This ONE moment will change everything for you

This ONE moment will change everything for you

by | Jul 1, 2019

There’s a point in every woman’s entrepreneurial journey when EVERYTHING changes – and This ONE moment will change everything for you…

I recorded a short video about it for you:

This ONE moment will change everything for you

For me, it was one singular moment a few years back.

I’ve just dropped my boys to school and was ready to go to a local supermarket for a bit of food shopping. I went to a cash machine to take out some money. The balance?


🤬 was my first reaction.

The second reaction? “How the heck did I get here????”

Almost seven years in business. Built 6-figure training and coaching business. Worked with over 1000 people and many business teams. Seemingly an “accomplished” woman.

And there I was. I could not afford a family dinner!!!!

Yes, “I lost my first business” is part of my resume. It happens. But what brought me to my £7.30 moment wasn’t that.

It certainly wasn’t the fact that I had no money to invest in my business (or myself).

It also wasn’t the fact that I had to start all over again and wasn’t sure how.

The real reason? I lost the courage to go after my dreams.

I was no longer a naïve, twenty-something immigrant worker who had nothing to lose, so why the hell not aim big?

I was no longer a young woman who blindly sold her house, car, and all her other possessions to fund the new business startup, thinking: “There is no other way than to make this work!”

With a young family, bills to pay and failure that cost me a lot behind me, I could no longer rely on youthful naivety, blissful ignorance and taking risks larger than life. I had to use courage, something I badly lacked.

So instead, I made struggle my best friend.

I still dreamt big… always have.

But I didn’t have a belief that “anything is possible!”, and “anything is possible for me!” – beliefs that lie underneath all courageous steps.

I certainly didn’t have strong belief enough to laugh in the face of my doubts and fears and invest myself ALL in.

Until that “£7.30” moment…

I walked home hugely embarrassed. Hurt. Disappointed in myself.

But I knew, in every cell of my body, that something was changing, right there and then.

“No more!!!”

At that very moment, I refused my circumstances to decide my future.

I picked up the phone and called every human being who “somewhat” expressed their interest in my work over the last few years. It was awkward. It was uncomfortable.

And that day, I made £1800 in sales.

That money went straight to paying my bills.

The next thing? I called my bank and renewed my credit card to be able to pay for my first high-level coach and a group program.

Then another one. And I kept up-levelling since.

Don’t take me wrong. I didn’t go from that moment to making 10K, 20K, 50K, 100K or even 200K months instantly. I still had to put a few months into my first, and then steady great financial months by doing what I love.

Because let’s be honest. Making a brand new financial reality happen (which comes with a lot more freedom, purpose, and everything else that is important to you), requires a ton of energy, risk-taking, and support.

But one thing is sure. Without that moment, I am pretty sure I’d be still sitting here thinking: “What’s next? Will I ever make it happen?”

Instead, I finally made it happen. I made ease, freedom and thriving business my normal.

And I made it happen before it actually happened. I made it happened at that moment staring at the number £7.30.

It was the moment when the entrepreneur in me was born again. When I decided that success is my ONLY option.

It was the moment when I set myself on an extraordinary growth trajectory.

Have you created that moment yet?

The truth is, my darling, you don’t have to wait for that moment to happen. You don’t need to experience the “rock bottom”. You have the power, right now, to make that decision.

The decision to take stand on behalf of your dreams, and go all in.

Those weeks, months and years will go by anyway. The best time to make a new, powerful decision for your future??


With love,

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