Let us focus on vagueness versus certainty in your selling process. Again, it starts with positioning but also all the ways in your selling process. You don’t want to give clients a sense of vagueness, you want to give them sense of certainty all the way through and it starts with: 

  1. Committing to the details of your program. 

Let’s say you have some form of one-on-one coaching to sell out, be sure how many women you want to take on.  

When you’re doing a program or a retreat, say when it starts, what are the dates or where it is because oftentimes, it feels like I am going to put this out there and when it sells out, then I’ll commit to the venue or dates. If you don’t commit, why would you expect your client to commit?  

It introduces that energy of uncertainty and anytime the client needs to process, that’s yet one more obstacle towards the sake oh my god this is calling me to let’s do it. You absolutely want to be committed to your details. How you’re going to deliver that service. 

  1. Be specific in terms of what they’re going to get. 

We as a client, we are no fools, we absolutely want to know every single time we say yes to something, be part with money, no matter how little or how much money we’re talking about, we want to know that we’re going to get the return on investment.  

And of course, partially, that return on investment comes from your positioning about big bold promise but also inside of when you describe your services whether it’s in your little Facebook post or you have a full-on sales page or on the actual sales conversation, let them know what they’re going to get in a very tangible term and benefits-driven. 

I appreciate that sometimes, we cannot get fully tangible but surely all of us have good ability to turn our features, have we ever organized our programs into benefits-driven language and that’s builds value or causes that perception gap and that brings clients much more to say yes to you.  

Also, your certainty comes from within you, it’s not something you can fake so you really be sure and check with yourself whether you know that your program is absolutely best on the planet for your ideal clients and then your clients are capable to get results, that “Certainty” needs to starts with you. And then when you have that, then it will even inform unconsciously the way you use your language. 

So vagueness versus certainty and that’s what you want to review and you want to bring more certainty into your sales process all the way from the beginning to the end.