of my digital courses & online masterclasses throughout 2024. 

Below is a little guidance around recording and sending us your testimonial / recommendation video: 

  • Please record your video in horizontal format, leaving enough space around you. 
  • Kindly be specific. For instance, instead of saying, “I loved Effortless Selling”, please share with viewers why you loved it and in what ways you benefited. 
  • Please keep the video as short as possible. In an ideal world, it would be 30sec – 1min long. I realise this may be a challenge for some, so do know that we can edit the videos down if you cannot fit it within one minute, no problem at all. But do also know shorter is better, thank you!
  • Kindly make your testimonial video specific to one of those three categories mentioned above: 1. Effortless Selling 2. Energetic Selling & Marketing book 3. Working with Lenka / Lenka’s work. 
  • Please send your video to (ideally via a dropbox link – but any format will work for us).
  • We will send you a confirmation of receipt, and your £100 voucher within 48 hours.

Thank you so much for helping me to share my work with others!

With all my love,