5-Part Activation with Lenka Lutonska, bestselling author of Energetic Selling & Marketing

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is what you feel when something evokes a sense of pleasure in you: 

That cookie.
That man.
That exciting trip.
That luxury bag.
That opportunity.
That coach.
That potential choice for your business and life. 


is your soul teasing you to BECOME MORE through leaning into your wildest, biggest desires, and actively working with energetic laws to fulfil them.

Your response to Temptation matters. 

In other words: Your energetic response to your desires directly affects the amount of pleasure, purpose, CASH you currently experience.  


is like a knife. Those who don’t know how to work with it can cause wounds to their Energetic Self, slowing them down, or even stopping them all together on their way to living their biggest, richest, and most purposeful life. 

Those who do? 

Have NO limits and can carve the most wondrous creations out of their lives.


is the essence of Divine Feminine energy. 

Dark, yet playful.  
Chaotic, yet certain. 
Seductive, yet powerful.  

For millenniums, this energy has been shunned by society, and you and I have learned how to do that well. 

It’s been framed as “Dirty.” 

And yet, all the while, this energy creates stars, moves mountains… and is ready to bring you unimaginable levels of personal freedom, fulfilment, pleasure, joy and purpose.

so no, your deepest creative and attractive power is not dirty.

Quite the opposite, in fact.

Your Feminine, Energetic Power is UNSTOPPABLE when you surrender to its wisdom. When you let yourself sink into its beauty, love, and creativity, you will be calling in:

An endless wealth of joy, pleasure, playfulness and sense of aliveness,

An avalanche of soul-aligned clients desiring to work with you,

Relationships filled with passion and tender intimacy,

Friendships rooted in the deep bond of sisterhood,

Offers and strategies for your business that make you squeal with delight as you deliver them,

A full heart as you give to causes you love more than ever before,

An overflow of money and everything incredible that life has got to offer.

that feminine, energetic power

can make everything in your life and business totally irresistible.


And today, I lovingly invite you to experience my new, most advanced energetic activation to date:

… and magnetise insane amounts of pleasure, purpose and cash!

And today, I lovingly invite you to experience my new, most advanced energetic activation to date:

… and magnetise insane amounts of pleasure, purpose and cash!

Limited time special offer:

lifetime access

Was £555
NOW £222 (60% off)

Module 1

Desire Codes

In other words: 

Your energetic response to your desires turns into matter.

In Module 1 of Temptation, you will: 

  • Discover how the different archetypes of our lower and higher mind respond to our desires – and why it matters. 
  • Master the energetics of turning desires into inevitabilities. 
  • Activate the energetic codes dwelling in your repressed / rejected / neglected desires – and with it, activate an insane amount of pleasure, purpose and CASH. 

Module 2

Royalty Codes

She commands. She receives the best life has to offer. She knows the rules well…and breaks them. She leads herself, and an army of others, to the highest levels of personal fulfilment and success. 

SHE is your Archetypal Queen – the aspect of your energy that is behind the highest level of leadership, creative power, and ability to receive. 

In Module 2 of Temptation, you will: 

  • Gain a deep(er) understanding of how Prostitute and Queen archetypes shape success – in your business and fulfilment in your life. 
  • Call back insane amounts of pleasure and ease into your daily personal and working life. 
  • Multiply your personal and creative power – and with it, your ability to attract soul-aligned clients (and cash!) 

Module 3

Collapsing Time Codes

The Divine Feminine Essence has the ability to super-accelerate everything… but it doesn’t happen through rushing, but rather through the process of becoming. 

This session will help you discover:

  • What ‘Time Collapsing’ truly means, and how to collapse time when it comes to powerfully attracting your soul-aligned clients, cash, purpose and pleasure into your life 
  • The difference between physical and energetic time, and how to navigate them to consciously create the life and business you were born for 
  • How to become Temptation herself and, as such, naturally and effortlessly attract insane amounts of all you desire.

Module 4

Receiving Codes

For centuries, we’ve been trained to associate receiving with the amount of action we take. There’s no wonder it’s not so natural anymore for many women to receive insane amounts of pleasure, purpose and cash with ease.

Until today. 

In the fourth Temptation Activation, you will: 

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the interplay between Divine Feminine and Masculine energies, and how this sacred alchemical union leads to limitless receiving. 
  • Discover how to use your sensual nature to open yourself up to infinitely more goodness (the purpose! the pleasure! the cash!) that life has got to offer.
  • Receive an energetic process that will open up your ability to receive day by day, more and more.

Module 5


During this integration session, you will release the power of your Divine Feminine so that you can receive limitlessly in all the ways that you have been dreaming about. 

Lenka will also leave some open space in this session to answer your questions that will have inevitably come up during your Temptation Activation experience, and help you to overcome any specific challenges you may have faced in the process.

It’s time to shed the limits and constraints old paradigms have placed on women

it’s time to embrace your power, your desires, your irresistibility. 

It’s time to let life tempt you and bring you infinite pleasure.

It’s time to surrender to your desire for pleasure, purpose, soul-aligned clients and cash.

It’s time to lean into

It’s time to join

Limited time special offer:

lifetime access

Was £555
NOW £222 (60% off)

how do i know this activation will change your life?

I experienced it myself…

this is me 3 years ago:

Yes, a woman who overcame the loss of her first business and built a 7-figure international coaching company, in spite of all the imperfections.

Yes, the proud new author of Energetic Selling and Marketing.

Yes, serving thousands of women globally to grow a massively successful business, with heart full of purpose.

And yes, all of those facts are a GREAT level of success! 

And great is great. I’m so grateful for that version of myself that created all of those beautiful parts of my life.

But I wanted MORE.

Just like you, I’m here to 

make the highest level of impact in the world. 

So? Admittedly, with a ton of resistance and fear in my heart, upon an intuitive nudge, I dived into the depths of my sexual energy, and worked on releasing its power in my work and life. 

and this is me now:

 Embracing my love for travel, adventure and luxury

Deepening the trust, passion and intimacy in my marriage to a level I never knew existed.

Effortlessly losing 2 stone and feeling stronger, more vital and energetic than I have in the last 2 decades

Embracing my femininity more than ever before

Massively increasing my intuitive intelligence and connection with the Creator within, bringing my creativity and coaching to a whole new level

And as such, quantum leaping my business to a whole new level yet again (for instance, a $800K programme launch last month)

And most importantly?

leaning into the power of my temptation – a deep feminine essence – has reflected in the level of transformations my clients are experiencing too:


Clients creating mind-blowing business growth (some going from 1K months to multiple-six figure months; from 50K months to 500K+ months… you name it!) 

Women overcoming massive setbacks in their lives (divorce, bankruptcy etc) and rising like a phoenix with incredible results, and feeling: “I totally love myself, and my life!”

Unlocking uncompromising levels of self-confidence and self-love, bringing their leadership skills to a whole new level

Transforming their relationships and quality of life dramatically, turning “the impossible” into tangible reality.


What would YOU unlock if YOU let your Feminine, Creative, Playful, Sexual, Unapologetic Self
lead YOUR life and business?

is YOUR essence. Ready to be understood. Embraced. Activated. Fully embodied.

And used to bring your leadership, creativity, wealth and sense of aliveness to a whole new level. 

is YOUR essence. Ready to be understood. Embraced. Activated. Fully embodied.

And used to bring your leadership, creativity, wealth and sense of aliveness to a whole new level. 

Limited time special offer:

lifetime access

Was £555
NOW £222 (60% off)