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Manifesting & Law Of Attraction Coach

I made £13.5K within first 4 weeks!

“My ego did kick in when I was deciding whether or not to do the programme. BUT, I ignored it and took the leap to work with Lenka as I had been drawn to her for a while and gained so much insight from the free content she offered, I knew I wanted to work far more closely with her.

The experience has been incredible and life-changing for me, I have hugely quantum leapt! It has been scary at times and it’s been a huge turning point for me in my business.

In the first four weeks alone, I had sold £13.5k worth of programmes. This STILL blows my mind as I now feel that if I can do this, what ELSE can I do?!

Lenka – you are incredible. I adore the way you weave energy alignment into everything you do and I have learnt soooo much from you. If you are thinking of working with Lenka, please don’t let your ego talk you out of it – just take the leap. Jump – and the universe and Lenka will catch you.

I have already FAR exceeded the money I’ve invested and working with Lenka is undoubtedly one of the very best investments you can make!”


CEO and Founder of Project Positive Change

I tripled my multiple-six-figure business in six months and went over a 1,000,000!

“I`m one of those women who is totally committed to creating a maximum impact in the world and running a REALLY successful online business. So I hired Lenka. The last six months while working with Lenka have been incredible. I tripled my already multiple-six-figure business.

Lenka guided me to make some crucial, sometimes uncomfortable, changes to spur my business growth. At the same time, we continually worked on my mindset and energy because that’s where it all starts.

Lenka marries business growth strategies with powerful mindset and energy work in a way I’ve never experienced before. What difference did this make for me, my business and the people I work with? A huge one, if you ask me!”


Client Attraction Strategist

I have now consistent £15K months!

“The experience of Lenka’s VIP Mastermind so far has been fantastic. Once I had signed up, I had a couple of sessions with Lenka and as a result, I made back the money I had invested in the group before it even officially started.

Lenka has built an amazing business and is incredibly generous, she is keeping us on track and helping us to deal with any issues that arise along our journey.

The ladies in the VIP Mastermind are truly AMAZING women – we are all focused on building our businesses and everyone is having success.

I now have consistent £15K months and I’m constantly growing!”


The Rich Woman Mentor

My first ever group launch? 20K, Sold Out launch!

“My first ever group launch? 20K, SOLD OUT launch – without a website or Facebook ads and with less than 200 people on my mailing list. With alignment, a good plan and Lenka in your corner, anything is possible!”


The Modern Day Shaman

Working with Lenka has changed my business forever!

“When I first came across her I’d been online for about a year with patchy success, feast then famine in terms of clients and finances. That has all changed. Lenka has coached me through my own ‘hook-ups’, gently but firmly, she has given me strategies to build my list, attract my tribe and to send the right message to my soul clients. She is there supporting me through thick and thin and has been a beacon of light in my growth. She is the best mindset maven I have experienced, this for me made all the difference, that together with her business acumen makes magic.

After signing up to Lenka’s private coaching I immediately manifested 2 x $15,000 clients to an apprenticeship programme that I’d only dreamed of previously and after 3 months of working with Lenka I was fully booked with my soul high-end clients.

This is a BIG thank you to Lenka, she is a truly inspiring coach, who gives and gives, she believed in me when I didn’t, she is absolutely who you need to help you.”

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